FreeBSD/ports 459835head/comms/gqrx distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.10

FreeBSD/ports 459834head/comms/gr-osmosdr Makefile distinfo

- Update to 20170612
- Strip library
- Fix apps shebangs

FreeBSD/ports 459833head/comms/rtl-sdr distinfo Makefile, head/comms/rtl-sdr/files patch-src_librtlsdr.c

Update to 20170919

(no ABI change, so no need to bump dependencies)

FreeBSD/ports 459832head/security/gnutls distinfo Makefile

Update to 3.5.17.

FreeBSD/ports 459831head/dns/bind9-devel Makefile, head/dns/bind910 Makefile

Catch up with the conflicts lines in the BIND9 ports.

Sponsored by:   Absolight

FreeBSD/ports 459830head/dns/bind911 Makefile

Remove support for bind-tools from the BIND9 9.11 port.

Sponsored by:   Absolight

FreeBSD/ports 459829head/dns/bind-tools pkg-plist Makefile

Switch bind-tools to BIND9 9.12.

Sponsored by:   Absolight

FreeBSD/ports 459828head/dns/bind912 distinfo Makefile

Update to 9.12.0.

Sponsored by:   Absolight

FreeBSD/ports 459827head/net-im/mikutter pkg-plist distinfo, head/net-im/mikutter/files patch-mikutter.rb patch-core_mui_gtk__postbox.rb

- Update to 3.6.0

Submitted by:   Koichiro IWAO <meta+ports_AT_vmeta_DOT_jp>
PR:            224923

FreeBSD/ports 459826head/net-im/mikutter Makefile, head/net-im/mikutter/files patch-core_mui_gtk__postbox.rb

- Add the patch to fix the mikutter issue 1130
- Make portlint happy

Submitted by:   Koichiro IWAO <meta+ports_AT_vmeta_DOT_jp>
PR:            224923
MFH:           2018Q1

FreeBSD/ports 459825head/net-im/corebird Makefile distinfo

net-im/corebird: Update to 1.7.3

- Drop librest because is no longer a dependency
- Add DEBUG option
- Pet portlint, USE_* comes before USES


PR:            221942

FreeBSD/ports 459824head/Mk/Uses, head/devel/dmake Makefile

- Update name of autoreconf WRKSRC variable in comment
- Fix a few ports with invalid USES autoreconf arguments
- Add check for invalid USES autoreconf arguments

Differential Revision:
Approved by:    tijl (autotools maintainer), portmgr (mat)

FreeBSD/ports 459823head/print/ttftot42 Makefile pkg-descr

- Switch to USES=localbase
- Update WWW

FreeBSD/ports 459822head/emulators/xen-kernel Makefile, head/emulators/xen-kernel/files 0001-x86-entry-Remove-support-for-partial-cpu_user_regs-f.patch 0001-x86-mm-Always-set-_PAGE_ACCESSED-on-L4e-updates.patch

xen-kernel: add prerequisites for XSA-254 bandaid

MFH with:       r459787
MFH:           2018Q1

FreeBSD/ports 459821head/emulators/wine Makefile

Backport r459628 | gerald | 2018-01-21 from emulators/wine-devel:

  Configure --without-krb5 aka Kerberos support.  This should not make a
  real difference (and definitely not for clean builds), but makes this
  explicit and also avoids a configure warning.

FreeBSD/ports 459820head/x11/gnome-pie/files patch-src__utilities__color.vala

Fix build of x11/gnome-pie with vala 0.36

PR:            225124, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm
Approved by:    nivit (maintainer, via private email)

FreeBSD/ports 459819head/sysutils/zeitgeist Makefile pkg-descr, head/sysutils/zeitgeist/files patch-libzeitgeist_timestamp.vala patch-libzeitgeist_where-clause.vala



Fix build with vala 0.36

Update WWW in pkg-descr

Pet portlint

PR:            222033, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm
Approved by:    maintainer timeout (13 weeks)

FreeBSD/ports 459818head/mail/geary pkg-plist Makefile

Update mail/geary to 0.11.1

Add license

Use cmake:outsource

Message about sqlite3

PR:            210718, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm

FreeBSD/ports 459817head/devel/xfce4-vala Makefile pkg-descr

Fix build of devel/xfce4-vala with vala 0.36

Update WWW in pkg-descr


PR:            222010, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm
Approved by:    madpilot

