FreeBSD/ports 480619head/astro/p5-Astro-satpass Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/src 338915projects/openssl111/usr.sbin/ntp/libntpevent Makefile

Switch ntp's embedded libevent to 2.1.18

For OpenSSL 1.1.1 compatibility.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation.

Illumos/gate 91b658dusr/src/lib/libsldap/common ns_writes.c ns_crypt.c

9169 libsldap: comparison between pointer and zero character constant
Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <yuripv at>
Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <omnios at>
Reviewed by: Ken Mays <kmays2000 at>
Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <josh at>

LLVM/llvm 342909cfe/trunk/include/clang/Basic SourceManager.h, cfe/trunk/lib/CodeGen CGBlocks.h

Fix the type of 1<<31 integer constants.

Shifting into the sign bit is technically undefined behavior. No known
compiler exploits it though.

FreeBSD/ports 480618head/devel/git-cinnabar distinfo Makefile

devel/git-cinnabar: update to


FreeBSD/ports 480617head/emulators/rpcs3 distinfo Makefile

emulators/rpcs3: update to


NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 54efcf5posh Makefile distinfo, posh/patches patch-tests_error.t patch-exec.c

posh: Imported version 0.13.1

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 9dcb3b6bosh Makefile

bosh: Added PKG_SHELL to Makefile
+1-01 files

FreeBSD/src 338914head/sys/riscv/riscv pmap.c

Implement pmap_sync_icache().

This invokes "fence" on the hart performing the write followed by an IPI
to execute "fence.i" on all harts.

This is required to support userland debuggers setting breakpoints in
user processes.

Reviewed by:    br (earlier version), markj
Approved by:    re (gjb)
Sponsored by:   DARPA
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 480616head/misc/soapysdr/files patch-cmake_Modules_SoapySDRConfig.cmake

misc/soapysdr: fix build with gcc-based architectures

PR:            231666
Submitted by:   Piotr Kubaj <pkubaj at>

FreeBSD/ports 480615head/devel/py-applicationinsights distinfo Makefile

devel/py-applicationinsights: update to 0.1.7

 - Added `track_dependency`.
 - Added optional `request_id` argument to `track_request`.

FreeBSD/ports 480614head/math/py-cyipopt distinfo Makefile

math/py-cyipopt: Update 0.1.8 -> 0.1.9

Reported by:    upstream

OPNSense/core 42b1877src/opnsense/mvc/app/models/OPNsense/Core/ACL ACL.xml, src/opnsense/service/templates/OPNsense/Filter filter_tables.conf

firewall: switch to alias API

LLVM/llvm 342908llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/X86 vector-shuffle-512-v16.ll

[X86][AVX] Add truncation as shuffle test for PR31451

LLVM/llvm 342907llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/MergeICmps/X86 alias-merge-blocks.ll

Reland r342494 after fixing LIT checks.

FreeBSD/ports 480613head/devel/gdb/files commit-d2176225dc commit-92fce24de2, head/devel/gdb/files/kgdb fbsd-kvm.c

Upgrade to 8.2.

- Remove patches for upstream commits in 8.2.
- Add an upstream patch to include NT_PROCSTAT_AUXV, NT_PROCSTAT_PS_STRINGS,
  and NT_PROCSTAT_VMMAP notes in core dumps generated by 'gcore'.
- Update kgdb for changes in 8.2.
- Add 'USES=gettext-runtime'

Reviewed by:    pizzamig (maintainer)
Differential Revision:

OPNSense/core 71c50dd. LICENSE, src/opnsense/www/js opnsense_theme.js

Sidebar - add copyright (#2754)

(cherry picked from commit f5d51656a2c18378d9e9c72b20d00a8feb418e38)
(cherry picked from commit 5b2f0844ca5a62baffd182c5bf1686b29f263b4c)

LLVM/llvm 342906llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis VectorUtils.cpp

[Analysis] add comment to generalize finding a scalar op from vector; NFC

LLVM/llvm 342905llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/InstCombine extractelement.ll vec_extract_elt.ll

[InstCombine] add/move tests for extractelement; NFC

ZFS on Linux/src b8fd431tests/test-runner/bin

Fix flake 8 style warnings

Ran and from ./tests/test-runner/bin/
through the 2to3 (
Checked the result, fixed:
- 'maxint' -> 'maxsize' that 2to3 missed.
- 'cmp=' parameter for a 'sorted()' with a 'key=' version.

