NetBSD/pkgsrc GTzoueudoc CHANGES-2018

   doc: Updated www/drupal7 to 7.61
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc DyFGpEjwww/drupal7 distinfo Makefile, www/drupal7/patches

   Update drupal7 to 7.61

       Full compatibility with PHP 7.2 (#2947772)

   Drupal 7.61, 2018-11-07
   - File upload validation functions and hook_file_validate() implementations are
     now always passed the correct file URI.
   - The default form cache expiration of 6 hours is now configurable (API
   - Allowed callers of drupal_http_request() to optionally specify an explicit
     Host header.
   - Allowed the + character to appear in usernames.
   - PHP 7.2: Fixed Archive_Tar incompatibility.
   - PHP 7.2: Removed deprecated function each().
   - PHP 7.2: Avoid count() calls on uncountable variables.
   - PHP 7.2: Removed deprecated create_function() call.
   - PHP 7.2: Make sure variables are arrays in theme_links().
   - Fixed theme-settings.php not being loaded on cached forms
   - Fixed problem with IE11 & Chrome(PointerEvents enabled) & some Firefox scroll to the 
top of the page after dragging the bottom item with jquery 1.5 <-> 1.11

NetBSD/pkgsrc CwIBTiLdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated devel/py-buildbot
+8-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc gaxsnwYdevel/py-buildbot Makefile, devel/py-buildbot-console-view distinfo

   py-buildbot: updated to 1.5.0

   Bug fixes
   Fix the umask parameter example to make it work with both Python 2.x and 3.x.
   Fix build-change association for multi-codebase builds in the console view..
   Fixed builders page doesn't list workers in multi-master configuration
   Restricted groups added by :py:class:~buildbot.www.oauth2.GitHubAuth's
   getTeamsMembership option to only those teams to which the user belongs.
   Previously, groups were added for all teams for all organizations to which
   the user belongs.
   Fix 'Show old workers' combo behavior.

   GitHub teams added to a user's groups by
   :py:class:~buildbot.www.oauth2.GitHubAuth's getTeamsMembership option
   are now added by slug as well as by name. This means a team named "Bot
   Builders" in the organization "buildbot" will be added as both buildbot/Bot Builders 
and buildbot/bot-builders.
   Make urlText renderable for the
   :py:class:~buildbot.steps.transfer.FileUpload build step.
   Added noticeOnChannel option to :bb:reporter:IRC to send notices
   instead of messages to channels. This was an option in v0.8.x and removed in
   v0.9.0, which defaulted to sending notices. The v0.8.x default of sending
   messages is now restored.

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NetBSD/pkgsrc 3K0iVGxdoc CHANGES-2018

   doc: Updated net/ucspi-tcp to 0.88nb6
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc k0cO7nmnet/ucspi-tcp Makefile

   Remove 'inet6' option (fefe's patch). For IPv6 support, see net/ucspi-tcp6.

NetBSD/pkgsrc JQhykMBdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated geography/opencpn to 4.8.8
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc i2fqYDCgeography/opencpn Makefile

   Update opencpn to 4.8.8. Changes since 4.8.6:
   This version is a maintenance release of OpenCPN, improving reliability and
   compatibility for all supported platforms.
   Changes and improvements include:

   1. Make higher baud rates available on POSIX systems where supported.
   2. Update Finnish translations.
   3. Improve plugin ENC overlay rendering.
   4. Improve serial port detection logic on Mac systems.
   5. Improve ENC update processing logic.
+3-41 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc s1PHvtKgeography/opencpn distinfo, geography/opencpn/patches patch-VERSION.cmake

   Update opencpn to 4.8.8. Changes since 4.8.6:
   This version is a maintenance release of OpenCPN, improving reliability and
   compatibility for all supported platforms.
   Changes and improvements include:

   1. Make higher baud rates available on POSIX systems where supported.
   2. Update Finnish translations.
   3. Improve plugin ENC overlay rendering.
   4. Improve serial port detection logic on Mac systems.
   5. Improve ENC update processing logic.

NetBSD/pkgsrc bGF9zfvgraphics/py-cairo

   Restore a PYPKGPREFIX that got expanded in the cairo revbump.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc vizpUPVdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated devel/py-distorm3, devel/py-whichcraft
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TKN8SAHdevel/py-whichcraft Makefile distinfo

   py-whichcraft: updated to 0.5.2

   Remove any mention of 3.2 and 3.3

   Fix so it works with older Python

   Add 3.7 support thanks to @rooterkyberian
   Remove any mention of 2.6

   Use black for code formatting
   Move status to production/stable
   Drop Python 2.6 and 3.3 support

NetBSD/pkgsrc HpJKm6gdevel/py-distorm3 distinfo Makefile

   py-distorm3: updated to 3.3.8

   Some bug fixes in instructions and changes in disOps.

NetBSD/pkgsrc qeF8VY3doc CHANGES-2018

   Updated www/py-autobahn, time/py-tempora
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 1XwSv1htime/py-tempora distinfo Makefile

   py-tempora: updated to 1.14

   Package refresh, including use of declarative config in
   the package metadata.

NetBSD/pkgsrc obLTrp7www/py-autobahn distinfo Makefile

   py-autobahn: updated to 18.11.1

   new: forward_for WAMP message attribute (for Router-to-Router federation)
   new: support RawSocket URLs (eg "rs://localhost:5000" or "rs://unix:/tmp/file.sock")
   new: support WAMP-over-Unix sockets for WAMP components ("new API")
   fix: use same WAMP serializer construction code for WAMP components ("new API") and 
   fix: memory leak with Twisted/WebSocket, dropConnection and producer

NetBSD/pkgsrc ODGTTY8doc CHANGES-2018

   Updated databases/py-alembic, www/py-parsel
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc Uej90m5www/py-parsel distinfo Makefile

   py-parsel: updated to 1.5.1

   * has-class XPath function handles newlines and other separators
     in class names properly;
   * fixed parsing of HTML documents with null bytes;
   * documentation improvements;
   * Python 3.7 tests are run on CI; other test improvements.
+7-72 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc z5rVLsDdatabases/py-alembic distinfo Makefile

   py-alembic: updated to 1.0.3

   Fixed regression caused by 513, where the logic to consume mssql_include was not 
correctly interpreting the case where the flag was not present, breaking the 
op.create_index directive for SQL Server as a whole

NetBSD/pkgsrc ie7I9mwdoc CHANGES-2018

   Added biology/bcftools; Updated www/py-django-filter
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc ySvnmykwww/py-django-filter PLIST distinfo

   py-django-filter: updated to 2.0.0

   Version 2.0:

   2.0 introduced a number of small changes and tidy-ups.
   Please see the migration guide:

   * Added testing for Python 3.7
   * Improve exception message for invalid filter result
   * Test QueryDict against CSV filters
   * Add `renderer` argument to `render()` method of `BooleanWidget`
   * Fix lookups for reverse relationships
   * Refactor backend filterset instantiation
   * Improve view-related attribute name consistency
   * Fix distinct call for range filters
   * Fix empty value check for CSV range
   * Rework DateRangeFilter
   * Added testing for Django 2.1
   * Rework 'lookup types' handling into LookupChoiceFilter
   * Add linting and docs builds to CI
   * Use DRF BooleanFilter for NullBooleanField
   * Added Brazilian locale
   * List Django as a dependency in
   * Keep coverage reports files off version control.

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NetBSD/pkgsrc b0ChoaMbiology Makefile, biology/bcftools PLIST Makefile

   bcftools: added version 1.9

   BCFtools is a program for variant calling and manipulating files in the Variant
   Call Format (VCF) and its binary counterpart BCF. All commands work
   transparently with both VCFs and BCFs, both uncompressed and BGZF-compressed.
   In order to avoid tedious repetion, throughout this document we will use "VCF"
   and "BCF" interchangeably, unless specifically noted.

   Most commands accept VCF, bgzipped VCF and BCF with filetype detected
   automatically even when streaming from a pipe. Indexed VCF and BCF work in all
   situations. Unindexed VCF and BCF and streams work in most, but not all
   situations. In general, whenever multiple VCFs are read simultaneously, they
   must be indexed and therefore also compressed.

NetBSD/pkgsrc 1kY0V79multimedia/gmplayer distinfo

   gmplayer: regen distinfo to match mplayer
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc VnGGncFgraphics/php-gd Makefile

   graphics/php-gd: Fix a syntax error of Makefile

   Fix a syntax error of USE_TOOLS line.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc AGNzO47mk/install

   Update Minix BINPKG_SITES url.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc KMbqEQCdoc CHANGES-2018

   cdrdao,gcdmaster update
+3-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc rweRjHBsysutils/cdrdao distinfo Makefile, sysutils/cdrdao/patches patch-ai

   {cdrdao,gcdmaster}: update to 1.2.4

   This is a maintenance release containing only minor bug, warning and
   compilation fixes.

   * Fixed autocon warnings (Denis Leroy)
   * Ported to lame 3.100 (from Fedora)
   * G++ compile fixes (Nick Bailey)
   * Renamed xdao folder to gcdmaster (Denis Leroy)
   * pccts format security patch (from Fedora)
   * Fixed compile issues with glibc >= 2.12
   * Gcdmaster segfault fix (Adrian Knoth)
   * Prevent a FTBFS on kfreebsd (Christoph Egger)
   * Also look in /etc/default/cdrdao config (Andrew Suffield)
   * Fix printf format security issues (Frantisek Kluknavsky Fedora)
   * Add missing options to man page (Honza HorĂ¡k)
   * CD_TEXT fix for HL-DT-ST (Kees Cook)
   * Man page hyphen fixes (Markus Koschany)
   * Some updates to the old scsilib smake files (Ubuntu patches)

NetBSD/pkgsrc ZQJeM4Smk/platform

   Minix 3.4 uses the NetBSD master.passwd and group file which means GID 0 is wheel.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc myRHcWwpkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files/files/mods

   All Minix supported platforms are ELF.
   Confirmed with in Minix 3.4RC6 base.

NetBSD/pkgsrc KkKwnmVmk/platform

   Minix has had some level of support for IPv6 for some years now via LWIP.
   Tested on 3.4RC6 which enable host mode support as standard.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc TEMCql4graphics/cairo Makefile

   Revert revbump of cairo (after cairo update) as well.

NetBSD/pkgsrc sxiYfkLgraphics/cairo-gobject Makefile

   Revert the revbump of cairo-gobject, which is coupled to cairo anyway.

NetBSD/pkgsrc yEhVai7doc TODO

   TODO: cairo 1.16.0 is done.
+1-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc GUhtnbJnet/avahi, net/cacti Makefile

   Revbump after cairo 1.16.0 update.

NetBSD/pkgsrc hLQrFZZmultimedia/dvdauthor Makefile

   dvdauthor: Dont use obsolete freetype-config
+7-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc cackd79graphics/php-gd Makefile, lang/php70/patches patch-ext_gd_config.m4

   php-gd: use pkg-config rather than freetype-config to test for freetype2

NetBSD/pkgsrc l7jdGTUeditors/gedit-python Makefile, security/seahorse-plugins Makefile

   Revbump packages depending on gedit after bl3 change.

NetBSD/pkgsrc yEm55dPeditors/gedit distinfo Makefile, editors/gedit/patches patch-ac

   Port gedit to enchant 2, bump revision.

NetBSD/pkgsrc x3ouYDYgraphics/cairo-gobject

   cairo-gobject: Update BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS for 1.16.0.

   Revbump for cairo update about to proceed.

NetBSD/pkgsrc h5TMDRhwww/firefox distinfo, www/firefox/patches patch-xpcom_components_nsComponentManager.cpp

   firefox: fix build on NetBSD

   Tip from jperkin, thanks!

NetBSD/pkgsrc bQJ0nbVdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated graphics/cairo-gobject to 1.16.0.
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc PbRQl5ngraphics/cairo-gobject Makefile

   cairo-gobject: Update to 1.16.0.

   Belatedly ride the version-coupled cairo update, just removing
+1-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc BDFiXXOgames/xconq Makefile

   xconq: Relinquish pkg maintainership to pkgsrc-users.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc AY03hXCdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated print/py-weasyprint to 43.
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc HIQFaHlprint/py-weasyprint PLIST Makefile, print/py-weasyprint/patches patch-setup.cfg

   py-weasyprint: Update to 43.

   Version 43

   Released on 2018-11-09.

   Bug fixes:

   * `#726 <>`_:
     Make empty strings clear previous values of named strings
   * `#729 <>`_:
     Include tools in packaging

   This version also includes the changes from unstable rc1 and rc2 versions
   listed below.

   Version 43rc2

   Released on 2018-11-02.

   **This version is experimental, don't use it in production. If you find bugs,
   please report them!**

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NetBSD/pkgsrc 9Qo1PfHdoc CHANGES-2018

   Updated graphics/cairo to 1.16.0.
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc mMkogfDgraphics/cairo distinfo, graphics/cairo/patches patch-CVE-2017-9814

   cairo: Update to 1.16.0.

   Release 1.16.0 (2018-10-19 Bryce Harrington <bryce at>)
   This new stable release incorporates a number of improvements made in
   the four years since 1.14.0.

   Of particular note is a wealth of work by Adrian Johnson to enhance PDF
   functionality, including restoring support for MacOSX 10.4, metadata,
   hyperlinks, and more.

   Much attention also went into fonts, including new colored emoji glyph
   support, variable fonts, and fixes for various font idiosyncrasies.

   Other noteworthy changes include GLESv3 support for the cairo_gl
   backend, tracking of SVG units in generated SVG documents, and cleanups
   for numerous test failures and related issues in the PDF and Postscript

   For a complete log of changes, please see

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NetBSD/pkgsrc HFuN9ADdoc CHANGES-2018

   doc: Updated mail/qmail-run to 20181114
+2-11 files

NetBSD/pkgsrc 8CO7kB1mail/qmail-run MESSAGE Makefile, mail/qmail-run/files fixsmtpio

   On second thought, greylisting isn't a sensible default. Comment it out
   in control/smtpplugins. Extract a "Greylisting" stanza in MESSAGE. Merge
   "Local non-root users to see the queue" into previous section (and
   provide qmail-qread-client in example mailer.conf to begin with).
   Mention port numbers where applicable.

   Enable defaults that are sensible: realrcptto in control/rcptchecks and
   viruscan in control/smtpfilters.

   Add fixsmtpio rules to make greylisting-spp's tempfails look more like
   qmail's other messages.

   Bump dependency on qmail for config-fast-pkgsrc, which is like
   config-fast but lets us simulate CONF_FILES-like behavior. As before, we
   install these minimal config files, and won't deinstall them. (But the
   updated qmail package will.)

   Bump version.

NetBSD/pkgsrc 0xGCfU6mail/qmail INSTALL

   Entab previous.
+2-21 files