OPNSense/tools 2a31eddcomposite nightly.sh

composite/nightly: make scripting easier

OPNSense/tools 0eb3703build kernel.sh

build/kernel: need kernel-toolchain for build #113
+3-01 files

OPNSense/tools ebe6d41config/19.1 SMP-BPI

config: errors anyway, needs src.git fix

OPNSense/tools a999844. README.md, build common.sh base.sh

device: bpi.conf and cross-build docs #113

OPNSense/tools f27651dconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: enable NO_FORGERY in squid3

OPNSense/tools c058582. README.md, build base.sh arm.sh

config: switch to Banana Pi

OPNSense/tools fa47b1dconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add netdata; closes #100

OPNSense/tools 6e5db6aconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add munin-node; closes ##108

OPNSense/tools d64412fconfig/19.1 plugins.conf

config: proxy plugin for Zabbix 4

OPNSense/tools 31f8ce3config/19.1 skim.conf ports.conf

config: reintroduce squid port for eventual migration

OPNSense/tools 1eab626config/19.1 make.conf ports.conf

config: remove zabbix34-agent; closes #1160

OPNSense/tools 7dad9dd. README.md

README: update
+5-51 files

OPNSense/tools fcc8632config/19.1 plugins.conf

config: add new plugin

OPNSense/tools d9f6987config/19.1 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

config: rebase 19.1 for final release

OPNSense/tools bc8a6f1config/18.7 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

config: drop 18.7, no longer active

OPNSense/tools e46b40bbuild distfiles.sh

build/distfiles: fetch actual port's distfile

This bug exists since December 2017 where we had to side-step
fetch-recursive because FLAVOUR git in the way...
+2-11 files

OPNSense/tools 8459f03composite nightly.sh

composite/nightly: simplify rerun

Rebuild plugins and core only by flushing it completely.  Ports
can stay.  Builds will pick up where they left of in any case.
+9-101 files

OPNSense/tools c3555df. README.md Makefile, composite refresh.sh hotfix.sh

composite: rename "refresh" to "hotfix" to explain itself

OPNSense/tools 189d738. Makefile

make: 19.1 can be the default, almost there
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 4318419. README.md

README: typo
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 3c995be. README.md

EADME: document previous
+3-21 files

OPNSense/tools 4cd3636composite refresh.sh

composite/refresh: if we only need core or plugins allow override

OPNSense/tools b682dc8config/19.1 plugins.conf

config: new dmidecode plugin

OPNSense/tools 3657c59build common.sh

build: remove mixed version-arch marker

This has been obsoleted in opnsense-update and shall be removed
for our 19.1 builds.  Hooray for progress.
+2-31 files

OPNSense/tools 90642e2config/19.1 build.conf

config: 19.1 branches complete

OPNSense/tools 1ef27c2build prefetch.sh sign.sh

build: start to stop handling "obsolete" set which is obsolete

OPNSense/tools 93a6c11. Makefile, config/19.1 build.conf ports.conf

config: preparation for 19.1 nightly build

OPNSense/tools a8c8a0cbuild rebase.sh base.sh

build: finish stopping to use the obsolete set

OPNSense/tools b40a399. Makefile, config/18.7 build.conf

config: split config of 18.7 and 19.1, Perl version differs

OPNSense/tools c78131aconfig/18.7 ports.conf, config/19.1 ports.conf

config: add phpunit7

OPNSense/tools 7e2bb7aconfig/18.7 make.conf

config: 18.7 stayed on 5.26

OPNSense/tools f8647df. Makefile

Framework: avoid job prefix output when '-j n' is used manually

Reported via IRC.
+2-01 files

OPNSense/tools 2eeb642build common.sh clean.sh

build: only set marker if there's no '.pkg-err' file

Build steps for packages predate the .pkg-err file so we had no
way of knowning about the integrity of a build.  Now we can
directly check the status of the build.

The side effect is that "make plugins" and "make core" will run
"make ports" if that failed and fail there.  While there's a
little overhead in automated scripts this is more consistent with
build flow as we do not start higher targets that depend on broken
dependencies that look correct.  This was reported a few times
over the years.

OPNSense/tools be5c9ccconfig/19.1 build.conf

config: stable/19.1 for src.git

OPNSense/tools a5c9866config/18.7 make.conf ports.conf, config/19.1 make.conf ports.conf

config: add zabbix4; closes #98

OPNSense/tools 0828469config/18.7 ports.conf make.conf, config/19.1 ports.conf make.conf

config: RUST isn't ready on i386

OPNSense/tools cdd5122config/18.7 make.conf, config/19.1 make.conf

config: merged suricata-devel into suricata

OPNSense/tools dd95986config/18.7 make.conf, config/19.1 make.conf

config: implicitly adds RUST and PYTHON, removes PRELUDE in port

OPNSense/tools 98f6605config/19.1 make.conf

config: disable GEOIP on 19.1, not used anymore

OPNSense/tools ba8e5bcconfig/18.7 make.conf

config: repaired in ports

Also see: https://github.com/opnsense/ports/commit/d188643649f7

OPNSense/tools 410ad87config/19.1 make.conf

config: keep this for 19.1 actually

OPNSense/tools 32255d2config/18.7 make.conf, config/19.1 make.conf

Revert "www/nginx: add traffic stat and njs modules"

This reverts commit 634a0866bd272205d76aadbd30b25ccb3560c406.
Build error, try again in 19.1.

OPNSense/tools 634a086config/18.7 make.conf, config/19.1 make.conf

www/nginx: add traffic stat and njs modules

OPNSense/tools 05bcc89config/18.7 make.conf, config/19.1 make.conf

config: switch to Perl 5.28

OPNSense/tools afd7383config/19.1 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

config: sync 19.1 base set plists

OPNSense/tools d7e734econfig/18.7 plist.obsolete.i386 plist.obsolete.amd64, config/19.1 plist.obsolete.i386 plist.obsolete.amd64

config: for a time the name was "opnsense"

OPNSense/tools afdaf2ebuild common.sh base.sh, config/18.7 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

build: add architecture to sets as well

OPNSense/tools 2299acabuild common.sh

build: offset issue with wc(1)
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 314878dbuild common.sh base.sh, config/18.7 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

build: support ".size" versioning extention for sets

OPNSense/tools bbd3e45build common.sh

build: exclude /var from mtree file

/var MFS kills all of the files and it's extremely difficult to
construct a safe health check around the fact that they can be
+4-11 files