Reviewed-by: Brian Behlendorf <behlendorf1 at>
Reviewed by: John Wren Kennedy <jwk404 at>
Signed-off-by: Gregor Kopka <gregor at>
Closes #7925 
Closes #7929 

FreeBSD/ports 480612head/devel/cmake distinfo Makefile, head/devel/cmake-doc Makefile

Update devel/cmake to 3.12.2

PR:            231463
Exp-run by:     antoine

FreeBSD/ports 480611head/devel/racer distinfo Makefile

devel/racer: update to 2.1.5

PR:            231571
Approved by:    Timothy Beyer (maintainer)

FreeBSD/src 338913head/sys/geom/raid tr_raid0.c

Fix use-after-free in RAID0 error reporting of GEOM_RAID.

PR:            231510
Submitted by:   yangx92 at
Approved by:    re (gjb)
MFC after:      1 week

LLVM/llvm 342904llvm/trunk/lib/Target/X86

[X86] Remove WriteDiv/WriteIDiv schedule overrides - use classes directly. NFCI.

We're missing quite a bit of data for these instruction, removing the overrides makes this 
obvious - inconsistent reg/mem variants is a concern as well.

Also, we have Divider resources (HWDivider etc.) but they aren't actually used 

LLVM/llvm 342903clang-tools-extra/trunk/clangd/index Serialization.cpp

[clangd] Fix uninit bool in r342888

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd a58b3falib/libc Makefile, sys/vm vm_kern.c

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hardened/current/master' into 

* origin/hardened/current/master:
  Ensure that "domain" is initialized when vm_ndomains == 1.
  HBSD: Revert "HBSD: Revert "libc: require ifunc-capable linker for amd64/i386""
  Move libc linker ifunc test to build target only

FreeBSD/src 338912head/sys/vm swap_pager.c

Passing UMA_ZONE_NOFREE to uma_zcreate() for swpctrie_zone and swblk_zone is
redundant, because uma_zone_reserve_kva() is performed on both zones and it
sets this same flag on the zone.  (Moreover, the implementation of the swap
pager does not itself require these zones to be UMA_ZONE_NOFREE.)

Reviewed by:    kib, markj
Approved by:    re (gjb)
MFC after:      1 week
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/src 338911projects/openssl111/contrib libevent

Copy libevent sources to contrib

To replace the libevent embedded in ntp, for OpenSSL 1.1.1 compat.

FreeBSD/ports 480610branches/2018Q3/misc/freebsd-doc-it pkg-plist.html-split, branches/2018Q3/misc/freebsd-doc-pt pkg-plist.html-split pkg-plist.html-common

MFH: r474056 r477650 r480481

Mark the freebsd-doc-* ports broken on aarch64 and powerpc64 due to various
problems with the Java runtime.

Approved by:    portmgr (tier-2 blanket)

Update to r52155 from the FreeBSD docset.

Approved by:    doceng (implicit)

Update to r52287 from the FreeBSD docset (a.k.a. 12.0-R version)

Approved by:    doceng (implicit)

Approved by:    portmgr (blanket)

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd 376ba58lib/libc Makefile, sys/vm vm_kern.c

Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master

* freebsd/current/master:
  Ensure that "domain" is initialized when vm_ndomains == 1.
  Move libc linker ifunc test to build target only

FreeBSD/src 338910vendor/libevent 2.1.18

Tag libevent 2.1.18

LLVM/llvm 342902llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/InstCombine InstCombineVectorOps.cpp

[InstCombine] improve variable name and use 'match'; NFC

'width' of a vector usually refers to the bit-width.
shows a case where we could extend this fold to handle
a case where the number of elements in the bitcasted
vector is not equal to the resulting value.

