OpenBSD/src WZ507x8games/adventure io.c wizard.c

   Remove unused confirm() and datime() functions.

   Those functions are unused and have been compiled out since 1998,
   it's time to let them go.

   OK sthen@, tom@, mestre@

OpenBSD/src sHQdHWwgnu/usr.bin/cc/cc_tools Makefile

   Always include Makefile.dep, conditionally including it based on the
   existence of a .depend file can lead to various problems.

   The logic before rev 1.15 resulted in Makefile.dep always being
   included as DEPENDSFILE was never set so this returns to the old

   ok espie@
+1-31 files

OpenBSD/src xur53VVsys/net if.c, sys/sys mbuf.h

   Resetting the mbuf header in if_input_local() was stripping off the
   M_LOOP flag.  This broke IPv6 multicast.  Always set M_LOOP when
   going through if_input_local() and adjust the flag's comment.
   report rzalamena@; OK mpi@
+4-32 files

OpenBSD/src PmdDxRAsys/arch/amd64/include asm.h, sys/arch/arm/include asm.h

   Unbreak profiling assembly functions in userland by defining the
   correct prologue if compiled with -DPROF.

   ok deraadt@

OpenBSD/src S2nqdnAusr.bin/ssh clientloop.c

   When using the escape sequence &~ the code path is client_loop() ->
   client_simple_escape_filter() -> process_escapes() -> fork() and the pledge for
   this path lacks the proc promise and therefore aborts the process.
   The solution is to just add proc the promise to this specific pledge.

   Reported by Gregoire Jadi gjadi !
   Insight with tb@, OK jca@
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src 0kPDFMxshare/man/man1 clang-local.1

   i didn't know we had clang-local until reminded by jsg.
   mention the disabling of ident strings.
+6-21 files

OpenBSD/src 8GqqSkretc moduli, usr.bin/ssh/moduli-gen moduli.3072 moduli.4096

   Import regenerated moduli.

OpenBSD/src cDdsOXcusr.bin/ssh/moduli-gen

   Run the screen twice so we end up with more candidate groups.  ok djm@

OpenBSD/src 5Ey5Xxyusr.bin/mandoc eqn_html.c html.c

   Write text boxes as <mi>, <mn>, or <mo> as appropriate,
   and write fontstyle or fontweight attributes where required.
   Missing features reported by bentley@.

OpenBSD/src gm5JD6rsys/kern subr_pool.c

   set the alignment of the per cpu cache structures to CACHELINESIZE.

   hardcoding 64 is too optimistic.
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src 1LPfavEshare/man/man9 pool_cache_init.9, sys/kern subr_pool.c

   change the semantic for calculating when to grow the size of a cache list.

   previously it would figure out if there's enough items overall for
   all the cpus to have full active an inactive free lists. this
   included currently allocated items, which pools wont actually hold
   on a free list and cannot predict when they will come back.

   instead, see if there's enough items in the idle lists in the depot
   that could instead go on all the free lists on the cpus. if there's
   enough idle items, then we can grow.

   tested by hrvoje popovski and amit kulkarni
   ok visa@

OpenBSD/src dq6RlT6usr.bin/mandoc eqn.c

   Simplify font handling:
   1. Inherit the font attribute from the parent box, such that iteration
   is no longer required to find the current font.
   2. For well-known function name tokens, do not insert an EQN_LISTONE
   box into the AST; simply set the font attribute of the text box
   itself that contains the name.

   Also improve word splitting of unquoted strings in default font mode:
   3. Split between numbers and punctuation because both will soon get
   different HTML markup.
   4. Do not split between letters.  With the newly ubiquitious font
   attributes, all formatters will be able to figure out what to do
   without putting each letter into a separate box.
+41-371 files

OpenBSD/src UUF0HxNgnu/usr.bin/binutils-2.17/ld/emulparams

   i386 uses a intentional fallthrough between appended code blocks in .init,
   which we cannot TRAPSLED FILL.  This needs to be done a different way.
   diagnosis with kettenis

OpenBSD/src QdGsw1Mlibexec/ path.c

   Do not interpret an empty path as current working directory "." when
   parsing LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and in DT_RPATH and DT_RUNPATH attributes and

   ok deraadt@
+3-101 files

OpenBSD/src PNXdOxousr.sbin/wsfontload wsfontload.c

   Close file descriptor on an exit path.

