OPNSense/core bc6340fsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: VTI is a bit tricky #3414

OPNSense/core 9046727src/etc rc.bootup

ipsec: backport for #3414
+1-01 files

OPNSense/core 214d931src/etc rc.bootup

ipsec: backport for #3414
+1-01 files

OPNSense/core 6858aecsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/etc/inc/plugins.inc.d ipsec.inc

interfaces: fix VTI vs. system route issue; closes #3414

OPNSense/core e07347fsrc/etc/inc services.inc util.inc

system: services.inc removal splatter

OPNSense/core dabcea5src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: always provide a "description"

OPNSense/core 839ec35src/www status_dhcp_leases.php

dhcp, leases overview. merge static mac addresses with leases for 

OPNSense/core 3992b4esrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: annotate VIP configuration change for the future

OPNSense/core b16e03csrc/etc rc.newwanip rc.newwanipv6, src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: some changes to VIP handling

* always configure VIPs in interface_configure()
* also configure VIPs in rc.newwanipv6
* link_interface_to_vips() removed
* land IPv6 VIPs on the IPv6 device

Discussed with: @adschellevis

OPNSense/core 3498416src/www interfaces_groups.php interfaces_gif_edit.php

interfaces: in a perfect world these do not need services.inc

Let's make it so.  :)

OPNSense/core db2b0ffsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/www interfaces_bridge.php interfaces_bridge_edit.php

interfaces: allow link-local address on bridges; closes #926

OPNSense/core 4335b1csrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: rename variable for clarity

OPNSense/core 05bb008src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: more SLAAC woes

OPNSense/core 4e0328fsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: add VIPs on late interface configuration; closes #3135

OPNSense/core 1b6d698src/www interfaces_groups_edit.php

Filter, groups. allow underscores in names and fix bug leaving groups assigned after 
rename. closes https://github.com/opnsense/core/issues/3439

OPNSense/core 93816f5src/opnsense/mvc/app/views/OPNsense/Firewall alias_util.volt

Filter, aliases. add feedback to "Find references" and prevent events to be fired while 
already waiting.

OPNSense/core 75eb613src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: change the load order to be less error prone

Trackers shouldn't be special in GIF and GRE and bridges.  In
bridges there's also no use of VIPs so the code simplifies quite
a bit.  Load all exceptions in a row with the "unhandled" ones
still at the top of the function.

What needs to be seen is if VIPs latch on to interfaces that
are handled as exceptions correctly, or else we will have to
reload them alongside again.

OPNSense/core 0aa0600src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: another sublte bug introduced

OPNSense/core a58203csrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: off-by-one

OPNSense/core 17489ebsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: hmm, this seems correct now...

It's not equivalent because the _vip check wasn't correct and now
you can easily see the logic invert so that setup is either on '1'
or '2' and nothing can be missed.

OPNSense/core 868f68asrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: repair always-broken code before eventually removing it

The original commit does not make a lot of sense.

See: https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/commit/ef1c048b0f8f4

OPNSense/core 865ee5dsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: ok, strstr() is 0-safe so long as the needle is not 0

OPNSense/core 561a783src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: a first try for #3199

This isn't meant as a fix.  Need to find out what this code really does...

OPNSense/core fc2ea5dsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: looks like a bug in interface selection

For our trackers we need the IPv6 to land on the IPv6 device.

OPNSense/core a9864a4src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: fix comment #3406

(cherry picked from commit 6d8fb87d9178e44a26bfaf582bd5297d01d4e58d)

OPNSense/core 6151a8csrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/etc/inc/plugins.inc.d openvpn.inc

interfaces: unwind the configuration a bit

Adapt newer code style techniques and try to separate convoluted
code into a clearer picture.  This makes pluggable interface code
more attractive as we do not have to know up front how the interface
will look like.

OPNSense/core a66986csrc/etc/inc/plugins.inc.d openvpn.inc

openvpn: looks like a bug introduced in aff94b55a366f70df

OPNSense/core 8f1dea5src/www services_ntpd.php

network time: reload RRD since NTP has a setting for it

OPNSense/core a536687src/www services_ntpd.php

network time: cosmetics

OPNSense/core 8d0072esrc/etc rc.routing_configure, src/etc/inc/xmlrpc service.inc legacy.inc

system: only use rrd where needed

OPNSense/core 55041c0src/www services_unbound_advanced.php services_unbound.php

unbound: always include plugins file

OPNSense/core 74ea018src/www services_dnsmasq_domainoverride_edit.php services_dnsmasq.php

dnsmasq: always include plugins file

OPNSense/core dc2b301src/opnsense/mvc/app/library/OPNsense/Auth AuthenticationFactory.php

src: style sweep

(cherry picked from commit 6865f545e06d29a886e474676e06bef2aa83eac9)

OPNSense/core 8c2ac56src/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/www interfaces.php

interfaces: track6 backports of tickets #3405 and #3406

(cherry picked from commit 98e9a3ef34c0719b0767471f9b5f6d071c142030)

OPNSense/core 404a600src/etc/inc plugins.inc

plugins: introduce plugins_run(), no callers as of yet

OPNSense/core 4033120src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: get_real_interface() $wanif is really $realif (d'oh)

(cherry picked from commit 1a507990b131b63689f406df9a1328cd1e4df944)

OPNSense/core fb0db0asrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: fix passing VLAN name

(cherry picked from commit 64e1a893b64948ddf412c2c38bc0c5bc579aeb58)

OPNSense/core b14f10bsrc/www system_gateway_groups.php system_gateway_groups_edit.php

system: gwgroups not staticroutes

Discussed with: @adschellevis

OPNSense/core 6865f54src/etc/inc/plugins.inc.d pf.inc, src/opnsense/mvc/app/library/OPNsense/Auth AuthenticationFactory.php

src: style sweep

OPNSense/core c30477bsrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/etc/inc/plugins.inc.d openvpn.inc

openvpn: remove hardcoded service include

Add two temporary spots that need to be reworked later when
this is verified working.  Other plugins also register their
interfaces so it would be nice to pin them all down in a shared

OPNSense/core 1a50799src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: get_real_interface() $wanif is really $realif (d'oh)

OPNSense/core 64e1a89src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: fix passing VLAN name

OPNSense/core b788ea2src/etc/inc services.inc, src/etc/inc/xmlrpc service.inc

services: cleanups, preparations

OPNSense/core 607cc1bsrc/www foot.inc

system: fix backdrop in bootstrap for service control
+1-01 files

OPNSense/core 6449801src/etc/inc interfaces.inc, src/etc/inc/xmlrpc legacy.inc

ipsec: ok to drop ipsec include from services

Add a little plugin glue to two tainted spots.

OPNSense/core 44a95cesrc/etc/inc services.inc, src/www services_dnsmasq_domainoverride_edit.php services_dnsmasq.php

dnsmasq: also looks safe to drop hardcoded services include

The code has come a long way...

OPNSense/core d592f49src/etc/inc services.inc, src/www services_unbound.php services_unbound_advanced.php

unbound: looks safe to drop hardcoded service include

OPNSense/core b31445fsrc/etc/inc services.inc

system: SSH include is no longer needed

OPNSense/core 6d8fb87src/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: fix comment #3406

OPNSense/core 7ff838csrc/etc/inc interfaces.inc

interfaces: deleting interfaces already disables them #3406

Which in the case of track6 disables the new deconfiguration process.