HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd a906febsys/vm vm_unix.c

HBSD: Resolve merge conflict

Signed-off-by:  Shawn Webb <shawn.webb at hardenedbsd.org>
+0-51 files

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 887d9e4lib/libcasper/services/cap_sysctl cap_sysctl.c cap_sysctl.3, lib/libcasper/services/cap_sysctl/tests sysctl_test.c

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

        sys/vm/vm_unix.c (unresolved)

FreeNAS/freenas 160ce95docs/api/resources sharing.rst, gui/sharing forms.py

NAS-102522 / 11.3 / Remove 'apply default permissions' from middleware and legacy UI 

* Remove 'apply default permissions' from middleware and legacy UI
This is now being handled by the New UI.

DragonFlyBSD/dports 496a253math/giacxcas distinfo Makefile

Update math/giacxcas to version

DragonFlyBSD/src c59a5c4sys/dev/drm/amd/include/asic_reg/bif bif_5_1_sh_mask.h, sys/dev/drm/amd/include/asic_reg/dce dce_11_0_sh_mask.h dce_10_0_sh_mask.h

drm/radeon: Update to Linux 4.4.180

* Bugfixes and workaround for hardware issues, including
  quirks for various R7 370 and R9 270 models

* VT switching fixes from dillon@

* Fan management improvements

* Improved support for 120+ Hz monitors

FreeBSD/ports 506710head/sysutils/doctl distinfo Makefile

sysutils/doctl: Update to version 1.21.1

Upstream changes:

Sponsored by:   DigitalOcean

FreeBSD/src 350009stable 12, stable/12/sys/dev/netmap netmap_freebsd.c

MFC r349581

netmap: fix two panics with emulated adapter

This patch fixes 2 panics. The first one is due to the current VNET not
being set in the emulated adapter transmission path. The second one
is caused by the M_PKTHDR flag not being set when preallocated mbufs
are recycled in the transmit path.

Submitted by:   aleksandr.fedorov at itglobal.com
Reviewed by:    vmaffione
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D20824

FreeBSD/src 350008head/sbin/camcontrol fwdownload.c zone.c

Use the more proper term of SATL instead of ATA_BEHIND_SCSI.

Most people know SAS attached SATA devices by the name SAT or SATL
(with the latter being a little more common). Change the device type
ATA_BEHIND_SCSI to SATL since it's more specific and meaningful.

Suggested by: scottl@

FreeNAS/freenas cb918f8docs/api/resources sharing.rst, gui/sharing forms.py

Remove 'apply default permissions' from middleware and legacy UI
This is now being handled by the New UI.

LLVM/llvm 366126compiler-rt/trunk/lib/tsan/rtl tsan_platform_linux.cc

[TSan] Improve handling of stack pointer mangling in {set,long}jmp, pt.9

Switch over to computing the xor key in C, instead of assembly for

LLVM/llvm 366125llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPURegisterBankInfo.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel regbankselect-phi-s1.mir regbankselect-and-s1.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Allow scalar s1 and/or/xor

If a 1-bit value is in a 32-bit VGPR, the scalar opcodes set SCC to
whether the result is 0. If the inputs are SCC, these can be copied to
a 32-bit SGPR to produce an SCC result.

FreeBSD/ports 506709head/devel/jetbrains-webstorm pkg-plist Makefile, head/devel/jetbrains-webstorm/files webstorm.1 webstorm.desktop.in

New port: JetBrains WebStorm.

An IDE meant for JavaScript and the growing number of frameworks around it.

Approved by:    thierry (mentor)

FreeBSD/src 350007stable 11, stable/11/sys/dev/netmap netmap_generic.c

MFC r349966

netmap: fix bug introduced by r349752

r349752 introduced a NULL pointer reference bug
in the emulated netmap code.

Reported by:    lwhsu

FreeBSD/src 350006stable 12, stable/12/sys/dev/netmap netmap_generic.c

MFC r349966

netmap: fix bug introduced by r349752

r349752 introduced a NULL pointer reference bug
in the emulated netmap code.

Reported by:    lwhsu

LLVM/llvm 366124libcxx/trunk/include unordered_map, libcxx/trunk/test/std/containers/unord/unord.map/unord.map.cnstr deduct.pass.cpp deduct_const.pass.cpp

[libc++] Implement P0433: deduction guides for <unordered_map>

Thanks to Arthur O'Dwyer for the patch.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D58590

FreeBSD/ports 506708head/korean/nabi pkg-descr

Update WWW.

FreeBSD/ports 506707head/korean/libhangul pkg-descr

Update WWW.

LLVM/llvm 366123cfe/trunk/lib/CodeGen SanitizerMetadata.cpp, cfe/trunk/lib/Driver SanitizerArgs.cpp

ARM MTE stack sanitizer.

Add "memtag" sanitizer that detects and mitigates stack memory issues
using armv8.5 Memory Tagging Extension.

It is similar in principle to HWASan, which is a software implementation
of the same idea, but there are enough differencies to warrant a new
sanitizer type IMHO. It is also expected to have very different
performance properties.

The new sanitizer does not have a runtime library (it may grow one
later, along with a "debugging" mode). Similar to SafeStack and
StackProtector, the instrumentation pass (in a follow up change) will be
inserted in all cases, but will only affect functions marked with the
new sanitize_memtag attribute.

