OpenBSD/ports 4gbKcEhnet/icinga/web2 Makefile, net/icinga/web2/patches patch-library_Icinga_Application_Modules_Manager_php

   When enabling a module in web2, make sure we turn an absolute path to a
   relative path, so that enabled modules always work from within our php-fpm
   chroot and from icingacli, no mather if the module is enabled via icingacli
   or the web interface.

   OK sthen@

OpenBSD/ports VGuHbyOsysutils/toad Makefile distinfo, sysutils/toad/pkg PLIST

   Update to toad-1.7 to unbreak.

OpenBSD/ports rYw3g7Tdevel/quirks Makefile, devel/quirks/files

   Brind toad back, it was rewritten with support for pkexec.

OpenBSD/ports qsJ62iPdevel/glib2 Makefile, devel/glib2/patches patch-gio_gunixmount_c

   sysutils/toad is coming back, teach glib to use pkexec(1).

OpenBSD/ports 4Poueghnet/samba Makefile, net/samba/patches patch-source3_wscript_build

   Work around lld-7.0.1 strictness wrt version scripts

   It's not clear to me whether lld rightfully complains here:

   ld: error: duplicate symbol 'pdb_search_init' in version script

   Work around the error for now (tm) to unlock samba and consumers in the
   llvm-7.0.1 test bulk builds.

OpenBSD/ports 9MHyCT1security/gopass Makefile distinfo, security/gopass/patches patch-pkg_protect_protect_openbsd_go

   Bump gopass to 1.8.4

   OK rsadowski

OpenBSD/ports CdFLkeAsysutils/restic Makefile distinfo, sysutils/restic/pkg PLIST

   Bump restic to 0.9.4

   OK rsadowski

OpenBSD/ports i3mZ0I7shells/fish Makefile distinfo, shells/fish/patches patch-share_completions_pfctl_fish patch-share_completions_pkg_add_fish

   Bump fish to 3.0.0. All the patches are now upstream.

   Changes here:

   OK rsadowski

OpenBSD/ports aaSb0Y1devel/apr-util Makefile

   Unbreak after major lib bump in devel/apr.
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/ports 3BIgCbUsysutils/awscli Makefile distinfo

   Update to awscli-1.16.93.
+5-52 files

OpenBSD/ports M4Agdj2net/py-botocore Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-botocore-1.12.83.
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports BSM1Ljmnet/py-boto3 Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-boto3-1.9.83.
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports f1deqQtnet/gnaughty Makefile

   pre-configure -> do-gen.
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/ports Os4qBQLeditors/beaver Makefile

   Remove BDEP on devel/gettext-tools and textproc/intltool and use the
   textproc/intltool MODULE instead...
+4-41 files

OpenBSD/ports BpyL7vOnet/dhcpcd Makefile distinfo, net/dhcpcd/patches patch-src_dhcpcd_c patch-src_if-bsd_c

   update to dhcpcd-7.1.0

OpenBSD/ports vQlqGiddevel/libcoap Makefile

   tidier with AUTOCONF_ENV
+2-31 files

OpenBSD/ports 99Mx3kXx11/xfce4/xfce4-battery Makefile distinfo

   Update to xfce4-battery 1.1.2

OpenBSD/ports KDvf5tUx11/xfce4/exo Makefile distinfo

   Update to exo 0.12.4
+5-52 files

OpenBSD/ports 8Owo8RBx11/xfce4/xfce4-whiskermenu Makefile distinfo

   Update to xfce4-whiskermenu 2.3.1

OpenBSD/ports OSpTl2Xgeo/py-cligj Makefile distinfo, geo/py-cligj/pkg PLIST

   Update to py-cligj 0.5.0

OpenBSD/ports otLV8a4games/pysol Makefile distinfo, games/pysol/patches patch-pysollib_pysolrandom_py patch-pysollib_mfxutil_py

   Update to pysol 2.4.0.

   Maintainer timeout.

OpenBSD/ports 7SmLxx5lang/vala Makefile distinfo

   update to vala-0.42.5
+4-42 files

OpenBSD/ports U15YIQXdevel/guilib Makefile

   Trust c++(1) to create a library that can also be used with C code, and
   don't try to manually add C++ support libraries.  Fixes build with llvm7.
+2-41 files

OpenBSD/ports jzMSX6Ydevel/guilib Makefile, devel/guilib/patches patch-Makefile_am patch-Makefile_in

   Revert previous.  If C++ code has been linked with c++(1) into a library,
   it should be possible to link that library to C code with cc(1).

OpenBSD/ports XACahC3devel/guilib Makefile, devel/guilib/patches patch-Makefile_am patch-Makefile_in

   Add dummy C++ sources that don't need to exist.  This forces the
   C++ linker to be chosen, which is required when linking C code
   against a C++ library.

OpenBSD/ports nq5PtQgdatabases/gnats Makefile, databases/gnats/patches patch-libiberty_functions_def

   fix some more prototypes to allow building with llvm7

OpenBSD/ports OBr73OMdatabases/sqlports Makefile, databases/sqlports/files

   use "chained joins" to create canonical_depends with the framework

   kill a bit of code.

   adjust is now the only request "not in the mold", so just create it when
   needed (so, late enough)

   Add index creation (directly in create_schema), for now used for

OpenBSD/ports fz8jKVOeditors/beaver Makefile

   add missing BDEP on intltool, reported by naddy@ - thanks!
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports IeT7rWrinfrastructure/bin pkg_subst

   more precise error message as suggested by Kurt Mosiejczuk.

