OpenBSD/xenocara 0yMc5h1. MODULES

+22-251 files

OpenBSD/xenocara Sw7FDe0app/fstobdf Makefile.bsd-wrapper, app/scripts Makefile.bsd-wrapper

   Remove apps unlinked from the build several months ago.

OpenBSD/xenocara AF0GF8Tapp/xwininfo aclocal.m4 configure, app/xwininfo/man

   Update to xwininfo 1.1.5

OpenBSD/xenocara 8jU8y6dapp/xprop aclocal.m4 ChangeLog

   Update to xprop 1.2.4

OpenBSD/xenocara r1bHmS9app/xmodmap aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to xmodmap 1.0.10

OpenBSD/xenocara 30Gq1sYapp/xmore aclocal.m4, app/xmore/man

   Update to xmore 1.0.3

OpenBSD/xenocara FnIaYkwapp/xlsatoms aclocal.m4 ChangeLog

   Update to xlsatoms 1.1.3

OpenBSD/xenocara 3ge9Q9Gapp/xlogo compile aclocal.m4

   Update to xlogo 1.0.5

OpenBSD/xenocara qbnZeVlapp/xinput aclocal.m4 ChangeLog, app/xinput/man

   Update to xinput 1.6.3

OpenBSD/xenocara iy0sd1happ/xfd aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to xfd 1.1.3

OpenBSD/xenocara 11Jd7nzapp/xev xev.c aclocal.m4

   Update to xev 1.2.3
+1,223-8023 files not shown
+1,227-8039 files

OpenBSD/xenocara D2zt0mZapp/xcompmgr AUTHORS

   Remove empty file also removed upstreams.
+0-01 files

OpenBSD/xenocara Flov4Gcapp/xcompmgr aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to xcompmgr 1.1.8

OpenBSD/xenocara YPXgYPrapp/xclock aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to xclock 1.0.9

OpenBSD/xenocara 7v5dQBAapp/xcalc aclocal.m4 ChangeLog, app/xcalc/app-defaults XCalc

   Update to xcalc 1.1.0

OpenBSD/xenocara ry7Tfgiapp/xbiff compile aclocal.m4, app/xbiff/man

   Update to xbiff 1.0.4

OpenBSD/xenocara aynwo6Happ/xbacklight aclocal.m4 ChangeLog

   Update to xbacklight 1.2.3

OpenBSD/xenocara 0jTY53Mapp/x11perf aclocal.m4 ChangeLog, app/x11perf/man

   Update to x11perf 1.6.1

OpenBSD/xenocara Eo2LZJOapp/setxkbmap aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to setxkbmap 1.3.2

OpenBSD/xenocara 6OjVGNwapp/sessreg aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to sessreg 1.1.2

OpenBSD/xenocara sgpZ9gyapp/mkfontscale ChangeLog aclocal.m4, app/mkfontscale/man

   Update to mkfontscale 1.2.1. This version got merged with mkfontdir.

OpenBSD/xenocara xVcgSpUapp/fonttosfnt configure, app/fonttosfnt/man

   Update to fontstosfnt 1.0.5

OpenBSD/xenocara Uu5BTGlapp/bitmap aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to bitmap 1.0.9

OpenBSD/xenocara JHTPPvHapp/xenodm/man

   Provide better xsession examples. exec the window manager last.
   Convert user's example to /bin/sh. Remove xman for example.
+7-81 files

OpenBSD/xenocara mmm6QMWapp/twm/src system.twmrc

   Remove xman and olwm (not available from ports anymore) from menu
+0-21 files

OpenBSD/xenocara ccHruJRapp/fvwm/sample.fvwmrc system.fvwm2rc

   Remove xman from utilities menu.

OpenBSD/xenocara TTbSFsKxserver/hw/xfree86/modes xf86EdidModes.c

   Don't prune duplicate modes there.

   This function removes too many modes, causing trouble with the vesa
   driver at least.  Problem reported by semarie@. Thanks.

OpenBSD/xenocara rYlL52Oapp Makefile, app/xman Makefile.bsd-wrapper

   Retire xman(1).

   It's totally broken (requires MLINKS which we removed long ago,
   relies on the old man.conf(5) format we stopped supporting long ago,
   Alfred Morgan reported additional bugs on bugs@, ...),
   it reimplements man(1) in a very poor way,
   and it lacks many useful features that man(1) in an xterm(1)
   readily provides, so fixing it would be a waste of time.

   matthieu@ deraadt@ krw@ agree with the direction.

OpenBSD/xenocara A0EQX6Wapp/cwm kbfunc.c

   Because cwm warps the pointer during a client move (to stay within the client),
   there's a window of time where an expose or enternotify event will get
   generated for a lower client; use a hammer and drain events after keyboard
   move/resize, until such a time that cwm doesn't warp the pointer.  Behavior
   noticed by kn.

   ok kn@
+3-11 files

OpenBSD/xenocara 1rbiODuapp/cwm menu.c

   Fix regression from r1.107 (lost a return); kettenis@ pointed out the high
   potential for a use-after-free (true!) where kn@ ran into the regression using
   an app that actually exercised the XGrabPointer() failure path.
+2-11 files

OpenBSD/xenocara D3UyC7qdriver/xf86-input-ws/src emumb.c

   replace obsoleted xf86{,Un}BlockSIGIO() calls by input_{,un}lock()
   for xserver 1.20. No functional change.
+3-61 files

OpenBSD/xenocara MEUw9RXdriver/xf86-input-ws/src emumb.c ws.h

   Adapt Block and Wakeup handlers prototypes to X server 1.20.
   No functional change.

OpenBSD/xenocara ujI6jgRdriver/xf86-video-wsudl/src wsudl_driver.c

   Adapt Block and Wakeup handlers prototypes to X server 1.20.
   No functional change.

OpenBSD/xenocara rxYenHMdistrib/sets/lists/xbase mi, distrib/sets/lists/xshare mi


OpenBSD/xenocara kdQ0abClib/libICE configure

   regen after xtrans 1.4.0 update.

OpenBSD/xenocara nVixkD9lib/libXft configure

   missed README -> conversion in previous

OpenBSD/xenocara tQLJOt4. MODULES

+6-61 files

OpenBSD/xenocara NcmBW91lib/libXft aclocal.m4 configure, lib/libXft/src xftdraw.c xftdpy.c

   Update to libXft 2.3.3

OpenBSD/xenocara R2B0oZelib/libICE ChangeLog aclocal.m4, lib/libICE/src process.c shutdown.c

   update to libICE 1.0.10

OpenBSD/xenocara zC1U7IQlib/libX11 ChangeLog configure, lib/libX11/src XlibInt.c

   Update to libX11 1.6.8 riding the major bump caused by xtrans 1.4.0

OpenBSD/xenocara jLTKZYxlib/libxtrans aclocal.m4 ChangeLog, lib/libxtrans/doc xtrans.xml

   Update to libxtrans 1.4.0. Major bumps for libX11 and libICE.
   no objections from naddy@, espie@ and ajacoutot@

OpenBSD/xenocara 9oTbmz7lib/libXdmcp aclocal.m4 configure

   Update to libXdmcp 1.1.3

OpenBSD/xenocara ITf2652xserver/test ddxstubs.c

   Remove one more file that is no longer part of upstream tarballs.
   Missed in previous commit.
+0-01 files

OpenBSD/xenocara GIb4X6Gxserver/hw/kdrive/fbdev, xserver/hw/kdrive/linux

   Remove files that are no longer part of upstream tarballs.
   They accumulated over releases for various reasons.
   No build change.

OpenBSD/xenocara lCcG6lxdistrib/sets/lists/xbase md.sgi md.sparc64


OpenBSD/xenocara j0FBXl2. 3RDPARTY MODULES

+14-82 files

OpenBSD/xenocara 6h1haD4xserver ChangeLog configure, xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/modesetting drmmode_display.c

   Update to xserver 1.20.5. Tested by jsg@

OpenBSD/xenocara 7KVT5zUdriver/xf86-video-geode/src gx_driver.c

   Compatibility with xserver 1.20
   reminded by jsg@

OpenBSD/xenocara RgK7oHFdriver/xf86-video-wsfb/src wsfb_driver.c

   Compatibility with xserver 1.20

OpenBSD/xenocara yWcpiEKdriver/xf86-video-savage/src savage_driver.c

   Compatibility with xserver 1.20