Reviewers: pcc, hctim, vitalybuka, ostannard

Subscribers: srhines, mehdi_amini, javed.absar, kristof.beyls, hiraditya, cryptoad, 
steven_wu, dexonsmith, cfe-commits, llvm-commits

Tags: #clang, #llvm

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D64169

FreeNAS/freenas 55bb754src/middlewared/middlewared/etc_files krb5.conf, src/middlewared/middlewared/plugins kerberos.py

Add input validation for kerberos auxiliary parameters (#3329)

LLVM/llvm 366122libcxx/trunk CMakeLists.txt

Constrain workaround to avoid affecting other buildbots

DragonFlyBSD/src d33ae0asys/dev/drm drm_dp_iic_helper.c drm_edid.c, sys/dev/drm/drm Makefile

drm: Remove no longer required iic code and dependencies

LLVM/llvm 366121llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp AMDGPUInstructionSelector.h, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-or.mir inst-select-xor.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_AND/G_OR/G_XOR

FreeBSD/ports 506706head/devel/llvm-devel pkg-plist distinfo

Upgrade to a newer snapshot.

Chase the switch to python 3.6 as default.


PR:            223191 [0]
Requested by:   jbeich [0]

LLVM/llvm 366120llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-copy.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't constrain source register of VCC copies

This is a hack until I come up with a better way of dealing with the
pseudo-register banks used for boolean values. If the use instruction
constrains the register, the selector for the def instruction won't
see that the bank was VCC. A 1-bit SReg_32 is could ambiguously have
been SCCRegBank or VCCRegBank in wave32.

This is necessary to successfully select branches with and and/or/xor

FreeBSD/ports 506705head/korean/ibus-hangul pkg-descr

Update WWW.

LLVM/llvm 366119llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-copy.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix selecting vcc->vcc bank copies

The extra test change is correct, although how it arrives there is a
bug that needs work. With wave32, the test for isVCC ambiguously
reports true for an SCC or VCC source. A new allocatable pseudo
register class for SCC may be necesssary.

FreeBSD/ports 506704head/korean/ibus-hangul distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.5.1.

LLVM/llvm 366118llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-copy.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix not constraining result reg of copies to VCC

NetBSD/pkgsrc fteFhoGmultimedia/libva-utils Makefile PLIST

   Fix build.

LLVM/llvm 366117llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-copy.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix handling of sgpr (not scc bank) s1 to VCC

This was emitting a copy from a 32-bit register to a 64-bit.

LLVM/llvm 366116llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPULegalizerInfo.cpp AMDGPULegalizerInfo.h, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel legalize-insert-vector-elt.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Custom legalize G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT

LLVM/llvm 366115llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPULegalizerInfo.cpp AMDGPULegalizerInfo.h, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel legalize-extract-vector-elt.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Custom legalize G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT

Turn the constant cases into G_EXTRACTs.

LLVM/llvm 366114llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUInstructionSelector.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel inst-select-icmp.mir

AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix G_ICMP for wave32

LLVM/llvm 366113llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen/GlobalISel LegalizerHelper.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU/GlobalISel legalize-insert-vector-elt.mir legalize-extract-vector-elt.mir

GlobalISel: Implement narrowScalar for vector extract/insert indexes

NetBSD/src b0IJleTsys/sys proc.h

   Move a comment line get it next to the line it describes, avoiding
   intervening unrelated text.

+2-21 files

FreeNAS/freenas 2124fe3tests/api2 smb.py

adding test to verify smb getparm fruit volume uuid share

adding test to verify smb getparm fruit time machine is yes
+28-151 files

LLVM/llvm 366112zorg/trunk/buildbot/osuosl/master/config status.py

Added MailNotifier for builders "llvm-clang-x86_64-win-fast" and "lld-x86_64-ubuntu-fast".

LLVM/llvm 366111zorg/trunk/buildbot/osuosl/master/config status.py

Removed MailNotifiers for removed builders.

OpenBSD/src rFstH1lshare/man/man7 mdoc.7 roff.7

   explain escaping of end-of-sentence characters;
   missing info reported by Ian <ropers at gmail dot com> on misc@
+17-42 files

FreeBSD/src 350005head/sys/kern kern_umtx.c

In do_sem2_wait(), balance umtx_key_get() with umtx_key_release() on retry.

Reported by:    ler
Bisected and reviewed by:       markj
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      12 days

DragonFlyBSD/dports f446a51math/R-cran-ddalpha distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-ddalpha to version 1.3.9

FreeNAS/freenas dbc2184src/middlewared/middlewared/etc_files krb5.conf, src/middlewared/middlewared/plugins kerberos.py

Add input validation for kerberos auxiliary parameters

DragonFlyBSD/dports 6eed531math/R-cran-uroot distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-uroot to version 2.0.10

DragonFlyBSD/dports e32dc62math/R-cran-pls distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-pls to version 2.7.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 689db0fmath/R-cran-memisc distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-memisc to version

NetBSD/src an559asusr.sbin/sysinst bsddisklabel.c

   Don't overwrite the filesystem type unconditionally with the FFSv1 or v2
   setup for an architectures default - now we have /tmp on tmpfs back.
+7-41 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports 0d4e7d9math/R-cran-dimRed distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-dimRed to version 0.2.3

DragonFlyBSD/dports f57b8e3math/R-cran-irlba distinfo Makefile

Update math/R-cran-irlba to version 2.3.3

DragonFlyBSD/dports 4759f86mail/trojita Makefile

Tweak mail/trojita version 0.7_8

NetBSD/pkgsrc L8S8vEYaudio/cmus Makefile

   cmus: ... CFLAGS, not CXXFLAGS. This is written in C.
+2-21 files