+2-21 files

OpenBSD/ports VsbwQdodevel/apr Makefile

   bump library major, disabling the memory pool debugging option results
   in some symbols being removed
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/ports SVGglGgeditors/texworks Makefile, editors/texworks/patches patch-src_synctex_parser_c

   Unbreak patching stage for editors/texworks.

   (It seems that the previous commit to this port went wrong with regards
   to Unicode characters)

   Also add a tighter dependency on TeX Live.

   Reported by ajacoutot@, OK jca@, thanks!

OpenBSD/ports UkwGyE1devel/apr Makefile distinfo, devel/apr/patches patch-memory_unix_apr_pools_c patch-configure_in

   Update devel/apr to 1.6.5.

   Disable pool debugging again in favour of a patch by APR committer
   Yann Ylavic, which forces the default allocator to call free(3) when
   memory is no longer needed. The pool debug feature also enforces this,
   but has additional side-effects since it uses an entirely different
   code path which upstream says should not be used in production.

   Also, patch to fix a botched format string definition for off_t.

   ok sthen@

OpenBSD/ports 4rlYUavlang/tcl/8.5 Makefile, lang/tcl/8.5/pkg README

   fix paths in Tcl pkg-readmes, from Alessandro DE LAURENZIS
   no reply from stu@ (I didn't wait very long though as it's straightforward)

OpenBSD/ports MEUHlXWdevel/py-pathspec Makefile distinfo

   Update to py-pathspec-0.5.9

   From Pamela Mosiejczuk

OpenBSD/ports RvtKuGkx11/gnome/mutter/patches patch-src_backends_x11_meta-input-settings-x11_c

   Pushed upstream.

OpenBSD/ports viR0lvknet/gnaughty Makefile

   Add category 'multimedia' and bump REVISION

   ok ajacoutot
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/ports nrKS7Hhnet/gnaughty Makefile


   ok mlarkin at
+4-11 files

OpenBSD/ports t9eJyzHnet/gnaughty Makefile

   Regen WANTLIB.
   Folks, it's outrageous that essential ports as this one don't get more

   While here, set AUTOFUCK_ENV to AUTOCONF_ENV because we can.
+8-111 files

OpenBSD/ports roSGcTJgraphics/py-qrcode Makefile distinfo

   Update to qrcode 6.1

OpenBSD/ports aNkllvcgeo/qgis Makefile distinfo, geo/qgis/patches patch-src_app_qgisapp_cpp

   Update to QGIS 3.4.4.

OpenBSD/ports YTBCDtomath/suitesparse Makefile, math/suitesparse/patches patch-SuiteSparse_config_SuiteSparse_config_mk

   zap -03 compiler flag

   OK kn@

OpenBSD/ports qAaLrRWgraphics/inkscape Makefile distinfo, graphics/inkscape/patches patch-src_extension_internal_pdfinput_pdf-parser_h patch-src_extension_internal_pdfinput_poppler-transition-api_h

   Update inkscape to 0.92.4

   All poppler patches merged upstream.
   Feedback and tweaks by Raphael Graf. Thanks!

OpenBSD/ports 0z7plYUlang/rust/patches patch-src_tools_compiletest_src_main_rs, lang/rust/pkg PFRAG.aarch64-main PFRAG.i386-main

OpenBSD/ports o4gsv3Olang/rust Makefile distinfo, lang/rust/patches patch-src_librustdoc_test_rs patch-src_bootstrap_lib_rs

OpenBSD/ports wUfDKhPemulators/dosbox Makefile distinfo, emulators/dosbox/patches patch-configure_ac patch-configure_in

   update to dosbox 0.74-2

OpenBSD/ports WEB53hEsysutils/raspberrypi-firmware Makefile distinfo, sysutils/raspberrypi-firmware/pkg PLIST

   update raspberry-pi firmware to 1.20181112 the latest tagged release
   tested by and ok dtucker@

OpenBSD/ports oE12QdAprint/gutenprint Makefile distinfo, print/gutenprint/patches patch-configure patch-src_xml_printers_check_duplicate_printers_c

   Update to gutenprint-5.3.1.

OpenBSD/ports 6oH8Zb5lang/node Makefile, lang/node/patches patch-deps_openssl_config_generate_gypi_pl patch-Makefile

   Bump node to the latest LTS.


   Thanks to naddy@ for the openssl bits!

   Tested on {amd,arm}64.

   No objections!

OpenBSD/ports tqB6TT3games/flightgear/base Makefile, games/flightgear/base/patches patch-src_AIModel_AIFlightPlanCreatePushBack_cxx

   fix build with llvm7: don't compare pointer > 0
   also in upstream

OpenBSD/ports sKfQuJhmisc/osinfo/osinfo-db Makefile distinfo, misc/osinfo/osinfo-db/pkg PLIST

   Update to osinfo-db-20190120.