OpenBSD/ports LWY1Rqqdevel/rgbds Makefile distinfo

   Update to rgbds-0.3.8.

   Release notes:
+6-42 files

OpenBSD/ports FuVmzeuinputmethods/fcitx Makefile distinfo, inputmethods/fcitx/pkg PLIST-main

   - Update to  Help from bcallah@ to a previous version
   - Bump REVISION of scim-fcitx for the PLIST change

   ok bcallah@

OpenBSD/ports gQByMnGsysutils/diffoscope Makefile distinfo, sysutils/diffoscope/pkg PLIST

   Update to diffoscope-112

OpenBSD/ports ZosoA2Kgames/alephone/alephone Makefile, games/alephone/alephone/patches patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_SDL_ffmpeg_c patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_Movie_cpp

   Preemptive build fix for newer FFmpeg, from Brad.

OpenBSD/ports wX7me7cdevel/llvm/patches patch-lib_Target_X86_X86InstrFPStack_td patch-lib_Target_PowerPC_PPCISelLowering_cpp

   Merge various improvements from base

   - avoid naming clash, defines "PIC"
   - x86: floating point fixes (backported from upstream)
   - powerpc: avoid unaligned floating-point load and store instructions
   (Initial diff by George Koehler)
   - lldb, x86: skip retguard instructions in prologue detection

   Diff from Brad

OpenBSD/ports WKRhKPRgames/alephone/patches patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_Movie_cpp patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_SDL_ffmpeg_c

   oops, I missed the subdirectory. pointed out by Brad.

OpenBSD/ports E0Vbq7Jgraphics/opencv Makefile, graphics/opencv/patches patch-modules_highgui_src_cap_ffmpeg_impl_hpp

   Preemptive build fix for newer FFmpeg, from Brad.

OpenBSD/ports BnPDZWjgames/alephone/patches patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_SDL_ffmpeg_c patch-Source_Files_FFmpeg_Movie_cpp, games/renpy/patches patch-module_ffdecode_c

   Preemptive build fixes for newer FFmpeg, from Brad.

OpenBSD/ports th8I7NVdatabases/freetds Makefile distinfo, databases/freetds/patches patch-freetds_conf

   update to freetds-1.00.111

OpenBSD/ports QuGQyMCnet/unifi, net/unifi/lts Makefile

   - update URL in unifi PERMIT_* lines (and bump REVISIONs because these
   are included in packages)

   - as this is port-only (no redistribution) and the dependencies have
   slow builds, print a message suggesting use of FETCH_PACKAGES if it
   wasn't already used.

OpenBSD/ports kpIjpLxgraphics/piglit Makefile

   When libcaca was installed tests for the presence of unrelated functions
   would fail as they were linked with -lcaca without -L/usr/local/lib.

   Build with -DHAVE_LIBCACA:BOOL=FALSE so libcaca isn't picked up and
   doesn't break tests for asprintf ffs etc.

   Reported, diagnosed by and ok aja@
+4-21 files

OpenBSD/ports 1vgmrThdatabases/p5-DBD-Sybase Makefile

   take maintainer
+4-11 files

OpenBSD/ports 5iibcKZdatabases/libdbi-drivers Makefile, databases/libdbi-drivers/patches patch-drivers_freetds_dbd_freetds_c

   unbreak libdbi-drivers-freetds with newer FreeTDS
   sync WANTLIB while there

OpenBSD/ports b3NxE4pwww/hiawatha Makefile

+2-31 files

OpenBSD/ports LVGwoJesysutils/ansible-lint Makefile, sysutils/ansible-lint/pkg PLIST

   switch to python 3, following ansible proper

OpenBSD/ports dJoF2NWsysutils/ansible Makefile, sysutils/ansible/pkg PLIST-main

   switch to use python 3. it's officially supported upstream and several users
   have asked for this recently.

   testing and feedback sthen@
+3,387-3,1302 files

OpenBSD/ports sp4pmV6graphics/giflib Makefile distinfo, graphics/giflib/patches patch-Makefile patch-tests_makefile

   update to giflib-5.1.6

OpenBSD/ports Dp2WxvOdatabases/postgresql Makefile distinfo, databases/postgresql/pkg PLIST-docs PLIST-server

