NetBSD/src tBcCm6Lsys/sys module_hook.h

   Use restricted namespace identifiers for variables within the code
   generated by macro expansion.
+7-71 files

NetBSD/src fUeLhhIdistrib/sets/lists/comp mi, distrib/sets/lists/man mi

   Remove ISDN from the kernel. It has remained unmaintained for a long time,
   is of poor quality, and is now an obstacle to MP-ification. It was removed
   ten years ago from FreeBSD for the same reason.

   This retires a big user of the mbuf API, and will ease maintenance of the

NetBSD/src hlkd8eSsys/compat/netbsd32 netbsd32.h

   White space for readability
+2-11 files

NetBSD/src FSImd4wsys/compat/netbsd32 netbsd32_compat_50.c

   Be selective about including the NTP syscall ntp_gettime
+6-31 files

NetBSD/src sxtmAGrdistrib/sets descrs comments, distrib/syspkg/sets/base Makefile

   Remove the isdn sets from syspkg, now that they have no user left.

NetBSD/src twwDioksys/compat/netbsd32 netbsd32_compat_30.c

   Revert previous.  Instead, don't put an entry for ntp_gettime in the
   syscall package if we don't have NTP.
+6-71 files

NetBSD/src FIT5rfhsys/compat/netbsd32 netbsd32_compat_30.c

   Provide a dummy version of netbsd32_ntp_gettime for systems where NTP
   isn't defined.
+7-41 files

NetBSD/src ayCM0V0sys/arch/i386/include segments.h

   Summary: Remove older and now conflicting type declaration for global
   variable 'idt'.

   This should fix the i386 build failure now.
+1-21 files

NetBSD/src TMawzq5sys/kern kern_rndq.c

   Don't bother to include COMPAT_50 related headers, since all the COMPAT_50
   code has been relocated.
+2-61 files

NetBSD/src a06xAnYsys/compat/common usb_subr_30.c

   Don't try to include usb_verbose.h - it might not exist on platforms
   that don't have USB!

   It turns out that nothing uses it any.
+2-31 files

NetBSD/src BNP35Qesys/dev/usb files.usb

   Revert previous - not appropriate
+2-21 files

NetBSD/src 3JNXcKTsys/dev/usb files.usb

   Put the USBVERBOSE option into a header file so it can be found by
+2-21 files

NetBSD/src kns031adistrib/sets/lists/base mi, distrib/sets/lists/debug mi

   Remove the userland part of ISDN. The kernel part is untouched for now.
   ipppctl was actually an exact copy of pppoectl; there is no functional
   change in pppoectl in this commit.

NetBSD/src 2EM7Uzkdistrib/sets/lists/modules ad.arm

   Use a space to separate fields, not _
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src SYXFvGusys/arch/acorn32/acorn32 netbsd32_machdep_16.c

   Include header to get prototypes for the empty xxx_init() and xxx_fini()

NetBSD/src 2uMMe1xetc/etc.amiga

   Remove ISDN.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/src kLWLk5Zsys/compat/common compat_50_mod.c, sys/modules Makefile

   No need to declare the crypto_50 init/fini routines.  The compat_50
   module no longer needs them, and they're declared static in  the
   ocryptodev.c code

NetBSD/src TJAt1lisys/compat/common compat_50_mod.c

   Now that cryptodev_50 is a separate module we can't initialize it
   from the generic compat_50 module.
+2-51 files

NetBSD/src x5PHDKidistrib/sets/lists/modules mi

   Use the correct module name
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src CerccDGdistrib/sets/lists/modules md.amd64

   Mark the correct module obsolete!
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src z2bUDBfsys/dev/raidframe rf_compat50.c, sys/modules/compat_crypto_50 Makefile

   Fix some thinkos/pastos/typos

NetBSD/src F9qmnDysys/arch/x86/pci pci_intr_machdep.c


   It is incorrect to infer semantics from usage.

   the problem for which the original commit was intended should be fixed
   within the callee intr_establish_xname() and not the caller:

   This was accomplished via:
+3-11 files

NetBSD/src Ffasg3xsys/arch/xen/include hypervisor.h, sys/arch/xen/xen evtchn.c

   Encapsulate pre-processing of registered (pirq,evtchn) pair in
   preparation for API reorg.

NetBSD/src tUUInLmusr.sbin/ypserv/ypinit ypinit.8

   Switch from getopt to getopts - and as part of that, update the usage,
   and the man page, to reflect modern usage rather than some ancient style
   that getopt[s] does not support (options, and their args when they exist)
   always come before non-option agrs.

   While here, update uses of test(1) to avoid obsolescent forms (and
   even when still defined, prefer sh structures over test when possible).

NetBSD/src tonJcFlsys/dev/raidframe rf_compat50.c, sys/modules/compat_50 Makefile

   Split the compat_crypto_50 from the rest of the crypto module

   Cleanup some stuff left over from similar changes to raid modules.

NetBSD/src RdovDtUsys/arch/amd64/amd64 machdep.c, sys/arch/amd64/include segments.h

   Make XEN use the same api as native, for idt vector allocation
   and registration.

   lidt() placed in xenfunc() on maxv@ suggestion.

   There should be no functional change due to this commit.

   Tested on amd64 native and XEN.

NetBSD/src uf44DNGsys/arch/acorn32/acorn32 netbsd32_machdep_16.c netbsd32_machdep_16.c

   file netbsd32_machdep_16.c was initially added on branch pgoyette-compat.

