FreeBSD/ports 509606head/net/liferea distinfo Makefile

Update liferea to 1.12.7.

FreeBSD/src 351394head/etc/mtree BSD.tests.dist, head/sbin/ping6 Makefile tests

ping6: add a basic functional test

Submitted by:   Ján Sučan <sucanjan at>
MFC after:      2 weeks
Sponsored by:   Google, inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509605head/print/cups-filters distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.25.3.

FreeBSD/ports 509604head/devel/systemc Makefile

Restrict to this port to only architectures where it is known to build.

Approved by:    portmgr (tier-2 blanket)

FreeBSD/src 351393head/sbin/ping/tests ping_c1_s56_t1.out

ping: add a basic functional test

Submitted by:   Ján Sučan <sucanjan at>
MFC after:      2 weeks
Sponsored by:   Google, inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509603branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/www/node8 distinfo Makefile

MFH: r509479

www/node8: Update 8.16.0 -> 8.16.1

This is a security release. All Node.js users should consult the security
release summary at
for details on patched vulnerabilities.

Security:       c97a940b-c392-11e9-bb38-000d3ab229d6
Sponsored by:   Miles AS

Approved by:    ports-secteam (joneum)

FreeBSD/ports 509602head/japanese/yasou-fpw pkg-descr

Remove stale URLs.  This port has just now been marked DEPRECATED.

FreeBSD/ports 509601head/japanese/yasou-fpw Makefile

Remove two mastersites:

  fetch: Connection refused
File unavailable

The site claims:

  Our distfiles cache has been moved to:

so it really isn't a mirror anymore.

The only remaining mastersite times out, and is possibly gone as well.
Therefore, mark the port DEPRECATED and give it an EXPIRATION_DATE.

FreeBSD/ports 509600head/lang/solidity distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.5.11 release.

FreeBSD/ports 509599head/lang/solidity Makefile

Mark as not for powerpc*/sparc64:

  -- Check if the system is big endian - big endian
  CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:24 (message):
    solidity currently does not support big endian systems.

Approved by:    portmgr (tier-2 blanket)

FreeBSD/ports 509598head/net/samba410 Makefile pkg-plist

Fix pkg-plist for i386 arch.

FreeBSD/ports 509597head/devel/llvm-devel pkg-plist Makefile, head/devel/llvm-devel/files

Update to a new snapshot.

Pull in fixes for building with all options disabled and python > 3.6.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL

FreeBSD/src 351392stable 11

MFC r350351:

Update mandoc to cvs snapshot 2019-07-23

This snapshot among other things includes a fix for a crash of mandoc with empty
tbl reported by rea@ (his regression test has been incorporated upstream)
+0-01 files

FreeBSD/src 351391head/tests/sys/netpfil/pf

Fix path issues after r351212

This fixes and
failures in CI system.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD/ports 509596branches/2019Q3/databases/postgresql11-server Makefile

Fix merge problem in r509493

Approved by: ports-secteam

FreeBSD/src 351390stable/12/contrib/mandoc main.c man_term.c

MFC r350351:

Update mandoc to cvs snapshot 2019-07-23

This snapshot among other things includes a fix for a crash of mandoc with empty
tbl reported by rea@ (his regression test has been incorporated upstream)

FreeBSD/ports 509595head/www/kcgi distinfo Makefile

Update to 0.10.11

FreeBSD/ports 509594head/x11-wm/i3 distinfo Makefile

Update to 4.17

FreeBSD/ports 509593head/devel/pkgconf distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.6.3

FreeBSD/src 351389head/sys/kern

Reorganise conditionals to reduce duplication.

No functional change.

Obtained from:  CheriBSD
MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL

FreeBSD/src 351388head/sys/dev/usb/net usb_ethernet.h

usb: fix usb_fdt_support.c when altq enabled (usb_ehernet.h changes)

After r351243 when ALTQ was enabled in the kernel, the inline functions
in ifq.h would not have full type information as if_var.h was not

Given usb_ethernet.h already includes all the various headers (which)
is the cause of the problem here, add if_var.h to it.  This fixes the
builds again.

Reported by:    CI system, e.g. FreeBSD-head-aarch64-LINT

FreeBSD/ports 509592head/astro/p5-Astro-App-Satpass2 distinfo Makefile

- Update to 0.040

FreeBSD/ports 509591head/science/code_saturne Makefile pkg-descr

- Switch to options helpers
- Update WWW

Approved by:    portmgr blanket

FreeBSD/ports 509590head/net/intel-ix-kmod distinfo Makefile

net/intel-ix-kmod: Update to 3.3.10

Sponsored by: Intel Corporation

FreeBSD/ports 509589head/net/intel-ixl-kmod distinfo Makefile

net/intel-ixl-kmod: Update to 1.11.9

Sponsored by: Intel Corporation

FreeBSD/ports 509588head/games/minecraft-client Makefile distinfo

games/minecraft-client: Remove BROKEN, fix icon distfile, add dependency on xrandr.

Submitted by:   voidanix at
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 509587head/textproc/libuninameslist Makefile pkg-plist

- Update to 20190701
- Pass maintainership to submitter
- Add options

PR:            239955
Submitted by:   cyberbotx at

FreeBSD/src 351387stable 11, stable/11/sys/netpfil/ipfw ip_fw_eaction.c

MFC r351071:
  Fix rule truncation on external action module unloading.