   Update to 11.2
   ok ajacoutot@ jeremy@

OpenBSD/ports VBDqYCusecurity/gpgme Makefile distinfo, security/gpgme/patches patch-lang_qt_tests_Makefile_in patch-tests_gpg_pinentry

   update to gpgme-1.12.0
   all dependent ports build tested, some also run tested

OpenBSD/ports TjdkIB9security/yubico/yubikey-personalization Makefile distinfo

   update to ykpers-1.19.2
   (adds explicit_bzero use, amongst other things)

OpenBSD/ports ALjMWISwww/chromium/files chrome

   be nice and create ~/Downloads if its not there
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports zwZEVjMwww/chromium Makefile, www/chromium/files chrome

   Make sure to always default to the Downloads directory in case a file
   dialog is opened and unveil(2) is used.
   This fixes the issue when another program not using unveil(2) changes
   the last used path of the file dialog and then the file dialog opened
   by chrome will get stuck inside a non-existent directory.

   To make sure that the ~/Downloads XDG directory is always available
   for glib to pick up, the chrome wrapper script will check if the
   ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs does not exist and create it with one entry
   configured: XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR="$HOME/Downloads"

OpenBSD/ports Q8ErrQNx11/gtk+3 Makefile, x11/gtk+3/patches patch-gtk_gtkplacessidebar_c

   do not blindly add Home and Desktop to the file dialog assuming they
   exist and are usable, because this might not be the case, especially
   with programs using unveil(2).

   ok ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports oiTFT7Pdevel/glib2 Makefile, devel/glib2/patches patch-glib_gfileutils_c patch-glib_gutils_c

   Help programs using unveil(2) by fixing and modyfing the code of
   glib by doing the following:

   - Modify the g_mkdir_with_parents() function so that it will try to
     create the specified path directly and if g_mkdir() fails, it will
     fall back to walking the path one by one.

   - In case of walking the path one by one, ignore ENOENT for all path
     elements except for the last one, because g_mkdir_with_parents()
     will fail with programs using unveil(2) (with statlie removed).
     Ignoring ENOENT is completely fine because we really only care about
     the last element of the path and this modification will also have the
     benefit of avoiding useless stat calls

   - My initial tests show that by just firing up a simple file dialog
     this modification saves an average of 110 system calls, now imagine
     running GNOME or Chrome with that. Each and every program using glib's
     g_mkdir_with_parents() before opening the needed files (most do this)
     will benefit from this.

   - Check if the XDG directories actually exist before adding them to the
     list used by file dialogs.
     This is also useful if you are not running a complete desktop environment
     and you simply do not have these directories.

   ok ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports d2jXIIKdevel/dconf Makefile, devel/dconf/patches patch-shm_dconf-shm_c

   Try to open the dconf cache directly instead of always trying
   to create the directory path first.
   If we cannot open the cache directly, fall back to creating the
   hierarchy first.

   This avoids a call to glib's g_mkdir_with_parents() function which
   would walk the complete path trying to create already existing

   ok ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports USFz3i5mail/geary/patches patch-src_engine_util_util-error-context_vala.orig

   Remove .orig file

OpenBSD/ports L6nDtmSmail/geary Makefile, mail/geary/patches patch-src_engine_util_util-error-context_vala patch-meson_build

   Update to geary 0.13.

   Switches from cmake to meson.
   Patch out the libunwind dependency.

OpenBSD/ports 09aKElfdevel/geany Makefile distinfo, devel/geany/pkg PLIST

   Bugfix update to 1.34.1
   Victor Kukshiev (maintainer) agrees

OpenBSD/ports Gvl41psnet/py-tld Makefile distinfo, net/py-tld/patches patch-src_tld_tests_test_commands_py

   update py-tld to 0.9.2.
   fix errors for regression tests.

OpenBSD/ports wyvzLomnet Makefile

   Add p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader.
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports A67giqWnet/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader Makefile distinfo, net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader/pkg PLIST DESCR

   Import net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader.

