FreeBSD/ports 499673head/net/openntpd Makefile, head/security/acme-client Makefile

Rebuild statically linked security/libressl consumers after r499667

XigmaNAS/svn 6675branches/ Makefile, branches/ patch-bind13 patch-source3_rpc__server_mdssvc_mdssvc.c

Upgrade samba to 4.8.11.

FreeBSD/ports 499672head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

- Document istio vulnerabilities.

FreeBSD/ports 499671head/sysutils/istio distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.1.3

This release has fixes for CVE-2019-9900 and CVE-2019-9901

MFH:           2019Q2

LLVM/llvm 358919llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/InstCombine InstCombineCalls.cpp InstCombineLoadStoreAlloca.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/InstCombine memcpy.ll memmove.ll

[InstCombine] Eliminate stores to constant memory

If we have a store to a piece of memory which is known constant, then we know the store 
must be storing back the same value. As a result, the store (or memset, or memmove) must 
either be down a dead path, or a noop. In either case, it is valid to simply remove the 

The motivating case for this involves a memmove to a buffer which is constant down a path 
which is dynamically dead.

Note that I'm choosing to implement the less aggressive of two possible semantics here. We 
could simply say that the store *is undefined*, and prune the path. Consensus in the 
review was that the more aggressive form might be a good follow on change at a later date.

Differential Revision:

Illumos/gate 995a963usr/src/uts/common/exec/elf elf.c

10726 elfexec: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: John Levon <john.levon at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

LLVM/llvm 358918lldb/trunk/unittests/Editline EditlineTest.cpp

[EditLineTest] Not always TERM is available, e.g. on some bots.

LLVM/llvm 358917cfe/trunk/include/clang/Frontend VerifyDiagnosticConsumer.h

[VerifyDiagnosticConsumer] Document -verify=<prefixes> in doxygen

Previously, it was only documented by `-cc1 -help`, so people weren't
aware of it, as discussed in D60732.

Reviewed By: Charusso, NoQ

Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 499670head/mail/imapsync distinfo Makefile

mail/imapsync: update 1.836 -> 1.882

PR:            237475
Submitted by:   Krzysztof <ports at>

Illumos/gate ffc2b7dusr/src/uts/common/io/1394/adapters hci1394_ixl_comp.c hci1394_ixl_update.c

10723 hci1394: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

Illumos/gate accc298usr/src/uts/common/io/ib/clients/rds rdsib_ep.c rdsib_buf.c

10722 rdsib: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 9ee67c7. Makefile, cloc Makefile DESCR

cloc: Import as wip/cloc version 1.80.

Update to version 1.80.

Add dependency on p5-Parallel-ForkManager (fixes install).

upstream ChangeLog:
* This is primarily a bug-fix release to resolve
  #328 (unable to use --git for counts).

FreeBSD/ports 499669head/games/sgt-puzzles distinfo Makefile

- Update to 20190415

Illumos/gate dd26c2ausr/src/uts/common/io/ib/clients/eoib enx_misc.c

10719 eibnx: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: John Levon <john.levon at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

LLVM/llvm 358916lldb/trunk/include/lldb/Utility Reproducer.h, lldb/trunk/source/Utility Reproducer.cpp

[Reproducers] Fix lifetime issue

Deallocating the data recorder in during the ::Keep() operation causes
problems down the line when exiting the debugger. The command
interpreter still holds a pointer to the now deallocated object and has
no way to know it no longer exists. This is exactly what the m_record
flag was meant for, although it wasn't hooked up properly either.

FreeBSD/ports 499668head/x11/xpra Makefile

x11/xpra: Missing paramiko dependency

PR:            237451
Reported by:    0mp

FreeNAS/freenas 7595cadsrc/middlewared/middlewared/plugins

Only register cloud sync SFTP update hooks if there is something to update

FreeNAS/freenas 2660ce6src/middlewared/middlewared/plugins

Do not perform IO operations in main loop

OpenBSD/ports UMrGOi3comms/hackrf Makefile

   hackrf: COMPILER should be placed before MODULES, as seen in Makefile.template

   ok jca@ (on the previous diff)
+3-31 files

FreeBSD/src 346582head/usr.bin/ar write.c

ar: shuffle symbol offsets during conversion for 32-bit ar archives

During processing we maintain symbol offsets in the 64-bit s_so array,
and when writing the archive convert to 32-bit if no offsets are greater
than 4GB.  However, this was somewhat inefficient as we looped over the
array twice: first, converting to big endian and second, writing each
32-bit value one at a time (and incorrectly so on big-endian platforms).