FreeBSD/ports 459816head/devel/anjuta Makefile

Unbreak build of devel/anjuta with vala 0.36


PR:            222011, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm

FreeBSD/ports 459815head/deskutils/gnome-contacts files, head/deskutils/gnome-contacts/files patch-src_contacts-contact-pane.vala patch-src_contacts-contact-editor.vala

Unbreak build of deskutils/gnome-contacts with vala 0.36

PR:            225123, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm

FreeBSD/ports 459814head/net-im/folks pkg-plist Makefile

Update net-im/folks to 0.11.4

Update WWW

PR:            225122, 225123, 221941
Submitted by:   cpm

FreeBSD/ports 459813head/lang/vala pkg-plist Makefile, head/lang/vala/files patch-vapi_libpq.vapi

Update lang/vala to 0.36.4

Regenerate patch files with makepatch

Update WWW in pkg-descr

PR:            221941
Submitted by:   cpm

FreeBSD/ports 459812head/devel/gitlab-runner distinfo

devel/gitlab-runner: fix fetch

FreeBSD/ports 459811head/net/freeradius3 pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to 3.0.16

FreeBSD/ports 459810head/sysutils/syslog-ng310 Makefile, head/sysutils/syslog-ng311 Makefile

Make AQMP support optional. AQMP support, which was prior to this
revision not optional, caused syslog-ng to fail to build with
LibreSSL. Users of LibreSSL should disable AQMP support.

PR:            225380
Submitted by:   Peter Czanik (CzP) <peter.czanik at>
               Balabit / syslog-ng upstream
MFH:           2018Q1

FreeBSD/ports 459809head/security/snort pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to

FreeBSD/ports 459808head/databases/mariadb101-client/files patch-sql-common_client.c, head/databases/mariadb101-server Makefile

Fix databases/mariadb* hostname verification when building against LibreSSL

LibreSSL imported X509_check_host from BoringSSL. Unlike OpenSSL,
it doesn't calculate the length of the hostname passed in case
chklen/namelen == 0. This means that the check in MariaDB always
fails if built against LibreSSL. This forces adminstrators to disable
hostname verification, which weakens security (hence the MFH request below).

Note that the fix has no negative implications if built against OpenSSL,
as its implementation calls strlen(hostname) in case namelen == 0.

See also

Approved by:    ssl blanket
MFH:           2018Q1

FreeBSD/ports 459807head/security/rubygem-timfel-krb5 Makefile

This apparently links libunwind directly.

FreeBSD/ports 459806head/sysutils/dsblogoutmgr distinfo Makefile

sysutils/dsblogoutmgr: Update to 1.2

- Support for multi head setups has been added.

PR:            225409
Submitted by:   Marcel Kaiser <mk at> (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 459805head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

security/vuxml: seamonkey 2.49.2 will use firefox-esr 52.6 engine

FreeBSD/ports 459804head/converters/p5-Sereal distinfo Makefile, head/converters/p5-Sereal-Decoder distinfo Makefile

Update p5-Sereal to 4.005

  * Encoder: Document encode_to_file()
  * Decoder: Document and fix decode_from_file()
  * Sereal: fixup docs on write_file()/decode_file()

FreeBSD/ports 459803head/java/icedtea-web/files

Fix build with Clang 6.0.

FreeBSD/ports 459802head/misc/zoneinfo distinfo Makefile

Update to 2018c

FreeBSD/ports 459801head/net-mgmt/nagios Makefile, head/net-mgmt/nagios/files

Help nagios cope with php-7

split has been replaced with explode

PR:     224509

FreeBSD/ports 459800head/audio/dsbmixer distinfo Makefile

audio/dsbmixer: Update to 1.3.1

- Support for setting the sysctl variables hw.snd.latency,
  hw.snd.maxautovchans and hw.snd.vpc_mixer_bypass has been
  added. (1.3)

- A bug that lead to a crash when DSBMixer wasn't able to find a
  system tray has been fixed. (1.3.1)

PR:            225411
Submitted by:   Marcel Kaiser <mk at> (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 459799head/x11-fonts/hack-font distinfo Makefile

Update to 3.001.