   OK gsoares@
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/src jrEpDTeregress/usr.sbin/switchd

   Perl on 32 bit architectures does not support pack('Q'), replace
   it with 'NN'.

OpenBSD/src vrE7ipQregress/usr.sbin/switchd

   Get the framework from relayd regress to start switchd on demand.
   This allows to run the test without manual setup.

OpenBSD/src xVOBwSFregress/sys/crypto Makefile, regress/sys/crypto/aesctr Makefile

   Do not skip any crypto tests.  Remove useless make code, use defaults
   where appropriate.
   OK mikeb@

OpenBSD/src IkWPHARbin/csh file.c, regress/bin/csh

   Make sure to abort loops when pressing ^C in csh.

   Regression found by deraadt@
+7-12 files

OpenBSD/src sJFt01ylib/libtls tls.c tls_server.c

   Use the tls_password_cb() callback with all PEM_read_bio_*() calls, so that
   we can prevent libcrypto from going behind our back and trying to read
   passwords from standard input (which we may not be permitted to do).

   Found by jsg@ with httpd and password protected keys.

OpenBSD/src hkIGh6nlib/libtls tls.c

   Fix incorrect indentation.
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src IXrQj9Ylib/libtls tls.c

   Plug a memory leak in tls_keypair_cert_hash(), introduced in r1.60.
+3-11 files

OpenBSD/src svivwKBregress/sys/crypto/aesctr Makefile, regress/sys/crypto/enc Makefile

   Pick rijndael.c lost after backout; requested by bluhm@

OpenBSD/src NAXx90rlib/libtls tls.c

   Remove dead code that has remained hiding since ressl.c r1.14!
+1-41 files

OpenBSD/src ZA0q7g6lib/libtls tls_server.c

   Use the standard `rv' idiom in tls_keypair_load_cert(), rather than
   duplicating clean up code.
+4-51 files

OpenBSD/src FK7SMOolib/libcrypto/x509v3 v3_purp.c x509v3.h

   Distinguish between self-issued certificates and self-signed certificates.
   The certificate verification code has special cases for self-signed
   certificates and without this change, self-issued certificates (which it
   seems are common place with openvpn/easyrsa) were also being included in
   this category.

   Based on BoringSSL.

   Thanks to Dale Ghent <daleg at elemental dot org> for assisting in
   identifying the issue and testing this fix.

   ok inoguchi@

OpenBSD/src D167jwLusr.bin/make make.c

   zap trailing spaces from the previous commits and also other trailing
+13-131 files

OpenBSD/src m7jGakxusr.bin/make make.c gnode.h

   better display of cycles in -j mode.
   lots of tests by krw@
   review and comments by pirofti@, more tweaks to come
+129-693 files

OpenBSD/src KQ4hPUcregress/usr.bin/gzip Makefile

   Convert shell script tests to regress make rules.  Having only one
   tool and more verbosity allows better debugging.  Additional tests
   check that gzip and gunzip preserve file permissions and ownership.

OpenBSD/src fqjgcqbetc rc

   Adjust relink procedure to use new targets.  Better use semantics for
   users and developers.
   diff from rpe, ok tb
+5-51 files

OpenBSD/src yBufv1eetc Makefile

   compile.tgz no longer needs to contain machine/ subdir, instead it needs
   ok tb
+2-31 files

OpenBSD/src NU9rSPpsys/arch/arm64/conf Makefile.arm64, sys/arch/armv7/conf Makefile.armv7

   Generate a script, and use that to generate gap.o.  On multi-ABI
   architectures we must also link against a gapdummy.o to repair the ABI
   of the resulting .o file.  Woe is me.
   Also repair install: target to update the linkkit & hash when a kernel
   is installed.
   ok rpe tb mlarkin and tested by others also

OpenBSD/src FlfWbfYusr.sbin/config mkmakefile.c main.c

   Generate the newbsd: and install-update: targets here, rather than
   in the source Makefile.* files.
   ok tb rpe mlarkin

