FreeNAS/freenas ac6575bsrc/middlewared/middlewared/etc_files

NFS rc.conf for HA

FreeNAS/freenas 6491384src/freenas/etc rc.conf.local

Merge pull request #3494 from freenas/NAS-102894

NAS-102894 / 11.2 / Proper NFS rc.conf for HA

FreeNAS/freenas 3b4045esrc/middlewared/middlewared/etc_files

NFS rc.conf for HA

FreeNAS/freenas 41646ccsrc/freenas/etc rc.conf.local

Proper NFS rc.conf for HA

FreeNAS/freenas b41954b

Empty commit to create PR on github.

You should reset it
+0-00 files

FreeNAS/freenas 1fa1c09src/freenas/etc rc.conf.local

Merge pull request #3491 from freenas/NAS-102894

NAS-102894 / 11.2 / Do not start NFS on HA standby node

FreeNAS/freenas 7d84b32gui/failover

fix(ha): identify using processor product

Suggested by:   @amotin

FreeNAS/freenas 8b87c1egui/failover

feat(ha): detect BHYVE HA mode

Ticket: #60741
+14-301 files

FreeNAS/freenas d7f3d28gui/failover

Add new/alternative Warp enclosure name detection.

FreeNAS/freenas b270813gui/failover

Fix WARP platform detection.

It appeared that in production enclosure will have different name.

FreeNAS/freenas e6515fbgui/failover

fix(ha): set HA to MANUAL if no platform was detected

Ticket: #27202

FreeNAS/freenas bd622b1gui/failover

Replace abandoned AIC platform support with new ECHOWARP.
+15-141 files

FreeNAS/freenas dec3249gui/failover

fix(ha): getencstat can return non-utf8 bytes on SBB

Ticket: #26793

FreeNAS/freenas 53fe267gui/failover

Various VMware hacks
+30-111 files

FreeNAS/freenas ccecd97gui/failover

Add PUMA detection based on enclosure information.

Previous approach based on license appeared to be too inconvenient.

Ticket: #25109
+35-181 files

FreeNAS/freenas ffbc3b9gui/failover

Update baseboard-product-name to one used in GA BIOS.

Ticket: #25045

FreeNAS/freenas 4081e6agui/failover

Add detection of PUMA platform.

It also has garbled dmidecode output, so read only first line.

Ticket: #22608

FreeNAS/freenas 06f15d2gui/failover

fix(gui): encoding in subprocess calls

FreeNAS/freenas f4b100bgui/failover

failover/detect: first 2to3 pass at gui

FreeNAS/freenas ec75fd1gui/failover

Add support for the AIC LIBRA

Ticket: #19897

FreeNAS/freenas f2655dfgui/failover

Look at all the enclosures when detecing what hardware platfor we are.

Ticket: #12089

This is made complicated by the fact that the E16 and Z-series internal enclosure are 
almost identical.

FreeNAS/freenas 6284a97gui/failover

Flake fix, typo fix.

Pre-gaming the real work.

FreeNAS/freenas cf0e5fegui/failover

Require an HA license to detect SM hardware as HA.

If we don't do this then all SM hardware will get detected
as HA, and the HA code will try to autoconfigure the failover
interface, which is igb1 for non SBB.

If the user is actually using igb1 for something their interface
settings will get ignored.

Ticket: #11695
+19-121 files

FreeNAS/freenas 605575fgui/failover

Disable VirtualBox HA workaround

Ticket: #11021

FreeNAS/freenas b2d1a1agui/failover

Add /usr/local/www to path in

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas 2d7740egui/failover

Make sure to strip readed data to ignore end of line

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas c471036gui/failover

Fix getencstat regex

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas ed2f5d4gui/failover

Add ha_hardware method

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas db0c603gui/failover

Add tool to detect HA hardware instead of doing it in shell script

/etc/rc.conf.local does not run in upgrade scenarios and we need to
detect it anyways.

Let it be as standalone as possible to do not bring in dependencies and
be fast to run.

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas 91b2e57gui/failover

handle true/false logic better

FreeNAS/freenas be86534gui/failover

add a simple utility to check for a HA license that returns as quickly as possible

FreeNAS/freenas 068d9f4src/freenas/etc rc.conf.local

Do not start NFS on HA standby node

FreeNAS/freenas 572063fgui/truenas/migrations

fix(migration): getencstat on legacy TrueNAS may have non-utf8 bytes

Ticket: #26793

FreeNAS/freenas 17bc773gui/truenas, gui/truenas/migrations

feat(middleware): Sent customer information to support-proxy

FreeNAS/freenas dcd8464gui/truenas, gui/truenas/migrations

feat(gui): Add registration process to capture additional data, and prompt the customer to 
update it from time to time

Ticket: #26214

FreeNAS/freenas ccfad31gui/truenas/migrations

Rename due to conflict

FreeNAS/freenas 40478b6gui/truenas/migrations

Higher AD timeout values

Ticket: #25868

FreeNAS/freenas acaadb6gui/truenas/migrations

fix(serial): make sure to migrate serial port for Echostream

Ticket: #24510

FreeNAS/freenas 98f83bcgui/failover/migrations, gui/truenas/migrations

feat(gui): first 2to3 pass at gui

FreeNAS/freenas ec2f826gui/failover/migrations

feat(migrations): replace old south migrations with new migrations

Ticket: #20299

FreeNAS/freenas 951d3efgui/failover/migrations

Lets make sure node b migration do not run too late in the game

Ticket: #11545

FreeNAS/freenas 6416caegui/failover/migrations

Try to handle migration of failover with dhcp

Ticket: #11509

FreeNAS/freenas 0656cb2gui/failover/migrations

Copy node B aliases to the right field in the migration

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas bba3f7agui/failover/migrations

Delete internal interfaces from network.Interfaces

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas cded433gui/failover/migrations

Make sure to preserve carp number

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas bc9f539gui/failover/migrations

Sync node specific config on boot if needed

When a node is updated a sentinel file is used so we talk to the other
peer and sync them.

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas 14d2fdfgui/failover/migrations

Keep a sentinel file to sync specific nodes from node B

Also there is no need to repeat the same if statement which was like
this due to code moving around from multiple places.

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas fec0dc6gui/failover/migrations

Add migration to copy specific node B fields

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas 32fca9cgui/failover, gui/failover/migrations

Get rid of CARP model and everything depending on it

Ticket: #9902

FreeNAS/freenas d9c09e9gui/failover/migrations

Add migration from CARP to Interfaces

Ticket: #9902