   This module provides a low-level interface to the MaxMind DB file format.

   OK sthen@, giovanni@

OpenBSD/ports rFS82Mxnet Makefile

   Add p5-MaxMind-DB-Common.
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/ports ctLf1Hynet/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common Makefile distinfo, net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common/pkg PLIST DESCR

   Import net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common.

   This distribution provides some shared code for use by both the MaxMind DB
   reader and writer Perl modules.

   OK sthen@, giovanni@

OpenBSD/ports EKwXtF4graphics/tesseract, graphics/tesseract/tessdata Makefile

   Update to tesseract 4.0.0

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports KOfVBvGdevel/py-yamllint distinfo Makefile

   update yamllint to 1.15.0.

OpenBSD/ports Kg4mhXMdevel/py-xlsxwriter distinfo Makefile

   update xlsxwriter to 1.1.4.

OpenBSD/ports wRx79nBlang/jruby distinfo Makefile, lang/jruby/pkg PLIST

   Update to JRuby
+30-83 files

OpenBSD/ports fGssPL3databases/citus Makefile distinfo, databases/citus/patches patch-src_backend_distributed_worker_worker_sql_task_protocol_c

   Update to citus 8.1.0 to work with PostgreSQL 11

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports GZt8lqPx11/qt3 Makefile, x11/qt3/patches patch-src_sql_qsqlextension_p_cpp patch-src_sql_qsqlextension_p_h

   Work with PostgreSQL 11 by renaming struct Param to struct QParam
   (as PostgreSQL 11 also defines struct Param).

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports 8Yh373Cgraphics/orthanc/postgresql-plugin Makefile, graphics/orthanc/postgresql-plugin/patches patch-Core_PostgreSQLResult_cpp patch-Core_PostgreSQLStatement_cpp

   Work with PostgreSQL 11

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports 5GUV3Fsgeo/pgpointcloud Makefile distinfo

   Work with PostgreSQL 11 using a distpatch from GitHub.

   PostgreSQL 11 breakage pointed out by ajacoutot@
   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports LJg2kCHdatabases/skytools Makefile, databases/skytools/patches patch-sql_pgq_triggers_makesql_c patch-sql_pgq_triggers_common_c

   Work with PostgreSQL 11.

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports 5C1Mf6wdatabases/postgresql-plv8 Makefile, databases/postgresql-plv8/patches patch-plv8_cc

   Work with PostgreSQL 11 by backporting an upstream patch.

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports KzpKeICdatabases/postgresql-plr Makefile distinfo, databases/postgresql-plr/pkg PLIST

   Update to plr

   Switch to using GitHub.

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports oelSMHpdatabases/postgresql-pllua Makefile distinfo, databases/postgresql-pllua/patches patch-Makefile patch-pllua_h

   Update to pllua 1.1.0

   Switch to using GitHub, using a release plus a couple
   post-release dist patches for PostgreSQL 11 support.

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports WVcfsDudatabases/pg_statsinfo Makefile distinfo, databases/pg_statsinfo/patches patch-agent_lib_libstatsinfo_c patch-agent_bin_pgut_pgut_c

   Update to pg_statsinfo 10.0 to work with PostgreSQL 11

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports rVCNr8pdatabases/postgresql-previous Makefile, databases/postgresql-previous/patches patch-src_Makefile_shlib patch-src_backend_libpq_ip_c

   Update to PostgreSQL 10.6

   OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports 7McV0BEdatabases/postgresql Makefile, databases/postgresql/pkg PLIST-server PLIST-docs

   Update to PostgreSQL 11.1

   From pea@ (maintainer)
   Bulk testing and OK ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/ports fXgvfusdevel/jadx Makefile distinfo, devel/jadx/pkg PLIST

   update jadx to 0.9.0.
+18-163 files

OpenBSD/ports LWW13Mksysutils/rclone distinfo Makefile, sysutils/rclone/files rclone.bash rclone.zsh

   update to rclone-1.46