Instead, when writing a 32-bit archive shuffle convert symbol data to
big endian (as required by the ar format) and shuffle to the beginning
of the allocation at the same time.

Also correct emission of the symbol count on big endian platforms.

Further changes are planned, but this should fix powerpc64.

Reported by:    jhibbits, mlinimon
Reviewed by:    jhibbits, Gerald Aryeetey (earlier)
Tested by:      jhibbits
MFC after:      10 days
MFC with:       r346079
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
Differential Revision:
+18-191 files

LLVM/llvm 358915libcxx/trunk/lib CMakeLists.txt, libcxx/trunk/utils

[libcxx] Update to support different input and output

This enables the use of this script from other build systems like
GN which don't support post-build actions as well as for static

Differential Revision:

FreeNAS/freenas bc0744fsrc/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-update

Merge pull request #2937 from freenas/NAS-100734-11.3

NAS-100734 / 11.3 / Revert "Fix "unscheduled system reboot" alert after update" (by 

FreeNAS/freenas e97affcgui/system, gui/system/migrations

Remove adv_periodic_notifyuser

LLVM/llvm 358914llvm/trunk/unittests/Support Path.cpp

[Support] unflake TempFileCollisions test

This test was added to verify that createUniqueEntity() does
not enter an infinite loop when all possible names are taken. However,
it also checked that all possible names are generated, which is flaky
(because the names are generated randomly). This change increases the
number of attempts we make to make flakes exceedingly
unlikely (3.88e-62).

Reviewers: fedor.sergeev, rsmith

Reviewed By: fedor.sergeev

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Tags: #llvm

Differential Revision:

Illumos/gate 11b5d82usr/src/uts/common/io/usb/clients/video/usbvc usbvc.c

10716 usbvc: NULL pointer errors
Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <rm at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

FreeBSD/ports 499667head UPDATING, head/security/libressl pkg-plist distinfo

security/libressl: Update to 2.9.1

 - Requires a rebuild of all dependent ports

FreeNAS/freenas bd82737src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-update

Revert "Fix "unscheduled system reboot" alert after update"

This reverts commit 53102012d4864c01a51da6f51469a8a794a71cb9.

(cherry picked from commit 80606a84dc302f9497213c00c0b94afe5e7ff8d9)

FreeNAS/freenas 9d45463src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-update

Merge pull request #2936 from freenas/NAS-100734

NAS-100734 / 11.2 / Revert "Fix "unscheduled system reboot" alert after update"

Illumos/gate 2888301usr/src/uts/common/io/kb8042 kb8042.c

10683 kb8042: implement kb8042_rsrv() to get out of interrupt context
Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <astormont at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

FreeBSD/src 346581head/sys/netinet ip_reass.c, head/sys/netinet6 frag6.c

Revert r346530 until further.

MFC after:             1 week
Sponsored by:          Mellanox Technologies

FreeBSD/src 346580head/lib/libvgl mouse.c simple.c

Fix mouse cursor coloring in depths > 8 (previously, a hack that only
worked right for white interiors and black borders was used).  Advertise
this by changing the default colors to a red interior and a white
border (the same as the kernel default).  Add undocumented env variables
for changing these colors.  Also change to the larger and better-shaped
16x10 cursor sometimes used in the kernel.  The kernel choice is
fancier, but libvgl is closer to supporting the larger cursors needed
in newer modes.

The (n)and-or logic for the cursor doesn't work right for more than 2
colors.  The (n)and part only masks out all color bits for the pixel
under the cursor when all bits are set in the And mask.  With more
complicated logic, the non-masked bits could be used to implement
translucent cursors, but they actually just gave strange colors
(especially in packed and planar modes where the bits are indirect
through 1 or 2 palettes so it is hard to predict the final color).
They also gave a bug for writing pixels under the cursor.  The
non-masked bits under the cursor were not combined in this case.

Drop support for combining with bits under the cursor by making any nonzero
value in the And mask mean all bits set.