OpenBSD/src 5gBsdPysys/kern subr_hibernate.c, sys/sys hibernate.h

   calculate a "sum" based upon pointers to functions all over the kernel,
   so that an unhibernate kernel can detect if it is running with the
   kernel it booted.
   ok mlarkin
+21-22 files

OpenBSD/src aPDtVVksbin/dhclient parse.c dhcpd.h

   Drop support for old (>4yr) timestamp formats in leases

   ok tb@ millert@
+4-122 files

OpenBSD/src F1hjg9bsys/arch/mips64/mips64 cache_tfp.c

   Improve the coalescing of instruction cache flushes on R8000 in order
   not to perform redundant work. There is no direct way to flush the
   cache; rather, the kernel evicts unwanted bits from the cache by
   executing a block of instructions, which is expensive.

   With this diff, make build time decreases about 0.4%.

   Diff from miod@

OpenBSD/src OVnevbrshare/man/man8 starttls.8

   typo; from jack burton
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/src HnnnJRZsys/arch/m88k/m88k eh_common.S

   Tidy up comment about double load opcodes in m88k/eh_common.S (and fix ;; -> ||)

   ok miod@
+4-41 files

OpenBSD/src UB6ah54sys/arch/armv7/imx imxgpio.c, sys/arch/macppc/dev mesh.c

   Fix the remaining ';;'s in sys/

OpenBSD/src wkzyY2fsys/arch/amd64/amd64 cpu.c, sys/arch/i386/i386 cpu.c

   Add a hypervisor-specific function pointer in pvbus(4) that gets called during
   cpu_hatch() on each cpu, allowing initialization of per-cpu features on each
   cpu as it starts up.

   input from reyk@ and mikeb@
   ok mikeb@

OpenBSD/src LpWsneIsys/dev/pci/drm drmP.h

   Fix another ;; in sys/dev
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src RXe1tjJsys/dev/fdt sximmc.c, sys/dev/pci if_ix.c

   double ;;.  xhci one found by geoffhill

OpenBSD/src 1wvgXvTshare/man/man9 pool_cache_init.9

   items get returns to pools with pool_put, not pool_get.
+3-31 files

OpenBSD/src 3zTTK26sys/arch/amd64/stand/libsa diskprobe.c, sys/arch/i386/stand/libsa diskprobe.c

   Only print the magic '&' letter on a disk if the hibernate partition is
   valid.  This is an undocumented little debugging diagnostic, much like
   the '*'.

OpenBSD/src pG4OPeWusr.bin/mandoc eqn.c

   Fix font selection for text boxes in the terminal formatter.
   Issue reported by bentley@.

   The AST data structure is powerful enough that all required
   information can easily be provided in the parser, and no change
   of the formatting code is needed.
+22-81 files

OpenBSD/src Dndvkkhdistrib/miniroot install.sub

   /var/db/kernel.SHA256 contains the hash of the /bsd kernel.  Upon
   install or upgrade, set it correctly.
   diff from rpe, also thanks tb for comments and review
+9-11 files

OpenBSD/src pc8QRD6etc Makefile

   When building a snapshot, install the compile.tgz file to builder's
   /usr/share/ so that next boot will find it and perhaps use it.
   ok tb rpe
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/src 0uD2GnXsys/arch/hppa/conf ld.script

   Better off padding with 0x0.  0x0 = "break 0,0".

   (BTW, the binutils disasm cannot handle that instruction with those
   parameters, because the decoder logic is wrong..)
+4-41 files

OpenBSD/src mrKGnv0usr.bin/mandoc eqn.c

   Outside explicit font context, give every letter its own box.
   The formatters need this to correctly select fonts.
   Missing feature reported by bentley@.
+45-141 files

OpenBSD/src wtzuCsKgnu/usr.bin/binutils-2.17/bfd elf64-x86-64.c

   elf64_x86_64_plt0_entry had a hardcoded nop-sled, before the subsequent
   plt entry.  Since previous effective instruction is a a jmp, this can be
   a sequence of traps.
   ok mlarkin