XigmaNAS/svn 6748branches/ Makefile distinfo, trunk/build/ports/arcconf Makefile distinfo

port was reissued

XigmaNAS/svn 6747branches/ setting_properties.php grid_properties.php, branches/ sshd

add loglevel for sshd

XigmaNAS/svn 6746branches/ row_properties.php grid_properties.php, trunk/etc/inc/system/access/user row_properties.php grid_properties.php

bug fix: use index userportal instead of user_portal_access
Credits go to Ap Muthu

XigmaNAS/svn 6745branches/ raki, trunk/etc/rc.d raki

bug fix: no need for global variables, define them as local

XigmaNAS/svn 6744branches/ raki, trunk/etc/rc.d raki

bug fix: change owner of authorized_keys file

XigmaNAS/svn 6743branches/ raki, trunk/etc/rc.d raki

bug fix: create authorized_keys only when configured via WebGUI

XigmaNAS/svn 6742branches/ rc.firmware, trunk/etc rc.firmware

bug fix: use single quotes

XigmaNAS/svn 6741branches/ rc.firmware, trunk/etc rc.firmware

bug fix provided by JoseMR: add backup/restore chflags

XigmaNAS/svn 6740trunk/etc/inc properties_system_advanced.php, trunk/www system_advanced.php

remove tunables section, most of them are device/driver specific

XigmaNAS/svn 6739branches/ xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-ru.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-ru.po

updates to el and ru translations

XigmaNAS/svn 6738branches/ tftpd.in, trunk/build/ports/tftp-hpa/files tftpd.in

bugfix blocksize parameter

XigmaNAS/svn 6737branches/ shutdown.php, trunk/www shutdown.php

avoid form resubmission

XigmaNAS/svn 6736branches/ rc.firmware, trunk/etc rc.firmware

code change

XigmaNAS/svn 6735branches/ xigmanas-ca.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-ca.po

update ca-po file

XigmaNAS/svn 6734branches/ CHANGES, branches/ Makefile distinfo

Upgrade devcpu-data to 1.22.

XigmaNAS/svn 6733branches/ reboot.php, trunk/www reboot.php

avoid form resubmission

XigmaNAS/svn 6732branches/ xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-es.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-el.po xigmanas-es.po

Update translations

XigmaNAS/svn 6731trunk/build CHANGES, trunk/doc releasenames.txt

set prd.version.name

XigmaNAS/svn 6730branches/ patch-src__mod_webdav.c, trunk/build/ports/lighttpd/files patch-src__mod_webdav.c

apply patch file

XigmaNAS/svn 6729branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade syncthing to 1.1.4.

XigmaNAS/svn 6728branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade phpmyadmin to 4.9.0.

XigmaNAS/svn 6727branches/ xigmanas-ru.po xigmanas-el.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-ru.po xigmanas-el.po

update translations

XigmaNAS/svn 6726branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

again Upgrade beadm to 1.3.0.

XigmaNAS/svn 6725branches/ xigmanas-uk.po xigmanas-nl.po, trunk/locale xigmanas-uk.po xigmanas-nl.po

Update translations

XigmaNAS/svn 6724branches/ xigmanas.pot, trunk/locale xigmanas.pot

update pot

XigmaNAS/svn 6723branches/ row_properties.php, branches/ row_properties.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6722branches/ config.xml, branches/ config.inc globals.inc

add netwait_enable=YES to rc.conf but leave it disabled.

XigmaNAS/svn 6721branches/ rcconf, trunk/etc/rc.d rcconf

remove wait for gateway/interface. Problematic installations can set netwait_enable=YES in 
System > Advanced > rc.conf to restore the old behaviour.

XigmaNAS/svn 6720branches/ zfsinstall.sh, branches/ system_firmware.php

bug fix provided by JoseMR: Remove partition check when upgrading RootOnZFS installations.

XigmaNAS/svn 6719branches/ config.xml, trunk/conf config.xml

bump config version

XigmaNAS/svn 6718branches/ xigmanas.pot, trunk/locale xigmanas.pot

update pot file

XigmaNAS/svn 6717branches/ setting_properties.php, trunk/etc/inc/services/sshd setting_properties.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6716branches/ co_sphere.php co_geom_info.inc, trunk/etc/inc co_geom_info.inc co_sphere.php

cleanup repo

XigmaNAS/svn 6715branches/ rc.firmware, trunk/etc rc.firmware

code changes provided by JoseMR: firmware update

XigmaNAS/svn 6714branches/ services_nfs.php services_minidlna_media_edit.php, trunk/www services_nfs.php services_minidlna_media_edit.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6713branches/ services_minidlna.php, trunk/www services_minidlna.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6712branches/ services_tftp.php, trunk/www services_tftp.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6711branches/ services_mariadb.php, trunk/www services_mariadb.php


XigmaNAS/svn 6710branches/ xigmanas.pot, trunk/locale xigmanas.pot

update pot file

XigmaNAS/svn 6709branches/ grid_properties.php

must be Session State, not Session Enable

XigmaNAS/svn 6708branches/ grid_properties.php setting_properties.php, branches/ services_ctl.php

add type hints

XigmaNAS/svn 6707branches/ sshd, trunk/etc/rc.d sshd

fix sshd config

XigmaNAS/svn 6706branches/ Makefile, trunk/build/ports/samba48 Makefile

update make files

XigmaNAS/svn 6705branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.45.2.

XigmaNAS/svn 6704branches/ zfs.inc, trunk/etc/inc zfs.inc

refactor variables

XigmaNAS/svn 6703branches/ zfs.inc, trunk/etc/inc zfs.inc

rewrite scripts

XigmaNAS/svn 6702branches/ CHANGES, trunk/build CHANGES

Upgrade virtualbox-ose to 5.2.30.

XigmaNAS/svn 6701branches/ CHANGES, trunk/build CHANGES

update CHANGES

XigmaNAS/svn 6700branches/ distinfo Makefile, branches/ patch-acinclude.m4

Upgrade php to 7.3.6.

XigmaNAS/svn 6699branches/ CHANGES, branches/ distinfo Makefile

Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.54.