Convert the Or mask (which is represented as a half-initialized 256-color
bitmap) to a fully initialized bitmap with the correct number of colors.
The 256-color representation must be as in 3:3:2 direct mode iff the final

    [2 lines not shown]

LLVM/llvm 358913llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis InstructionSimplify.cpp, llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/InstCombine InstCombineCalls.cpp

[InstSimplify] Move masked.gather w/no active lanes handling to InstSimplify from 

In the process, use the existing masked.load combine which is slightly stronger, and 
handles a mix of zero and undef elements in the mask.  

FreeNAS/freenas 80606a8src/freenas/etc/ix.rc.d ix-update

Revert "Fix "unscheduled system reboot" alert after update"

This reverts commit 53102012d4864c01a51da6f51469a8a794a71cb9.

LLVM/llvm 358912llvm/trunk/utils/gn/secondary/llvm/lib/ExecutionEngine/JITLink, llvm/trunk/utils/gn/secondary/llvm/unittests/ExecutionEngine/JITLink

gn build: Merge r358869

FreeNAS/freenas ec4c974src/middlewared/middlewared/plugins

Merge pull request #2928 from freenas/parallel-replication

NAS-101498 / 11.3 / Parallel replication

Illumos/gate e6b6ca0usr/src/boot/sys/boot/i386 boot.ldscript Makefile, usr/src/boot/sys/boot/i386/gptzfsboot Makefile

10605 loader: boot2 build should use ldscript
Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <andy at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

FreeBSD/src 346579head/share/man/man9 ifnet.9 Makefile, head/sys/dev/cxgbe t4_main.c

Track device's NUMA domain in ifnet & alloc ifnet from NUMA local memory

This commit adds new if_alloc_domain() and if_alloc_dev() methods to
allocate ifnets.  When called with a domain on a NUMA machine,
ifalloc_domain() will record the NUMA domain in the ifnet, and it will
allocate the ifnet struct from memory which is local to that NUMA
node.  Similarly, if_alloc_dev() is a wrapper for if_alloc_domain
which uses a driver supplied device_t to call ifalloc_domain() with
the appropriate domain.

Note that the new if_numa_domain field fits in an alignment pad in
struct ifnet, and so does not alter the size of the structure.

Reviewed by:    glebius, kib, markj
Sponsored by:   Netflix
Differential Revision:

FreeNAS/freenas 63a6f25gui/freeadmin/static/lib/js/freeadmin CloudSync.js, gui/tasks

Merge pull request #2929 from freenas/NAS-100016

NAS-100016 / 11.3 / Support Amazon Glacier storage classes

FreeBSD/src 346578head/lib/libclang_rt Makefile

Build libclang_rt/profile on all clang-supported architectures

There's no reason why a special case needs to be added specifically for amd64,
arm, and i386, as the code is written in machine architecture agnostic C/C++.

This will make it possible for all supporting clang architectures to produce
runtime coverage with `--coverage`.

MFC after:      2 weeks
Reviewed by:    dim
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 499666head/editors/nano distinfo Makefile

- Update to 4.1

This release has fixes for many issues found in 4.0 including a possible crash

Reported by:    Benno Schulenberg
MFH:           2019Q2

LLVM/llvm 358911openmp/trunk/runtime/src kmp_os.h

Use correct way to test for MIPS arch after rOMP355687

I ran into some issues after rOMP355687, where __atomic_fetch_add was
being used incorrectly on x86, and this turns out to be caused by the
following added conditionals:

#if defined(KMP_ARCH_MIPS)

The problem is, these macros are always defined, and are either 0 or 1
depending on the architecture.  E.g. the correct way to test for MIPS


Reviewers: petarj, jlpeyton, Hahnfeld, AndreyChurbanov

Reviewed By: petarj, AndreyChurbanov

Subscribers: AndreyChurbanov, sdardis, arichardson, atanasyan, jfb, jdoerfert, 
openmp-commits, llvm-commits

    [4 lines not shown]

LLVM/llvm 358910llvm/trunk/lib/CodeGen BranchRelaxation.cpp

Use const DebugLoc&

LLVM/llvm 358909llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AMDGPU AMDGPUMCInstLower.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/AMDGPU branch-relaxation-debug-info.ll

AMDGPU: Skip debug instructions in assert

These are inserted after branch relaxation, and for some reason it's
decided to put them in the long branch expansion block. It's probably
not great to rely on the source block address, so this should probably
be switched to being PC relative instead of relying on the block

DragonFlyBSD/src ed5666cetc Makefile, etc/pam.d rsh sshd

Deprecate and remove OPIE from PAM.

