OpenBSD/src fP8mX1Kusr.sbin/syslogd syslogd.c

   Revert my change to ignore EIO errors when writing to log files.
   Syslogd continued logging messages to a file that had an EIO error.
   This could slow down the whole system.  File system errors may cause
   huge delays at every access.  This prevented debugging the issue.
   Now syslogd will log a warning and shut down logging to this file
   until restart or SIGHUP.
   OK deraadt@ espie@ millert@
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src dsvacfHregress/sbin/pfctl Makefile pfr.exec

   Use the environment variable PFCTL to specify a different executable
   for testing.  Default is /sbin/pfctl.  This makes test driven
   development easier.

OpenBSD/src VWUtECjregress/sys/net/loop Makefile

   Do not run sysctl and pfctl by != during make clean and make obj.
   requested by miod@
+3-11 files

OpenBSD/src tz8OxeDusr.bin/openssl apps_posix.c

   Use clock_gettime and getrusage to compute real and user time.

   Better handling of clock jumps, from Scott Cheloa.
+35-181 files

OpenBSD/src 9mav31Hsys/arch/armv7/sunxi sxie.c

   rework transmit to get rid of ifq_deq_begin, and to improve speed.

   i had a diff that did a small change to replace
   ifq_deq_begin/commit/rollback with ifq_dequeue, and Eduard Nicodei
   tweaked it a bit with Artturi Alm to use the fifo registers properly
   and bump the ifq len.

   the latter changes improve performance significantly.

   "if you think that diff is correct, commit it" kettenis@
+47-541 files

OpenBSD/src XcYIZC7share/man/man9 timeout.9, sys/kern kern_timeout.c

   add timeout_barrier, which is like intr_barrier and taskq_barrier.

   if you're trying to free something that a timeout is using, you
   have to wait for that timeout to finish running before doing the
   free. timeout_del can stop a timeout from running in the future,
   but it doesn't know if a timeout has finished being scheduled and
   is now running.

   previously you could know that timeouts are not running by simply
   masking softclock interrupts on the cpu running the kernel. however,
   code is now running outside the kernel lock, and timeouts can run
   in a thread instead of softclock.

   timeout_barrier solves the first problem by taking the kernel lock
   and then masking softclock interrupts. that is enough to ensure
   that any further timeout processing is waiting for those resources
   to run again.

   the second problem is solved by having timeout_barrier insert work
   into the thread. when that work runs, that means all previous work
   running in that thread has completed.

   fixes and ok visa@, who thinks this will be useful for his work

OpenBSD/src sv4DmbAsbin/dhclient dhclient.c dhcpd.h

   Remove 'renewal' field from struct client_lease. Add lease_renewal() to
   calculate the value when required for a particular lease.
+35-262 files

OpenBSD/src 6aInrN0sys/dev/wscons wstpad.c wsmouse.c

   1. Prepare a consistent treatment of edge areas.  2. Add mechanisms
   that identify and mask touches resting in the bottom area.

OpenBSD/src HN243cjsbin/ipsecctl ipsec.conf.5, sbin/isakmpd isakmpd.8

   in isakmpd(8), provide a hint: from scott cheloha
   also some minor tweaks while here...
+7-102 files

OpenBSD/src 9CkhL1kshare/man/man4 umb.4

   Add fibocom L831-EAU to umb man

   Confirmed on Thinkpad X270
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/src RswsX6Mshare/man/man5

   document minor changes
+18-201 files

OpenBSD/src lzOtVCwsbin/dhclient dhclient.c

   Fix use of lease_expiry() in set_lease_times(). lease_expiry() returns
   wall clock time, not length of lease time.
+3-21 files

OpenBSD/src dVdnTKNsys/kern uipc_domain.c uipc_socket.c, sys/netinet ip_input.c in_proto.c

   Constify protocol tables and remove an assert now that ip_deliver() is

   ok bluhm@, visa@

OpenBSD/src RniGonMsys/kern uipc_socket.c uipc_socket2.c, sys/sys socketvar.h

   We want `sb_flags' to be protected by the socket lock rather than the
   KERNEL_LOCK(), so change asserts accordingly.

   This is now possible since sblock()/sbunlock() are always called with
   the socket lock held.

   ok bluhm@, visa@
+17-183 files

OpenBSD/src vZFNKfosys/netinet ip_carp.c ip_carp.h, sys/netinet6 nd6_nbr.c in6.c

   Replace non mp-safe carp_iamatch6() with mp-safe carp_iamatch().

