pfSense/pfsense 360e771src/usr/local/www status_ipsec.php

Fixed td placement from previous commit

pfSense/pfsense 437263fsrc/usr/local/www status_ipsec.php

Fixed table spacing when no tunnels were active

pfSense/pfsense f0b0a03src/etc/inc

Escape LDAP username when searching. Fixes #8626

pfSense/pfsense 3ef6c4dsrc/usr/local/www firewall_nat_edit.php

Fixed #8640 Added type casting in case destination port is empty

pfSense/pfsense 030d8e8src/usr/local/www/widgets/widgets dyn_dns_status.widget.php

Fix another DynDNS status PHP error. Fixes #8648

pfSense/pfsense 62caa87src/usr/local/www status_ipsec.php

status_ipsec.php, correct conX refs. Fixes #8629

pfSense/pfsense 6c4ccc9src/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www/widgets/widgets dyn_dns_status.widget.php

Fix PHP7 errors in the Dynamic DNS widget. Fixes #8648

pfSense/pfsense 1ed21e0src/etc/inc

Fix #8646

pfSense/pfsense d4f29a5src/etc/inc

Fix shaper "non-numeric value" errors
+46-461 files

pfSense/pfsense 8501d84src/etc/inc

Fixed #8640 PHP7 initialize variable as array instead of string

pfSense/pfsense 07ca016src/etc/inc

PHP7 initialize as array instead of string

pfSense/pfsense b42a4b6src/usr/local/www pkg_edit.php

PHP7 Fixed illegal string offset for alias

pfSense/pfsense 6d3b8dasrc/usr/local/www interfaces_bridge_edit.php

Fixed a bug that won't let you create a bridge on PHP7. This is just a workaround until 
the actual issue is found

pfSense/pfsense f37dd1asrc/etc/inc

Removed debug statement

pfSense/pfsense 1981dfbsrc/etc/inc

Make sure /var/etc/openvpn-csc directory is created

pfSense/pfsense 2c5f44btools

i915kms doesn't need to be declared here

pfSense/pfsense e4c2220tools

Add i915kms and drm2 to the list of modules to be built

pfSense/pfsense b5e93besrc/etc/inc

Changed it to just use the variable name

pfSense/pfsense 6f331d2src/usr/local/www interfaces_bridge.php

Fixed #8630 , PHP7 illegal string offset.

pfSense/pfsense 1303150src/etc/inc

Fixed #8633 PHP7 issue use of undefined constant, Should work as it did before.

pfSense/pfsense 3c5f444src/usr/local/www status_ipsec.php

Fixed #8598 Added IPsec ID to the table, Moved the disconnect button over to better fit 
the page, Also fixed the disconnect button and show child button for mobile clients

pfSense/pfsense 1902804src/usr/local/www system_groupmanager.php

Make sure array exist before call count()

pfSense/pfsense 449cac2src/usr/local/www system_groupmanager.php

Improve style

pfSense/pfsense 58003f4tools/conf/pfPorts poudriere_bulk

Remove pecl-xdebug since it doesn't build with PHP 7.2

pfSense/pfsense 5bd3238tools/conf/pfPorts poudriere_bulk make.conf

Start moving PHP to 7.2

pfSense/pfsense 2a0be57src/etc/inc

Fixed a warning on status > dhcpv6 leases parameter 2 expected to be a string.

pfSense/pfsense 5c3a8a9src/usr/local/www system_usermanager.php

Fixed #8622 It will now revert to whatever was previously saved in the config if there is 
an input error for user groups

pfSense/pfsense aa029c9src/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www system_usermanager.php

Fix 8553: When creating a new user, make sure it's added to desired groups

pfSense/pfsense ad08a82src/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www system.php services_unbound_domainoverride_edit.php

Add fields for DNS server hostnames for TLS verification. Implements #8602

pfSense/pfsense 50e0d39src/usr/local/www wizard.php

wizard.php: Ensure CA and Certs are arrays before using in foreach.

pfSense/pfsense ab4fdf4src/usr/local/www

Cosmetic changes to warning maeesage

pfSense/pfsense 1ddc720src/usr/local/www

Add position params to gettext password warning

pfSense/pfsense 40d26f6src/usr/local/www

Test the password, not the hash, or it won't detect if the user reset password from the 
console or otherwise changed it to the default manually. Issue #8596

pfSense/pfsense 58a0f5esrc/usr/local/www

Change warning wording to avoid using a "click here" link. Issue #8596

pfSense/pfsense 5b2e9e7src/usr/local/www

Fixed #8596

pfSense/pfsense ac27f5asrc/usr/local/www firewall_rules_edit.php

Fixed #8597 The edit page will no longer initialize with focus on any element

pfSense/pfsense 54d6238src/usr/local/www vpn_ipsec_phase2.php vpn_ipsec_phase1.php

Merge pull request #3960 from PiBa-NL/20180704-ipsec-fix-phase1-edit-page

pfSense/pfsense e31870dsrc/etc dh-parameters.8192 dh-parameters.4096, tools/scripts

Merge pull request #3951 from whislock/dh-rfc

pfSense/pfsense fbb77absrc/etc rc.openvpn, src/etc/inc

Merge pull request #3958 from PiBa-NL/20180702-gateway-none

pfSense/pfsense 71b4b23src/etc/inc

Add missing global $g declaration

pfSense/pfsense 7fe4d35src/etc/inc

Create pkg_conf_setup() to setup pkg.conf

It will be necessary in near future for thoth setup

pfSense/pfsense 6900f14tools/conf/pfPorts poudriere_bulk

Remove autoconfigbackup2

pfSense/pfsense 5286277src/usr/local/www pkg_mgr.php

Suppress display of AutoConfigBackup in package list

pfSense/pfsense 49ec9d9src/etc/inc

Fix #7024: Fix Radius include extension

pfSense/pfsense 1c36737src/usr/local/www vpn_ipsec_phase2.php vpn_ipsec_phase1.php

ipsec, fix Phase1 and Phase2 edit pages 'section' class does not have a setHelp() 
function, and add help for insecure DH groups on mobile settings page

pfSense/pfsense af0edcesrc/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www services_acb.php

Add gettext() and other cosmetic changes

pfSense/pfsense e85efdcsrc/etc/inc

Fixed #8048 now properly removes dhcpv6 for lan if lan is not configured

pfSense/pfsense c3d2fcesrc/usr/local/www services_acb.php

Provide warning if legacy mode not configured

pfSense/pfsense 2d99bedsrc/etc/inc, src/usr/local/www services_acb_settings.php

Add legacy encrytopn password support

pfSense/pfsense 720ebd0src/usr/local/www services_acb.php services_acb_settings.php

Add tabs to settings page