This will require user intervention to manually disable OPIE usage or
cleanly reinstall pam.d/* (even better if no modifications were done).
Due to very strict used "requisite" requirements any pam_opie loading
error will result in unusable system except for singe user mode.
Add warning for the user. Sooner or later this will need to be done.

While there, disable installing /etc/pam.d/rsh script. It can be removed.

DragonFlyBSD/src fec1d8bsys/kern tty_pty.c

kernel/tty: Use GID_TTY for non root users by default.

Previous behaviour defaulting to GID_WHEEL was confusing OpenSSH tests.
+1-11 files

DragonFlyBSD/src 219f0bcsys/kern tty_pty.c

kernel/tty: Use GID_TTY for non root users by default.

Previous behaviour defaulting to GID_WHEEL was confusing OpenSSH tests.
+1-11 files

LLVM/llvm 358908libcxx/trunk/test/std/localization/locales/locale.convenience/conversions/conversions.string from_bytes.pass.cpp to_bytes.pass.cpp

[libc++][test] Update some wstring_convert tests for MSVC quirks

Due to MSVC's decision to encode `wchar_t` as UTF-16, it rejects wide
character/string literals that expect a character value greater than
`\xffff`. UTF-16 `wchar_t` is clearly non-conforming, given that the
standard requires wchar_t to be capable of representing all characters
in the supported wide character execution sets, but rejecting e.g.
`\x40003` is a reasonably sane compromise given that encoding choice:
there's an expectation that `\xFOO` produces a single character in the
resulting literal. Consequently `L'\x40003'`/`L"\x40003"` are ill-formed
literals on MSVC. `L'\U00040003'` is a high surrogate (and produces a
warning about ignoring the "second character" in a multi-character
literal), and `L"\U00040003"` is a perfectly-valid `const wchar_t[3]`.

This change updates these tests to use universal-character-names instead
of raw values for the intended character values, which technically makes
them portable even to implementations that don't use a unicode
transformation format encoding for their wide character execution
character set. The two-character literal `L"\u1005e"` is awkward - the
`e` looks like part of the UCN's hex encoding - but necessary to compile
in '03 mode since '03 didn't allow UCNs to be used for members of the
basic execution character set even in character/string literals.

I've also eliminated the extraneous `\x00` "bonus null-terminator" in
some of the string literals which doesn't affect the tested behavior.

    [6 lines not shown]

Linux/linux 7142eaa. MAINTAINERS, arch/mips/ath79 setup.c

Merge tag 'mips_fixes_5.1_3' of git://

Pull MIPS fixes from Paul Burton:
 "A couple more MIPS fixes:

   - Fix indirect syscall tracing & seccomp filtering for big endian
     MIPS64 kernels, which previously loaded the syscall number
     incorrectly & would always use zero.

   - Fix performance counter IRQ setup for Atheros/ath79 SoCs, allowing
     perf to function on those systems.

  And not really a fix, but a useful addition:

   - Add a Broadcom mailing list to the MAINTAINERS entry for BMIPS
     systems to allow relevant engineers to track patch submissions"

* tag 'mips_fixes_5.1_3' of git://
  MIPS: perf: ath79: Fix perfcount IRQ assignment
  MIPS: scall64-o32: Fix indirect syscall number load
  MAINTAINERS: BMIPS: Add internal Broadcom mailing list

OpenBSD/src QMyxGGRsys/arch/arm64/arm64 cpu.c

   Not all systems supporting DVFS expose a regulator to set the voltage.
   On such systems we should skip setting the voltage and just change the
   clock frequency.  An example of such a system is the HiKey970 where
   firmware running on a microcontroller will transparently adjust the voltage.

   ok patrick@
+5-51 files

LLVM/llvm 358907llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/InstCombine masked_intrinsics.ll

[Tests] Revise a test as requested by reviewer in D59703