While here, switch GH_ACCOUNT to source-foundry, which the previous account
redirects to.

FreeBSD/ports 459798head/sysutils Makefile pot, head/sysutils/pot Makefile pkg-plist

sysutils/pot: New port, to manage FreeBSD containers

FreeBSD/ports 459797head/java/intellij distinfo Makefile

java/intellij: Update to version 2017.3.3.

FreeBSD/ports 459796head/devel/pycharm-ce distinfo pkg-plist

devel/pycharm-ce: Update to version 2017.3.3.

FreeBSD/ports 459795head/graphics/opencollada/files patch-COLLADAStreamWriter_src_COLLADASWLibraryAnimations.cpp

Fix build with clang 6

error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'std::vector<Animation *>'
            : Library ( streamWriter, CSWC::CSW_ELEMENT_LIBRARY_ANIMATIONS ), 
mOpenAnimations ( NULL )

PR:            224669
Reported by:    pkg-fallout
Reviewed by:    rakuco@

FreeBSD/ports 459794head/security/py-fail2ban Makefile distinfo, head/security/py-fail2ban/files patch-config_action.d_pf.conf

security/py-fail2ban: update 0.10.1 -> 0.10.2

- many fixes from upstream for bugs in the 0.10.x version
- automatic upgrade of python code to python3, if that is used

PR:            225317
Submitted by:   theis at (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 459793head/databases/mariadb-connector-c distinfo Makefile

databases/mariadb-connector-c: Update to 3.0.3

FreeBSD/ports 459792head/sysutils/dtc/files patch-Makefile patch-tests_Makefile.tests

sysutils/dtc: Unbreak `make patch`

The added patches from the 1.4.6 update broke `make patch` as their contents
got duplicated somewhere in the pipeline. Remove the duplicated contents.

Reported by:    antoine
Approved by:    imp

FreeBSD/ports 459791head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

security/vuxml: mark firefox < 58 as vulnerable

FreeBSD/ports 459790head/sysutils/dtc Makefile distinfo, head/sysutils/dtc/files patch-Makefile patch-tests_Makefile.tests

sysutils/dtc: Update to 1.4.6 and add test support

dtc 1.4.6 was released 2018/01/03 with various additional checks and
bugfixes, as well as support for some syntactic sugar for overlays that
allows the following:


&foo {
  status = "okay";

Issues addressed by the previous patches have been fixed upstream, and the
two patches included here have been accepted upstream following the release
of 1.4.6. The patches, along with the TEST_ENV, will be able to go away when
1.4.7 is released.

While here, hook up the test suite and flip maintainer over to uboot@.

Reviewed by:    imp, manu
Approved by:    imp (maintainer, ports committer)
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 459789head/emulators/virtualbox-ose Makefile, head/emulators/virtualbox-ose/files patch-src_VBox_VMM_VMMR3_CPUMR3CpuId.cpp

Re-enable AVX/AVX2 support for guest.

This patch is no longer necessary according to the original reporter.

PR:            211651

FreeBSD/ports 459788head/net-p2p/qtum/files patch-src_wallet_wallet.h

net-p2p/qtum: Fix compilation on FreeBSD 10 (Clang 3.4)

FreeBSD/ports 459787head/emulators/xen-kernel Makefile

xen-kernel: fix build with clang 6 and apply pending XSA patches

This includes a band-aid for running 64bit PV guests without
compromising the whole system.

Commit the makefile diff left behind in r459786.

MFH:           2018Q1
Sponsored by:   Citrix Systems R&D

FreeBSD/ports 459786head/emulators/xen-kernel/files 0001-x86-Meltdown-band-aid-against-malicious-64-bit-PV-gu.patch 0001-p2m-Always-check-to-see-if-removing-a-p2m-entry-actu.patch

xen-kernel: fix build with clang 6 and apply pending XSA patches

This includes a band-aid for running 64bit PV guests without
compromising the whole system.

MFH:           2018Q1
Sponsored by:   Citrix Systems R&D