   They have the same functionnality since friehm@ cleaned up
   balancing code.

   ok florian@, visa@, patrick@, bluhm@, jmatthew@

OpenBSD/src T65uXDWusr.sbin/smtpd control.c

   simplify imsg handler.

   ok sunil@ gilles@
+27-541 files

OpenBSD/src bGUfKNcusr.bin/sndiod dev.c

   Fix slot leak occuring when the device mode doesn't match
   the client mode. Found by landry@.
+7-71 files

OpenBSD/src 7VVUWiesys/dev audio.c

   No need to grab the audio lock to call audio_canstart() as it checks
   whether the device is started before using structures shared with the
   interrupt handler. From Michael W. Bombardieri, tested by me.
+3-41 files

OpenBSD/src NTVwzkgusr.bin/aucat afile.c

   Remove useless variable assignments in .au header parsing code. From
   Michael W. Bombardieri. Thanks.
+0-31 files

OpenBSD/src 4hhkG2msys/arch/armv7/stand/efiboot Makefile

   Add __aeabi_ldivmod.S.  Needed for clang.

   ok deraadt@, patrick@

OpenBSD/src Yhx4bQJlib/libc/arch/aarch64/sys sbrk.S Ovfork.S

   Avoid .align 0 here as well.  Also fix a .word that should be a .quad.

   ok patrick@

OpenBSD/src bGtggWvsys/net pf.c, sys/netinet ip_output.c

   It does not make sense to call pcb lookup from pf during packet
   forwarding.  It should never match and would cause MP locking
   problems.  While there remove an useless ifp parameter from
   from markus@; OK visa@ sashan@
+22-102 files

OpenBSD/src gYXkSFMbin/ksh ksh.1 emacs.c

   Fix some incorrectness related to Emacs editing mode in ksh:

   - Keep the order of bindings in sync between the manual and implementation
   - Fix wrongly documented bindings in the manual
   - Break out commands without a default binding in the manual

   ok jmc@ tb@
+16-102 files

OpenBSD/src WiSqtR1regress/bin/ksh/edit

   Add tests for emacs editing mode in ksh. While here, improve the output on test

OpenBSD/src 7sI26SZregress/bin/ksh/edit edit.c

   Do not exit 0 if the program was terminated due to receipt of a signal other
   than SIGHUP.
+11-21 files

OpenBSD/src 8v9QSw4lib/libc/arch/arm/sys sbrk.S Ovfork.S

   Avoid .align 0.  Clang's integrated assembler actually honors this directive
   and the resulting byte-alignment triggers unaligned access.

   ok patrick@, deraadt@

OpenBSD/src CKamyNrbin/ksh history.c

   Initialize *histbase to NULL to fix a bus error in emacs editing mode
   found by anton. To reproduce, run "env EDITOR=emacs MALLOC_OPTIONS=J ksh"
   then press "^[_".

   ok anton, jca
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/src UNEt7Molib/libc/stdio vfprintf.c

   Use a simple forward search to find '%' in the format string instead of
   using mbrtowc(3). Thus, we now treat the format string as a bytestring,
   not as a multibyte character string.

   We think that ANSI C made a small error when adding wide characters:
   The committees essentially replaced "characters" with "wide characters"
   in the existing printf documentation, which was written before the
   concept of processing was established. Doing processing on the format
   string would break some 8-bit format strings in the wild, and that
   isn't something these committees gave themselves license to do.

   Based on the "10x printf speedup" commit from android found by tedu:

   Thanks to millert and schwarze for digging into the history and
   testing *printf behavior on other platforms.

   ok deraadt, millert
+12-351 files

OpenBSD/src DPdn3jLshare/man/man5 port-modules.5

   Delete mentions of the gettext module, which has been obsoleted and removed.
+3-61 files

OpenBSD/src 2WmjUqEusr.sbin/smtpd queue.c mda.c

   no need to check the sending process in imsg handlers when there is no
   ambiguity: just use a single switch.

   ok gilles@ sunil@
+1,349-1,4321 files not shown
+1,390-1,4847 files

OpenBSD/src QSnVlR8usr.sbin/kvm_mkdb kvm_mkdb.c

   The call to setegid(2) was replaced with setresgid(2) a while ago.
   Adjust error message accordingly.
+2-21 files

OpenBSD/src m6x8fRKsys/netinet6 ip6_forward.c

   Do not assume if_get(9) returns a non NULL ifp when using a route
   interface index.

   This assumption is true for the moment iff the route lookup *and* the
   if_get() are done under KERNEL_LOCK().  This is not the case here.

   Found the hardway by Hrvoje Popovski.

   ok florian@, visa@, bluhm@
+3-11 files

OpenBSD/src CfDATlvsys/netinet ip_carp.c

   Move the addrhook disestablish from carpdetach() to carp_clone_destroy()
   to make it symmetric to the addrhook establish which is being done in
   carp_clone_create().  This fixes the issue that carp does not recognize
   address changes on the carp after an interface has detached, which could
   cause issues like carp not recovering or even panics.  Unfortunately
   there are more bugs lurking in carp.

   ok bluhm@
+3-41 files

OpenBSD/src xhnfkoignu/llvm/lib/Target/X86

   The compiler is generally free to allocate general purpose registers in whatever
    order it chooses. Reasons for choosing one register before another usually incl
   ude compiled instruction size (avoidance of REX prefixes, etc.) or usage convent
   ions, but somehow haven't included security implications in the compiled bytecod
   e. Some bytecode is more useful in polymorphic ROP sequences than others, so it
   seems prudent to try to avoid that bytecode when possible.

   This patch moves EBX/RBX towards the end of the allocation preference for 32 and
    64 bit general purpose registers. Some instructions using RBX/EBX/BX/BL as a de
   stination register end up with a ModR/M byte of C3 or CB, which is often useful
   in ROP gadgets. Because these gadgets often occur in the middle of functions, th
   ey exhibit somewhat higher diversity than some other C3/CB terminated gadgets. T
   his change removes about 3% of total gadgets from the kernel, but about 6% of un
   ique gadgets.

   There are other possible changes in this direction. BX/BL are obvious next targe
   ts for avoidance, and MM3/XMM3 may also be useful to try to avoid if possible.

   ok deraadt@

OpenBSD/src 06Fm9aSsys/dev/fdt sxiccmu_clocks.h

   Add Allwinner A10 EMAC clock.

   From Artturi Alm.
+2-01 files

OpenBSD/src wAsIQJyusr.bin/sndiod fdpass.c

   Free memory in the error code-path, when we run out of descriptors
   during initialization. From Michael W. Bombardieri, thanks.
+1-01 files

OpenBSD/src gQYaZKcregress/sys/net/loop Makefile

   Skip the test and print a warning if pf does not process packets
   on additional loopback devices.
+22-111 files

OpenBSD/src SjlaxIEsys/arch/octeon/dev octrtc.c, sys/arch/octeon/include octeonvar.h

   Add the board ID of the Unifi Security Gateway PRO-4.
   Not tested with the hardware.

OpenBSD/src kF2p5wisys/arch/octeon/dev cn30xxgmx.c octrtc.c, sys/arch/octeon/include octeonvar.h

   Fix the product code of the Unifi Security Gateway.

   Prompted by Justin Hibbits

OpenBSD/src AT15mtpsys/net if_etherip.h

   Remove #if'0ed decls

   Stop pretending that we will migrate the content of this file to
   if_etherip.h.  Those declarations are needed by userland, and it's
   easier to keep them in netinet/ip_ether.h.  ok visa@
+0-521 files

OpenBSD/src P8wrn4bsys/netinet ip_ipsp.h

   Keep kernel defines under #ifdef _KERNEL.

   ok bluhm@
+3-81 files

OpenBSD/src ajE46bqsbin/dhclient dhclient.c

   Wnen purging dhclient.leases and when looking for unexpired offers to
   use, always recalculate offer expiry time based on the information in
   the original offer.
+31-261 files

OpenBSD/src ZQ5WOnUregress/sys/kern/pledge/sockopt Makefile

   Now pledge("inet") allows socket option IPV6_V6ONLY.  Adapt test.

OpenBSD/src rOYycwosys/net pfkeyv2.c pfkeyv2.h, sys/netinet ip_spd.c

   Flush flows using the radix-tree instead of a global list.

   This will allows us to get rid of the list.

   ok visa@
+29-163 files

OpenBSD/src 1p1ElZrsbin/ipsecctl ipsecctl.c ipsecctl.8

   Support collapsing flow outputs.

   Makes it easier to check live status of complex setups.

   ok hshoexer@

OpenBSD/src bVlWKwzsys/net if_gif.c, sys/netinet udp_usrreq.c raw_ip.c

   Sprinkle some NET_ASSERT_LOCKED(), const and co to prepare running
   pr_input handlers without KERNEL_LOCK().

   ok visa@

OpenBSD/src mzXI1R0sys/net if_bridge.c if_switch.c

   Remove duplicated code working around the fact that ifpromisc() required
   a DOWN interface.

   ok visa@
+7-642 files

OpenBSD/src Px1Td63sys/net if.c

   Do not fail if an interface is DOWN when calling ifpromisc().

   As soon as the interface will be brough UP, its device driver will
   recognize it has the IFF_PROMISC flag and will configure its filters

   ok visa@
+17-161 files

OpenBSD/src ugfGUmGgnu/usr.bin/perl/lib/File Copy.t

   Support Time::HiRes::utime in File::Copy

   Fixes issues with cross-device moves, noticed with autoconf

OpenBSD/src JxIh1WPsys/dev/fdt sxiccmu_clocks.h sxiccmu.c

   Implement support for the "next-generation" clock bindings for the
   Allwinner A10/A20.
+152-222 files