FreeBSD/src 351386stable 12, stable/12/sys/netpfil/ipfw ip_fw_eaction.c

MFC r351071:
  Fix rule truncation on external action module unloading.

FreeBSD/src 351385head/usr.bin/w w.c

w: initialize save_p to silence 'may be used uninitilized'

After r351379 save_p may be used uninitialized.  Set it to NULL before
first assignment so that a later NULL check will work correctly.

Reported by:           CI system for gcc platforms
MFC after:             1 week
X-MFC with:            351379 (karels)
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/src 351384stable/12/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libzfs/common libzfs_pool.c, stable/12/stand/efi/boot1 boot1.c Makefile

loader: support com.delphix:removing

MFC r348353: boot1.efi should also provide Calloc
MFC r350772: loader: support com.delphix:removing
MFC r350825: loader: add error check for vdev_indirect calls

As prerequisite, we need Calloc in boot1 so we would not conflict with libsa.

We should support removing vdev from boot pool. Update loader zfs reader
to support com.delphix:removing.

Relnotes:       yes

FreeBSD/src 351383stable 12, stable/12/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs dnode.c

MFC r350894: a stop gap fix for a race between dnode_hold and dnode_sync_free

The race was introduced in r337669, the large dnode feature import from
ZoL.  The problem was debugged by ZoL developers and then,
independently, on FreeBSD.

The fix is an early proposal by Brian Behlendorf:
This fix never went into ZoL.  A larger change that was committed later
included a different solution because of the re-worked code.

Ideally, we want to revert this fix and re-synchronize FreeBSD large
dnode code with that in illumos (or newer ZoL).  illumos has a later
import of the feature from ZoL that does not have the bug.

PR:            236480

FreeBSD/ports 509586head/devel/awscli distinfo Makefile

devel/awscli: Update 1.16.219 -> 1.16.223

Sponsored by:   Miles AS

FreeBSD/ports 509585head/devel/py-botocore distinfo Makefile

devel/py-botocore: Update 1.12.209 -> 1.12.213

Sponsored by:   Miles AS

FreeBSD/ports 509584head/math/mathgl Makefile distinfo, head/math/mathgl/files patch-utils_CMakeLists.txt patch-widgets_CMakeLists.txt

math/mathgl: Update -> 2.4.4

FreeBSD/ports 509583head/devel gperf31, head/devel/gperf31 Makefile distinfo

Readd devel/gperf31

FreeBSD/ports 509582head/devel gperf31

Remove and will readd soon as copy for preserving history

Requested by:   danfe

FreeBSD/ports 509581head/editors/libreoffice/files patch-vcl_unx_kde5_kde5salinstance.cxx patch-vcl_qt5_Qt5Instance.cxx

Workaround for build failure due to newer C++ features when KDE5 and QT5 defined

PR:            239988
Submitted by:   VVD <vvd at>
Reported by:    O. Hartmann <ohartmann at>

FreeBSD/src 351382head/sbin/newfs_msdos mkfs_msdos.c

When creating a new FAT32 filesystem, use "unknown" (0xFFFFFFFF) for
FSI_Nxt_Free instead of providing a wrong value.

With this change, fsck_msdosfs would no longer complain about invalid
FSInfo information.

MFC after:      2 weeks

FreeBSD/ports 509580branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/net/openbgpd6 distinfo Makefile

MFH: r509496

net/openbgpd6: upgrade 6.5p0 -> 6.5p1

PR:            239674
Submitted by:   pizzamig
Approved by:    ports-secteam (miwi)

FreeBSD/ports 509579branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/net/hostapd distinfo Makefile

MFH: r509577

Update 2.8 --> 2.9

Approved by:    portmgr (miwi)

FreeBSD/ports 509578branches 2019Q3, branches/2019Q3/security/wpa_supplicant distinfo Makefile

MFH: r509576

Update 2.8 --> 2.9

Approved by:    portmgr (miwi)

FreeBSD/src 351381head/sys/gdb gdb_main.c

Fix i386 build after r351368

Reported by:    cy
Submitted by:   cy

FreeBSD/ports 509577head/net/hostapd distinfo Makefile

Update 2.8 --> 2.9

FreeBSD/ports 509576head/security/wpa_supplicant distinfo Makefile

Update 2.8 --> 2.9

FreeBSD/src 351380head/sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet fil.c

Specifying array sizes for fully initialized tables at compile time is

MFC after:      1 week

FreeBSD/src 351379head/usr.bin/w w.c

Change w(1) to compute FROM (host) field size dynamically

It's nice to be able to display a full IPv6 host address if
needed, but it's also nice to display more than 3 characters of a command
line. Compute the needed size for the FROM column in an earlier pass,
and determine the maximum, then print what fits for the command.

Reviewed by:    marcel@ (markm@ previous revision)
MFC after:      1 week
Differential Revision:
+80-651 files

FreeBSD/src 351378vendor/wpa 2.9

Tag wpa_supplicant/hostapd 2.9.
+0-01 files

FreeBSD/src 351377vendor/wpa/dist/src/ap wpa_auth_kay.c, vendor/wpa/dist/src/common dpp.c

Import wpa_supplicant/hostapd 2.9

FreeBSD/src 351376head/sys/dev/nvme nvme.c

Remove stray line that was duplicated.

Noticed by: rpokala@