FreeBSD/src 338909vendor/libarchive 2.1.18

Delete accidental libarchive tag

FreeBSD/src 338908vendor/libarchive 2.1.18

Tag libarchive 2.1.18

LLVM/llvm 342901libunwind/trunk/include libunwind.h, libunwind/trunk/src DwarfInstructions.hpp Registers.hpp

Reverting r342895

- The used builtins do not compile for pre arm v8.3a targets with gcc

LLVM/llvm 342900llvm/trunk/lib/Target/ARM ARMSubtarget.cpp

[ARM] Adjust the cost model for Exynos

Tune `MaxInterleaveFactor` and `LdStMultipleTiming`and remove
`PartialUpdateClearance` for the Exynos processors.

LLVM/llvm 342899llvm/trunk/lib/Target/ARM

[ARM] Adjust the feature set for Exynos

Enable crypto and literals fusion for the Exynos processors.

PC-BSD/trueos feca855release trueos-manifest.json

Cleanup example trueos-manifest.json for post install commands

FreeBSD/src 338907vendor/libevent/dist configure, vendor/libevent/dist/m4 libtool.m4

Import libevent 2.1.18

This will be used to replace the embedded libevent in ntp, for
OpenSSL 1.1.1 compatibility.

Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

PC-BSD/trueos 2fc5eb9release

Remove llvm60 ldconfig line, since that confuses some apps
that check for libxml2

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 134b357rust-bin Makefile

rust-bin: Fix @rpath on Darwin
+13-11 files

NetBSD/src 9AddWlOtests/crypto/libcrypto

   Remove tests that don't exist anymore in OpenSSL-1.1.1 (We should add the
   one ones it adds though :-)

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 0a0f2cb. Makefile, R-cellranger Makefile distinfo

R-cellranger: Helper functions to work with spreadsheets

NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip 32bb537. Makefile, R-rematch Makefile distinfo

R-rematch: Wrapper on regexpr to extract matches and captured groups

LLVM/llvm 342898llvm/trunk/lib/Target/ARM ARMTargetTransformInfo.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/CodeGen/Thumb consthoist-imm8-costs-1.ll

[Thumb1] Any imm8 should have cost of 1

A simple MOVS rd, imm8 can materialize [-128, 127] in signed i8 type or
[0, 255] in unsigned i8 type on Thumb1.

Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/doc 52298head/ja_JP.eucJP/htdocs/releases index.xml

- Merge the following from the English version:

        r51914 -> r52293       head/ja_JP.eucJP/htdocs/releases/index.xml

OpenBSD/src eFCNjsZusr.sbin/smtpd mta.c parse.y

   Allow to use the "tls" keyword on any relay action to force TLS, with
   strict certificate validation.  The "no-verify" becomes optional.

   ok gilles@ millert@ semarie@

HardenedBSD/hardenedbsd e89a736sys/amd64/amd64 trap.c, sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs vdev_geom.c

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hardened/11-stable/master' into 

* origin/hardened/11-stable/master:
  MFC r338724: Fix an nvpair leak in vdev_geom_read_config().
  MFC r338733: Do not upgrade the vnode lock to call getinoquota().
  MFC r338711: Make the PTI violation check to follow style of the SMAP check.

LLVM/llvm 342897cfe/trunk/bindings/python/tests/cindex

[python] [tests] Update test_code_completion

Update expected completions to match output generated by clang-7.0.

Differential Revision:

LLVM/llvm 342896llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR IRPrintingPasses.h, llvm/trunk/include/llvm/Passes StandardInstrumentations.h

[New PM][PassInstrumentation] IR printing support for New Pass Manager

Implementing -print-before-all/-print-after-all/-filter-print-func support
through PassInstrumentation callbacks.

- PrintIR routines implement printing callbacks.

- StandardInstrumentations class provides a central place to manage all
  the "standard" in-tree pass instrumentations. Currently it registers
  PrintIR callbacks.

Reviewers: chandlerc, paquette, philip.pfaffe
Differential Revision: