OPNSense/tools adced88config/19.7 build.conf make.conf

config: move to Perl 5.30

OPNSense/tools 85d1d84config/19.7 ports.conf

config: to discuss...

Lua version used is 5.3.

Rust is 139 Mb download to update sets.  Sets are 500Mb currently
so that adds just shy of 30% download space required and an additional
unpack space of the same amount for major upgrades for absolutely
no benefit.

I guess the requirements come from OPNids so we will find a way,
but that currently is not it because the footprint is too high.  :(

OPNSense/tools 1efddc6config/19.7 plugins.conf

Revert "os-sunnyvalley: we can enable the build for LibreSSL; since os-sensei"

This reverts commit ec7bb2d2542ce2ad80424600e58fe75e1fad9d1a.

OPNSense/tools 3722181config/19.7 make.conf

config: Enable SNMP support for FRR

* Added SNMP make option for FRR 5 and 6
* See: http://docs.frrouting.org/en/latest/snmp.html

OPNSense/tools 9f80c16config/19.7 plugins.conf

Merge pull request #150 from muratbalaban43/master

os-sunnyvalley: we can enable the build for LibreSSL

OPNSense/tools ec7bb2dconfig/19.7 plugins.conf

os-sunnyvalley: we can enable the build for LibreSSL; since os-sensei
does not specifically depend on OpenSSL/LibreSSL for now. The same
holds true for elasticsearch5.

OPNSense/tools 808340bconfig/19.7 ports.conf

add lua51

OPNSense/tools 9916af6config/19.7 ports.conf

add rust

OPNSense/tools 25f56e8config/19.7 plugins.conf

config: another example plugin

OPNSense/tools 102d3cfconfig/19.7 plugins.conf

config: add SunnyValley repository

OPNSense/tools e6a5db5build common.sh

build: cope with new reality of pkg 1.11
+5-11 files

OPNSense/tools b79d294config/19.7 plugins.conf

config: enable google-cloud-sdk plugin

OPNSense/tools 9b9f5d1config/19.7 plist.base.i386

config: rebase i386 for 19.7

OPNSense/tools c1b9accconfig/19.7 plist.base.amd64

config: rebase amd64 for 19.7

OPNSense/tools 90b6c1bconfig/19.1 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

config: 19.1 is EoL, build from tag 19.1.10 if necessary

OPNSense/tools 2682bf1config/19.7 ports.conf plugins.conf

config: cleanup previous, no plugin for now

OPNSense/tools 4e1b4baconfig/19.7 ports.conf plugins.conf

add net/google-cloud-sdk, refs https://github.com/opnsense/plugins/pull/1392 (#147)

OPNSense/tools 1334740config/19.7 build.conf

config: all 19.7 stable branches have now been created

OPNSense/tools f30863bconfig/19.7 build.conf

config: plugins.git stable/19.7 prepped

OPNSense/tools df6d0d4config/19.7 build.conf

config: correct 19.7 branches for now

OPNSense/tools b22e911. Makefile README.md, build fingerprint.sh common.sh

build: add `fingerprint' target

OPNSense/tools 0f0b6b4config/19.7 make.conf plugins.conf

config: strip zabbix3-proxy as it's EOL

OPNSense/tools 1a0921bconfig/19.7 ports.conf plugins.conf

config: strip a few things from 19.7

None should be in production use in 19.1.  And arp-scan needs
a Python 3 migration first.

OPNSense/tools 603ad0bconfig/19.7 plist.base.i386 plist.base.amd64

config: prepare for 19.7

OPNSense/tools e6897c4config/19.1 plugins.conf

config: new apuled plugin

OPNSense/tools 9f82a73build common.sh

build: force umount, busy error doesn't mean much in disposable chroot
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 5ecee3f. Makefile, build common.sh

composite: allow access to all FLAVOUR settings

Makes it easier to modify stuff.  First one is mandatory, the rest is
eaten up by scripts to be passed down as required.

OPNSense/tools b096201config/19.1 ports.conf

config: remove kermit, doesn't work with LibreSSL anymore

OPNSense/tools 463529bconfig/19.1 make.conf ports.conf

config: add fwknop

OPNSense/tools 964de07config/19.1 make.conf ports.conf

config: since suricata 5 requires rust bring it into i386 as well

(nightly says ok)

OPNSense/tools 9d77c90. Makefile, build ports.sh plugins.sh

build: remove QUICK support, rarely useful and undocumented

OPNSense/tools 592417aconfig/19.1 make.conf

config: whoopsie, typo

OPNSense/tools 9c58df9config/19.1 ports.conf

config: acme-client (OpenBSD) discontinued in FreeBSD ports

OPNSense/tools be3300fconfig/19.1 ports.conf make.conf

config: suricata-devel package, amd64 for now

OPNSense/tools 1b3fd73config/19.1 make.conf

config: pkg says no for now

OPNSense/tools abb6224. Makefile

make: CORE_PYHTON is 3 eventually.. start behaving that way now
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 364340aconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: add burp; closes #106

OPNSense/tools abf4e17. Makefile

build: propagate python versions to plugins and core
+4-21 files

OPNSense/tools 73ab4f3config/19.1 build.conf

config: this is needed as well ;)

OPNSense/tools a8cc954config/19.1 make.conf

config: Python 3 changes

* Make Python 3 the default instead of Python 2
* Move from Python 3.6 to 3.7

Discussed with: @adschellevis

OPNSense/tools 820ab1fbuild vm.sh skim.sh

build: use cp -R as -cp -r is actually -RL

And this is being disliked by a dangling python3 -> python3.6 link.

OPNSense/tools bdde75dconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: remove darkstat; closes #143

OPNSense/tools 4efc24cconfig/19.1 ports.conf

config: remove polipo; closes #142

OPNSense/tools 9f65ffcconfig/19.1 plist.obsolete.i386 plist.base.i386

config: rebase i386 for 19.1.8

OPNSense/tools d7dde71config/19.1 plist.obsolete.amd64 plist.base.amd64

config: rebase amd64 for 19.1.8

OPNSense/tools af7a5acbuild nano.sh

nano: well, these go to 400000
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools 0657a0abuild nano.sh

build/nano: increase free inode count by 250k

PR: https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=12639.0
+1-11 files

OPNSense/tools f14505cconfig/19.1 ports.conf plugins.conf

config: dnscrypt-proxy2 is go and we do not use go on i386

OPNSense/tools b398d65config/19.1 ports.conf

config: repaired haproxy patching for LibreSSL

OPNSense/tools 1da7ba8composite nightly.sh

composite/nightly: unless we can trap error this is useless