FreeBSD/ports 491020head/graphics/py-termtosvg distinfo Makefile

- Update to 0.8.0

FreeBSD/ports 491019head/lang/gcc7-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the 20190117 snapshot of GCC 7.4.1.

FreeBSD/ports 491018head/comms/libfec/files

Bug reported only with ld.lld as system ld on i386 solved using
suggested -Wl,-z,notext

PR:            ports/234871
Reported by:    @emaste

FreeBSD/ports 491017head/www/tdiary Makefile distinfo, head/www/tdiary/files patch-Gemfile

www/tdiary: Update to 5.0.11

PR:            235129
Submitted by:   Yasuhiro KIMURA <yasu at> (maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 491016head/www/rubygem-responders-rails50 Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491015head/www/rubygem-responders-rails5 Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491014head/www/rubygem-responders Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491013head/textproc/rubygem-yard Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491012head/textproc/rubygem-autoprefixer-rails distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491011head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491010head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-resources distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491009head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-core distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491008head/textproc/py-pyaml Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491007head/math/py-munkres Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 491006head/devel/py-oslo.utils distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491005head/devel/py-oslo.service distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491004head/devel/py-oslo.privsep distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491003head/devel/py-oslo.config distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491002head/astro/py-pymetar Makefile distinfo, head/astro/py-pymetar/files

FreeBSD/ports 491001head/misc/pecl-timezonedb distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 491000head/sysutils/debhelper distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490999head/sysutils/agedu Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 490998head/net/tintin++ distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.01.6


FreeBSD/ports 490997head/devel/tradcpp Makefile distinfo

Update to 0.5.3

- Fix markup typo in the man page.
- Abort on line numbering or column numbering overflow. Line numbers are limited
  to values that fit in "unsigned int". Also reject input lines longer than
  2^32-1 characters. It seems reasonable to presume that any input that violates
  these constraints is someone screwing around and not a serious attempt to
  compile or preprocess anything useful. Done in response to n2129, but without
  getting into any of the silliness found there.
- Recognize __ia64__ for IA64 builds.
- Recognize __aarch64__ for 64-bit ARM builds, as sent in by various people.
- Recognize __riscv__ and __riscv64__ for risc-v builds.

FreeBSD/ports 490996head/benchmarks/iperf distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490995head/net Makefile rubygem-maxmind-db, head/net/rubygem-maxmind-db Makefile pkg-descr

Add rubygem-maxmind-db 1.0.0

This is the Ruby API for reading MaxMind DB files. MaxMind DB is a binary file
format that stores data indexed by IP address subnets (IPv4 or IPv6).


FreeBSD/ports 490994head/textproc Makefile, head/textproc/p5-CSS-Sass Makefile pkg-plist

Add p5-CSS-Sass 3.4.10

CSS::Sass provides a perl interface to LibSass, a nearly complete Sass compiler
written in C++. It is currently at ruby sass 3.4 feature parity and heading
towards 3.5 compatibility. It can compile .scss and .sass files.


FreeBSD/ports 490993head/textproc Makefile minify, head/textproc/minify Makefile distinfo

Add minify 2.3.8

Minify is a minifier package written in Go. It provides HTML5, CSS3, JS, JSON,
SVG and XML minifiers and an interface to implement any other minifier.
Minification is the process of removing bytes from a file (such as whitespace)
without changing its output and therefore shrinking its size and speeding up
transmission over the internet and possibly parsing. The implemented minifiers
are designed for high performance.

The core functionality associates mimetypes with minification functions,
allowing embedded resources (like CSS or JS within HTML files) to be minified as
well. Users can add new implementations that are triggered based on a mimetype
(or pattern), or redirect to an external command (like ClosureCompiler,
UglifyCSS, ...).


FreeBSD/ports 490992head/games/chroma distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.16

FreeBSD/ports 490991head/www/py-django-recaptcha distinfo Makefile

- Update to 2.0.1

FreeBSD/ports 490990head/www/py-waitress distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.2.0

FreeBSD/ports 490989head/textproc/p5-Pod-Tree distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.30

FreeBSD/ports 490988head/x11-fm/thunar-vfs Makefile


FreeBSD/ports 490987head/x11-clocks/xfce4-timer-plugin Makefile

Fix USES, gettext-tools needed here.

FreeBSD/ports 490986head/x11-clocks/xfce4-timer-out-plugin Makefile

Fix typo in variable name.

FreeBSD/ports 490985head/www/xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin Makefile

Remove trailing whitespace.

FreeBSD/ports 490984head/sysutils/xfce4-power-manager Makefile

Fix USES, only gettext-tools needed here.

FreeBSD/ports 490983head/www/pound Makefile

Reset Maintainer, back to pool

PR:            235032
Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 490982head/www/node distinfo Makefile

www/node: Update 11.6.0 -> 11.7.0

Sponsored by:   Miles AS

FreeBSD/ports 490981head/x11/libxkbcommon Makefile

x11/libxkbcommon: Add dep on xkeyboard-config

Add a run time dependency on x11/xkeyboard-config in x11/libxkbcommon.
While not strictly necessary, this is recommended upstream, since almost all
uses of libxkbcommon also needs xkeyboard-config.  This is similar to how it
is done in other distributions.

This solves issues when graphics/xpdf4 is installed without a desktop or
graphical environment, as well as other places.

PR:            229127
Reported by:    Bertrand Petit
Suggested by:   tobik

FreeBSD/ports 490980head/graphics/wayland Makefile

graphics/wayland: disable debug build by default

There is no need to build wayland with debug options by default.  This is
most likely a left over from when it was first ported.

PR:            234920
Submitted by:   jbeich

FreeBSD/ports 490979head/devel/awscli distinfo Makefile

devel/awscli: Update 1.16.84 -> 1.16.93

Sponsored by:   Miles AS

FreeBSD/ports 490978head/devel/py-botocore distinfo Makefile

devel/py-botocore: Update 1.12.74 -> 1.12.83

Sponsored by:   Miles AS

FreeBSD/ports 490977head/sysutils/iocage-devel Makefile

sysutils/iocage-devel: add back PORTEPOCH removed by accident

FreeBSD/ports 490976head/sysutils/iocage-devel distinfo Makefile

sysutils/iocage-devel: update to

FreeBSD/ports 490975head/misc/xfce4-weather-plugin pkg-plist Makefile

- Fix NLS option

While here, really sort USES.

FreeBSD/ports 490974head/games/wtf distinfo Makefile

update games/wtf to 20190122 snapshot from NetBSD

FreeBSD/ports 490973head/deskutils/xfce4-volumed Makefile

- Add missing dependencies
- Sort lists
- Fix portlint warnings

PR:            235128
Submitted by:   myself
Approved by:    Sergey V. Dyatko <sergey.dyatko at> (Maintainer)

FreeBSD/ports 490972head/devel/thunar-vcs-plugin Makefile files

- Add missing dependencies
- Remove unneeded patch
- Sort lists
- Fix portlint warnings
- Some cosmetic changes

PR:            235126
Submitted by:   myself
Approved by:    Sergey V. Dyatko <sergey.dyatko at>

FreeBSD/ports 490971head/astro/weatherspect Makefile

astro/weatherspect: use the intended EXPIRATION_DATE value