PC-BSD/trueos cc6dbc6sys/dev/pci vga_pci.c

Merge pull request #24 from mattmacy/trueos-master

add detach to vga_pci
+11-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 7d31f77sys/dev/pci vga_pci.c

add detach to vga_pci
+11-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 4b0eca5etc/pkg TrueOS.conf FreeBSD.conf

Update pkg configuration for TrueOS CI repo

PC-BSD/trueos bd66ed0sys/dev/ispfw asm_2500.h asm_2400.h, sys/dev/mlx5/mlx5_core mlx5_fwdump_regmaps.c

Merge pull request #22 from trueos/freebsd-update-04152018

Freebsd update 04152018

PC-BSD/trueos 3baa89e. Jenkinsfile

Archive all artifacts including subdirs
+1-11 files

PC-BSD/trueos c04358csys/dev/nvdimm nvdimm_copy.S

Rename assym.s -> assym.inc in the nvdimm_copy.S sources

PC-BSD/trueos a49f4aasys/modules/nvdimm Makefile

Fix compile of nvdimm, taken from freenas/os

PC-BSD/trueos 7655860. README.md, stand/defaults loader.conf

Add our defaults to the new loader.conf and update the README.md
with latest dates / revisions of upstream sync

PC-BSD/trueos a6e3c9csys/dev/ispfw asm_2500.h asm_2400.h, sys/dev/mlx5/mlx5_core mlx5_fwdump_regmaps.c

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd into freebsd-update-04152018

PC-BSD/trueos 2474877. README.md

Merge pull request #21 from trueos/darkfiberiru-readme-sync-info

Add date and revision of last freebsd-head sync
+2-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 43efb61. README.md

Add date and revision of last freebsd-head sync
+2-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 4ef2db4usr.sbin/cxgbetool cxgbetool.8

Fix typo in cxgbetool.8.

PC-BSD/trueos b77407f. Jenkinsfile, etc/pkg FreeBSD.conf

Merge pull request #19 from trueos/pkgng-config

Pkgng config

PC-BSD/trueos 22fd26a. ObsoleteFiles.inc

Manpages are .gz files.

Reported by:    trasz
+1-11 files

PC-BSD/trueos a51fba8sys/conf NOTES

Remove device cm which was removed in r332490.
+0-51 files

PC-BSD/trueos 5516992. Jenkinsfile

Clean the workspace when finished
+3-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 8e20e45. Jenkinsfile

Switch to single rm rf of the objdir
+0-21 files

PC-BSD/trueos 120703ausr.sbin/syslogd syslogd.8

Use proper alphabetic sorting of options.

PC-BSD/trueos d178bf0usr.bin/wall ttymsg.c ttymsg.h, usr.sbin/syslogd syslogd.c syslogd.8

Add RFC 5424 syslog message output to syslogd.

- Move all of the code responsible for transmitting log messages into a
  separate function, fprintlog_write().
- Instead of manually modifying a list of iovecs, add a structure
  iovlist with some helper functions.
- Alter the F_FORW (UDP message forwarding) case to also use iovecs like
  the other cases. Use sendmsg() instead of sendto().
- In the case of F_FORW, truncate the message to a size dependent on the
  address family (AF_INET, AF_INET6), as proposed by RFC 5426.
- Move all traditional message formatting into fprintlog_bsd(). Get rid
  of some of the string copying and snprintf()'ing. Simply emit more
  iovecs to get the job done.
- Increase ttymsg()'s limit of 7 iovecs to 32. Add a definition for this
  limit, so it can be reused by iovlist.
- Add fprintlog_rfc5424() to emit RFC 5424 formatted log entries.
- Add a "-O" command line option to enable RFC 5424 formatting. It would
  have been nicer if we supported "-o rfc5424", just like on NetBSD.
  Unfortunately, the "-o" flag is already used for a different purpose
  on FreeBSD.
- Don't truncate hostnames in the RFC 5424 case, as suggested by that
  specific RFC.

For people interested in using this, this feature can be enabled by
adding the following line to /etc/rc.conf:

    [4 lines not shown]

PC-BSD/trueos 5c64b87sys/i386/i386 db_disasm.c

Make first a 'bool' instead of a 'boolean_t'.

'bool' is preferred to 'boolean_t'. We only get the boolean_t
definition by header pollution (though the same is true for
bool). Since we use both, switch entirely to bool.

Note: We still have TRUE/FALSE instead of true/false in heavy use in
the rest of the file. These are with ints of various flavors, so
that's appropriate, even though we should eventually migrate to bool
and true/false (though the tables they are in are nicely packed with
short and wouldn't be so nicely packed with bool, another reason
to leave it alone for now).

PC-BSD/trueos e476e18contrib/amd FREEBSD-upgrade, contrib/amd/amd amd.8

amd: correct formatting of 'SEE ALSO'

PC-BSD/trueos 6dc197asys/dev/cxgbe t4_main.c, sys/dev/cxgbe/tom t4_tom.c t4_listen.c

cxgbe(4): Add support for Connection Offload Policy (aka COP).

COP allows fine-grained control on whether to offload a TCP connection
using t4_tom, and what settings to apply to a connection selected for
offload.  t4_tom must still be loaded and IFCAP_TOE must still be
enabled for full TCP offload to take place on an interface.  The
difference is that IFCAP_TOE used to be the only knob and would enable
TOE for all new connections on the inteface, but now the driver will
also consult the COP, if any, before offloading to the hardware TOE.

A policy is a plain text file with any number of rules, one per line.
Each rule has a "match" part consisting of a socket-type (L = listen,
A = active open, P = passive open, D = don't care) and a pcap-filter(7)
expression, and a "settings" part that specifies whether to offload the
connection or not and the parameters to use if so.  The general format
of a rule is: [socket-type] expr => settings

Example.  See cxgbetool(8) for more information.
[L] ip && port http => offload
[L] port 443 => !offload
[L] port ssh => offload
[P] src net 192.168/16 && dst port ssh => offload !nagle !timestamp cong newreno
[P] dst port ssh => offload !nagle ecn cong tahoe
[P] dst port http => offload
[A] dst port 443 => offload tls

    [12 lines not shown]

PC-BSD/trueos 4184d62sys/amd64/amd64 pmap.c

Set PG_G global mapping bit on the trampoline ptes.

Trampoline mappings are better treated as global since they are valid
in all address spaces, even for PTI.  pmap_invalidate_range() must work
on global mappings for pti since kernel_pmap invalidations are really
same as for non-PTI.

Reviewed by:    alc, markj
Tested by:      pho
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      1 month
Differential revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D15052

PC-BSD/trueos 2d347d9. Jenkinsfile

Cleanup OBJ dir and try to ensure repo/* contents get artifacted
+5-31 files

PC-BSD/trueos 5a917c0contrib/llvm/lib/Target/X86 X86FlagsCopyLowering.cpp X86InstrInfo.cpp

Revert r332501 for now, as it can cause build failures on i386.
Reported upstream as <https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37133>.

Reported by:    emaste, ci.freebsd.org
PR:            225330

PC-BSD/trueos 4cfd7f7. Jenkinsfile

Update and use the correct Jenkins Cred ID
+1-11 files

PC-BSD/trueos dde78cfcontrib/llvm/lib/Target/X86 X86FlagsCopyLowering.cpp X86InstrInfo.cpp

Pull in r325446 from upstream clang trunk (by me):

  [X86] Add 'sahf' CPU feature to frontend

  Make clang accept `-msahf` (and `-mno-sahf`) flags to activate the
  `+sahf` feature for the backend, for bug 36028 (Incorrect use of
  pushf/popf enables/disables interrupts on amd64 kernels).  This was
  originally submitted in bug 36037 by Jonathan Looney
  <jonlooney at gmail.com>.

  As described there, GCC also uses `-msahf` for this feature, and the
  backend already recognizes the `+sahf` feature. All that is needed is
  to teach clang to pass this on to the backend.

  The mapping of feature support onto CPUs may not be complete; rather,
  it was chosen to match LLVM's idea of which CPUs support this feature
  (see lib/Target/X86/X86.td).

  I also updated the affected test case (CodeGen/attr-target-x86.c) to
  match the emitted output.

  Reviewers: craig.topper, coby, efriedma, rsmith

  Reviewed By: craig.topper

    [92 lines not shown]

PC-BSD/trueos 3609432sys/conf NOTES

sys: remove 'cm' from notes

Followup to r332490

MFC After:      never
PR:            182297
+0-21 files

PC-BSD/trueos 60e938bbin/expr expr.y

expr(1): Fix overflow detection when operand is INTMAX_MIN

PR:            227329
Submitted by:   Tobias Stoeckmann <tobias AT stoeckmann.org>
+2-41 files

PC-BSD/trueos ef5bec9sys/x86/cpufreq est.c

cpufreq: Remove error-prone table terminators in favor of automatic sizing

PR:            227388
Reported by:    Vladimir Machulsky <xdelta AT meta.ua>
Sponsored by:   Dell EMC Isilon
+28-741 files

PC-BSD/trueos 0a0e757share/keys Makefile

Minor whitespace -> tabs fix

PC-BSD/trueos 85e203b. Jenkinsfile, etc/pkg FreeBSD.conf

Add initial pkgng config to TrueOS for testing, this will stage,
sign and configure the package repo to automatically point to the
latest artifacts in Jenkins. Once we confirm this works, then
we can start switching over to having the pkgs mirrored elsewhere.

PC-BSD/trueos 9975439. Jenkinsfile

Add pkg base files to Jenkins artifacts
+1-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos ccf3f59. Jenkinsfile

Remove $WORKSPACE/artifacts before doing make release
+1-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 9691ad6release Makefile

Exclude usr/src/artifacts when building release
+2-11 files

PC-BSD/trueos 4cdb6e8. README.md

Add LibreSSL / JQ to README along with updated build instructions
+6-11 files

PC-BSD/trueos 26c165eshare/man/man4 cm.4, sys/dev/cm smc90cx6.c if_cm_isa.c

Remove support for the Arcnet protocol.

