FreeBSD/src 316296stable 11, stable/11/sys/compat/linux linux_event.c

MFC r314311:

Restore signal mask in epoll_pwait.

FreeBSD/src 316295stable 11, stable/11/sys/compat/linux linux_event.c

MFC r314309:

Return EINVAL when an invalid file descriptor is specified.

FreeBSD/src 316294stable/11/sys/amd64/linux32 linux32_dummy.c, stable/11/sys/compat/linux linux_event.c linux_time.c

MFC r314295:

Implement timerfd family syscalls.

FreeBSD/src 316293stable 11, stable/11/sys/compat/linux linux_event.c

MFC r314294:

Mostly style(9) changes, replace unused eventfd_truncate()
by default invfo_truncate() method.

FreeBSD/src 316292stable 11, stable/11/sys/compat/linux linux_time.c linux_misc.c

MFC r314293:

Return EOVERFLOW error in case then the size of tv_sec field of struct timespec
in COMPAT_LINUX32 Linuxulator's not equal to the size of native tv_sec.

NetBSD/src xteYk1dlib/libutil util.3

   Use Sy to highlight the table header.
+2-21 files

FreeBSD/src 316291stable/11/sys/amd64/linux linux_systrace_args.c linux_proto.h, stable/11/sys/amd64/linux32 linux32_systrace_args.c linux32_proto.h

MFC r314292:

Regen after r314291 (timerfd definition).

FreeBSD/src 316290stable 11, stable/11/sys/amd64/linux syscalls.master

MFC r314291:

Change Linuxulator timerfd syscalls definition to match actual Linux one.

NetBSD/src V8hlCCrlib/libutil util.3

   Add missing functions
+12-21 files

LLVM/llvm 299103llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ISelLowering.cpp

[AArch64ISelLowering] Remove `else` after `return` in LowerGlobalTLSAddress.

DragonFlyBSD/dports f8b6ee3qt4-uic pkg-plist Makefile

Update devel/qt4-uic to version 4.8.7_1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 5a2be06qt4-rcc Makefile

Bump devel/qt4-rcc to version 4.8.7_1
+1-01 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports 0132bb5qt4-moc pkg-plist Makefile

Update devel/qt4-moc to version 4.8.7_2

DragonFlyBSD/dports d8c2713qt4-doc Makefile

Bump misc/qt4-doc to version 4.8.7_1
+1-01 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports 74f501ccurl Makefile distinfo, curl/files patch-lib-vtls-vtls.c

Update ftp/curl to version 7.53.1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 921c6d3qt4-qmake pkg-plist Makefile, qt4-qmake/files patch-mkspecs__common__freebsd.conf patch-mkspecs__freebsd-g++__qmake.conf

Import devel/qt4-qmake version 4.8.7_1

LLVM/llvm 299102llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ISelLowering.cpp

[AArch64] Simplify isSingExtended()/isZeroExtended(). NFCI.

DragonFlyBSD/dports dbd5dc1libwmf/files patch-src-font.c

Tweak graphics/libwmf version

FreeBSD/src 316289head/sys/compat/linux linux_misc.c

Use kern_mincore() helper instead of abusing syscall entry.

Suggested by:   kib@
Reviewed by:    kib@
MFC after:      1 month
Differential Revision:

FreeNAS/freenas a84ffb4src/app/pages/system/update update.component.ts

fix(webui): do not set updating back to false

LLVM/llvm 299101llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Object Wasm.h, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ObjectYAML WasmYAML.h

[WebAssembly] Improve support for WebAssembly binary format

Mostly this change adds support converting to and from
YAML which will allow us to write more test cases for
the WebAssembly MC and lld ports.

Better support for objdump, readelf, and nm will be in
followup CLs.

I had to update the two wasm test binaries because they
used the old style 'name' section which is no longer

Differential Revision:

Patch by Sam Clegg

LLVM/llvm 299100libcxx/trunk/include optional, libcxx/trunk/test/std/utilities/optional/optional.object/optional.object.ctor U.pass.cpp

Implement LWG 2842 - optional(U&&) needs to SFINAE on decay_t<in_place_t>

FreeBSD/src 316288head/sys/sys syscallsubr.h, head/sys/vm vm_mmap.c

Add kern_mincore() helper for micore() syscall.

Suggested by:   kib@
Reviewed by:    kib@
MFC after:      1 month
Differential Revision:

DragonFlyBSD/dports f246ce8ldns pkg-plist Makefile, ldns/dragonfly

Update dns/ldns to version 1.7.0

NetBSD/src SbwQmTnlib/libutil getmntopts.3

   Add getmntoptstr, getmntoptnum, and freemntopts to the NAME section
   Fix couple of sentences

   getmntoptstr, getmntoptnum, and freemntopts need to be linked to the getmntopts(3)
   man page as well. Will do in a later commit after doing a relase build test.
+7-41 files

FreeBSD/ports 437325head/security/libssh distinfo Makefile

Update to libssh 0.7.4

PR:            218230
Submitted by:   Iblis Lin

LLVM/llvm 299099compiler-rt/trunk/test/asan/TestCases

Fixup for r299085: Disable the test on AArch64.

FreeBSD/src 316287head/lib/libstand nfs.c nfsv2.h, head/sys/boot/i386/libi386 pxe.c

Remove OLD_NFSV2 from loader and libstand

We have parallel NFSv2 and NFSv3 reader implementations, only configurable at
build time, defaulting to v3. Remove v2.

Reviewed by:    allanjude
Approved by:    allanjude (mentor)
Differential Revision:

FreeNAS/freenas 15090b0src/app/pages/system/update update.component.ts update.component.html

fix(webui): actually call update

LLVM/llvm 299098llvm/trunk/lib/Support raw_ostream.cpp

Following r297661, disable dup workaround to disable duplicate STDOUT fd closing and 
instead directly prevent closing of STD* file descriptors. 

We do not want to close STDOUT as there may have been several uses of it
such as the case: llc %s -o=- -pass-remarks-output=- -filetype=asm
which cause multiple closes of STDOUT_FILENO and/or use-after-close of it.
Using dup() in getFD doesn't work as we end up with original STDOUT_FILENO
open anyhow.

reviewed by Rafael Espindola

Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 437324head/sysutils/radeontop/files patch-Makefile patch-translations_Makefile

Do not separate $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX) with a slash: this is redundant when
PREFIX is an absolute path (common case) and could break things if it is
not (and DESTDIR is empty).

FreeNAS/freenas 9f6d466middlewared/middlewared

feat(middlewared): make job event send all attributes

FreeNAS/freenas 410914fsrc/app/services ws.service.ts

feat(webui): initial support for subscriptions

DragonFlyBSD/dports 592d5e3go14 Makefile

Bump lang/go14 to version 1.4.3_1
+1-01 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports 519cb09krb5-115 pkg-plist Makefile, krb5-115/files patch-lib-krb5-os-localaddr.c

Import security/krb5-115 version 1.15.1_4

DragonFlyBSD/dports 7d34ec2libX11 distinfo Makefile

Update x11/libX11 to version 1.6.5,1

DragonFlyBSD/dports 4b9f0edkrb5 Makefile

Update security/krb5 to version 1.15.1_4
+1-11 files

DragonFlyBSD/dports b8ba5bbqtchooser Makefile pkg-plist

Import misc/qtchooser version 39

DragonFlyBSD/dports 71a67ablibxcb Makefile

Update x11/libxcb to version 1.12_2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc AL6kSmadoc CHANGES-2017

   Updated textproc/grep to 3.0
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc gbngwzAtextproc/grep distinfo Makefile

   Update to 3.0

   * Noteworthy changes in release 3.0 (2017-02-09) [stable]

   ** Bug fixes

     grep without -F no longer goes awry when given two or more patterns
     that contain no special characters other than '\' and also contain a
     subpattern like '\.' that escapes a character to make it ordinary.
     [bug introduced in grep 2.28]

     grep no longer fails to build on PCRE versions before 8.20.
     [bug introduced in grep 2.28]

   * Noteworthy changes in release 2.28 (2017-02-06) [stable]

   ** Bug fixes

     When grep -Fo finds matches of differing length, it could
     mistakenly print a shorter one.  Now it prints a longest one.
     [bug introduced in grep-2.26]

     When standard output is /dev/null, grep no longer fails when

    [12 lines not shown]
+7-82 files

NetBSD/src 7p3cGeblib/libutil getdiskrawname.3

   Add getdiskcookedname to the NAME section
   Fix couple of typos.
+5-41 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc JO3b0omdoc CHANGES-2017

   Updated cross/arm-none-eabi-binutils to 2.28
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 7B75Zwbcross/arm-none-eabi-binutils distinfo PLIST

   Update to 3.28

   Changes in 2.28:

   * Add support for the RISC-V architecture.

   * Add support for the ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 processors.

   Changes in 2.28:

   * The EXCLUDE_FILE linker script construct can now be applied outside of the
     section list in order for the exclusions to apply over all input sections in
     the list.

   * Add support for the RISC-V architecture.

   * The command line option --no-eh-frame-hdr can now be used in ELF based
     linkers to disable the automatic generation of .eh_frame_hdr sections.

   * Add --in-implib=<infile> to the ARM linker to enable specifying a set of
     Secure Gateway veneers that must exist in the output import library specified
     by --out-implib=<outfile> and the address they must have.  As such,

    [48 lines not shown]

FreeBSD/doc 50108user/gjb/releng-rewrite/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/freebsd-releng releng-building.xml article.xml

Document creating the release/X.Y.Z tag from releng/X.Y

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

LLVM/llvm 299097lld/trunk/ELF InputSection.cpp InputFiles.cpp, lld/trunk/test/ELF undef.s warn-unresolved-symbols-hidden.s

Change the error message format for undefined symbols.

Previously, undefined symbol errors are one line like this
and wasn't easy to read.

  /ssd/clang/bin/ld.lld: error: /ssd/llvm-project/lld/ELF/Writer.cpp:207: undefined symbol 
'lld::elf::EhFrameSection<llvm::object::ELFType<(llvm::support::endianness)0, true> 

This patch make it more structured like this.

  bin/ld.lld: error: undefined symbol: 
lld::elf::EhFrameSection<llvm::object::ELFType<(llvm::support::endianness)0, true>
  >>> Referenced by Writer.cpp:207 (/ssd/llvm-project/lld/ELF/Writer.cpp:207)
  >>>               Writer.cpp.o in archive lib/liblldELF.a

Discussion thread:

Differential Revision:

NetBSD/pkgsrc JOirtmcdoc CHANGES-2017

   Updated www/firefox-l10n to 52.0.2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc ujPnKBzwww/firefox-l10n distinfo Makefile

   Update to 52.0.2

   * Sync with firefox-52.0.2
+363-3632 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TChFKphdoc CHANGES-2017

   Updated www/firefox to 52.0.2
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc cObFmqTwww/firefox distinfo PLIST

   Update to 52.0.2

       Use Nirmala UI as fallback font for additional Indic languages (Bug 1342787)

       Fix loading tab icons on session restore (Bug 1338009)

       Fix a crash on startup on Linux (Bug 1345413)

       Fix new installs erroneously not prompting to change the default browser setting 
(Bug 1343938)
+10-83 files