NetBSD/src eQV51n2distrib/sets/lists/modules mi, sys/compat/common compat_raid_50.c compat_raid_80.c

   Split the raidframe compatability code out into separate modules, since
   the driver is already a module.  This avoids having to pass a bunch of
   function pointers as arguments to raidframe's compat_ioctl().

NetBSD/src CR0moffsys/dev/ata TODO.ncq

   one more
+1-01 files

NetBSD/src p0A4POisys/dev/ata ata_subr.c wd.c

   remove explicit ata_channel_start() calls, it's no longer necessary
   now that ata_xfer's are allocated via pool and not really limited;
   replace by just a callout to restart the processing for rare cases
   where system runs out of memory
+24-775 files

NetBSD/src bXq7BSNsys/external/bsd/libnv/dist nv_kern_netbsd.c nv_impl.h

   libnv: fix some NetBSD wrappers.

NetBSD/src ELFx4fisys/arch/amd64/conf ALL, sys/arch/i386/conf ALL

   Remove isic(4). It is part of ISDN, which we are now retiring.

NetBSD/src GwOynVFsys/dev/ata wd.c ata.c

   fix use-after-free in wd(4) dump, detected by switch to the pool

   change code in wd_dumpblocks() to use it's own non-pool ata_xfer,
   which skips the deallocation step and thus keeps the contents when the I/O
   is finished
+17-185 files

NetBSD/src a4di9B6etc MAKEDEV.tmpl

   Avoid use of test -o for when this is used as part of an INSTALL system
   and the SMALL test does not support -o
+2-21 files

NetBSD/src DO5SBbZexternal/bsd/dhcpcd/dist/hooks 30-hostname

   PR install/53622  (probably)

   When used as part of a network based install kernel, the SMALL "test" (aka [)
   does not support -a or -o, so rewrite these scripts to avoid using that.

NetBSD/src YSwzBs7sys/dev/pci files.pci

   Unreference iwic (now removed), forgot that.
+1-91 files

NetBSD/src jdyV3rVdistrib/sets/lists/base shl.mi, distrib/sets/lists/comp mi shl.mi

   Add rumpkern_nv (in-kernel RUMP libnv).

NetBSD/src d2vUmXDdistrib/sets/lists/man mi, share/man/man4 Makefile

   Remove iwic(4). It is part of ISDN, which we are now retiring. This driver
   was still marked as experimental (its man page dates back to 2002).

NetBSD/src tYuxIMdsys/arch/amd64/conf ALL, sys/arch/i386/conf ALL GENERIC_ISDN

   Remove the "ifritz" driver (no man page). It is part of ISDN, which we are

NetBSD/src oPiNEJ7sys/arch/alpha/conf Makefile.alpha, sys/arch/amd64/conf Makefile.amd64

   - Determine KERN_AS automatically depending on whether OPT_MODULAR is
     set or not, in the same way as libcompat.

   - Specify OPT_MODULAR in the port Makefile instead of KERN_AS.

   Now, KERN_AS=library is used for kernels without module(7) for all ports.

   OK christos

NetBSD/src ep1MviCsys/dev/ata ata.c

   revert atabus_alloc_drives() to use KM_NOSLEEP again - it's called with
   ch_lock held hence cannot actually sleep, fixing is out of scope of the branch
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src TYQuMt0distrib/sets/lists/man mi, sys/arch/amd64/conf ALL

   Remove ifpci(4). It is part of ISDN, which we are retiring.

NetBSD/src sncfykYsys/arch/sun2/conf Makefile.sun2, sys/arch/sun3/conf Makefile.sun3

   No need to specify COMPAT_AS anymore.
   Now, it is automatically determined from OPT_MODULAR.

NetBSD/src 75jg0GWsys/arch/evbarm/fdt fdt_machdep.c

   Use fdt_open_into instead of fdt_move to load the DTB since we may make
   changes to the tree after loading it. When we are done making changes,
   call fdt_pack.
+8-31 files

NetBSD/src Nnja0yVsys/modules Makefile

   Don't build the "monolithic" compat_netbsd32 module, it is replaced by
   the new version-specific modules.
+1-31 files

NetBSD/src HXtROrxdistrib/sets/lists/modules ad.mips md.amd64

   Mark the old compat_netbsd32 module as obsolete - it is replaced by the
   new version-specific modules

NetBSD/src zKuNOTxsys/opencrypto ocryptodev.c

   Since the caller passes the address of our mutex, use it rather than
   trying to reference it via global symbol (which might not exist).
+4-41 files

NetBSD/src JRSfQXzsys/opencrypto ocryptodev.h

   Forward-declare some structs so we can use pointers to them in
   function declarations.
+7-11 files

NetBSD/src sghEaMJsys/opencrypto ocryptodev.c cryptodev.c, sys/sys compat_stub.h

   When the compat code needs to callback to the original code, we cannot
   call directly via the routines' global symbols, since the original code
   might not be built-in.  So, the original code that calls compat code
   needs to pass in the addresses of the callbacks.  This allows for the
   compat code to be built whether or not the original (calling) code is

   XXX Done for cryptodev, will need to do the same thing for ccd(4) and
   XXX vnd(4)
+72-314 files

NetBSD/src zz9Va4Hsys/compat/common files.common

   Missed this in previous files.* changes
+4-41 files