While Arcnet has some continued deployment in industrial controls, the
lack of drivers for any of the PCI, USB, or PCIe NICs on the market
suggests such users aren't running FreeBSD.

Evidence in the PR database suggests that the cm(4) driver (our sole
Arcnet NIC) was broken in 5.0 and has not worked since.

PR:            182297
Reviewed by:    jhibbits, vangyzen
Relnotes:       yes
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D15057

PC-BSD/trueos 9e59cf5etc/init.d hcsecd

Merge pull request #17 from trueos/beanpole135-patch-1

Update hcsecd
+12-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 20306e9contrib/jq configure jv_dtoa.c, contrib/jq/config ltmain.sh

Merge pull request #18 from trueos/add-jq-base

Add jq base

PC-BSD/trueos e3089a0sys/i386/i386 pmap.c machdep.c

i386 4/4G split.

The change makes the user and kernel address spaces on i386
independent, giving each almost the full 4G of usable virtual addresses
except for one PDE at top used for trampoline and per-CPU trampoline
stacks, and system structures that must be always mapped, namely IDT,
GDT, common TSS and LDT, and process-private TSS and LDT if allocated.

By using 1:1 mapping for the kernel text and data, it appeared
possible to eliminate assembler part of the locore.S which bootstraps
initial page table and KPTmap.  The code is rewritten in C and moved
into the pmap_cold(). The comment in vmparam.h explains the KVA

There is no PCID mechanism available in protected mode, so each
kernel/user switch forth and back completely flushes the TLB, except
for the trampoline PTD region. The TLB invalidations for userspace
becomes trivial, because IPI handlers switch page tables. On the other
hand, context switches no longer need to reload %cr3.

copyout(9) was rewritten to use vm_fault_quick_hold().  An issue for
new copyout(9) is compatibility with wiring user buffers around sysctl
handlers. This explains two kind of locks for copyout ptes and
accounting of the vslock() calls.  The vm_fault_quick_hold() AKA slow
path, is only tried after the 'fast path' failed, which temporary

    [16 lines not shown]

PC-BSD/trueos 02e56easys/dev/netmap netmap_freebsd.c

Fix build on 32-bit systems.

PC-BSD/trueos eda4fd2usr.sbin/pkg pkg.c

pkg: accept -y and --yes from arguments

By popular demand, pkg now walks thought the arguments passed and
if it finds -y or --yes it does accept those as equivalent of

Requested by:   many
MFC after:      1 week
+10-01 files

PC-BSD/trueos 2e980f1usr.bin/dtc fdt.cc fdt.hh

dtc(1): Update to upstream 006664a


- Passing "-" to -o will now cause output to go to stdout
- Path-based syntactic sugar for overlays is now accepted. This looks like:


&{/soc} {
    sid: eeprom at 1c14000 {
        compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-h3-sid";
        reg = <0x1c14000 0x400>;
        status = "okay";

MFC after:      3 days

PC-BSD/trueos c763a25share/vt/fonts tom-thumb.hex

Correct tom-thumb vt font glyphs

A few glyphs were converted incorrectly:
U+00A6 broken bar - center
U+2022 bullet - center
U+2026 horizontal ellipsis - move to bottom of character cell

PC-BSD/trueos d53228csys/amd64/include vmm.h, sys/amd64/vmm vmm.c

Add SDT probes to vmexit on Intel.

Submitted by:   domagoj.stolfa_gmail.com
Reviewed by:    grehan, tychon
Sponsored by:   DARPA/AFRL
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D14656

PC-BSD/trueos 206f622share/vt/fonts tom-thumb.hex Makefile

Add tom-thumb, a tiny (4x6) vt font

Obtained from:  https://robey.lag.net/2010/01/23/tiny-monospace-font.html
MFC after:      2 weeks

PC-BSD/trueos 3b84c0bsys/cam/scsi scsi_da.c

Just assert that the lock is held here, rather than taking it out and
dropping it.

Sponsored by: Netflix

PC-BSD/trueos e6638f6sys/netinet6 ip6_fastfwd.c

Add check that mbuf had not multicast layer2 address.
Such packets should be handled by ip6_mforward().

Obtained from:  Yandex LLC
MFC after:      1 week
Sponsored by:   Yandex LLC

PC-BSD/trueos b5556ccsys/dev/altera/atse if_atse.c if_atse_nexus.c, sys/dts/mips beripad-de4.dts

Convert atse(4) driver for Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore to use
xdma(4) interface.

This allows us to switch between Altera mSGDMA or SoftDMA engines used by
atse(4) device.

This also makes atse(4) driver become 25% smaller.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Differential Revision:  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9618

PC-BSD/trueos ead49acsys/dts/mips beripad-de4.dts

Add beripic1, msgdma and softdma instances.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL