pkgng/pkgng 1c3446c. auto.def

Another attempt at fixing libprivatezstd
+7-91 files

pkgng/pkgng 6ad9b25libpkg lua_scripts.c

Add a function to lua scripts to properly emit messages
+11-01 files

pkgng/pkgng 09641dd. auto.def

Fix detection of libarchive with builtin zstd support
+8-81 files

pkgng/pkgng 41236a3. auto.def
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 4f277a8libpkg pkg_ports.c

Factorize handling of shell script in keywords
+47-461 files

pkgng/pkgng 19f1d51src Makefile.autosetup

Remove wrong copy/paste

pkgng/pkgng 41804fcexternal/liblua Makefile

Remove accidentally added Makefile

pkgng/pkgng 17ae0fclibpkg pkg_ports.c

Complete lua support for keywords
+20-21 files

pkgng/pkgng b1d34f6libpkg lua_scripts.c

Add pkg_prefix and pkg_rootdir global to lua scripts
+12-91 files

pkgng/pkgng 51fc820libpkg pkgdb.c

Fix lua_script deletion
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 485bdd9libpkg lua_scripts.c pkgdb.c, libpkg/private db_upgrades.h

Add support for scripts in lua

This will allow to avoid shell in many places and help cross
installation by avoiding executing binaries.

pkgng/pkgng 4521cfbexternal/lua/doc manual.html, external/lua/src lparser.c lstrlib.c

Import lua 5.3.5

pkgng/pkgng fe61047libpkg libpkg.ver

Regen libver
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 72df052libpkg libpkg.ver

more removal of dead code

pkgng/pkgng 69f54d0src main.c

Recommand pkg boostrap -f

Now pkg bootstrap -f is available on all freebsd version we can
recommand it over pkg-static
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 172a85clibpkg pkg.c pkgdb.c, libpkg/private pkgdb.h pkg.h

remove dead code

pkgng/pkgng 4e5856dlibpkg pkgdb.c

Remove dead code
+0-281 files

pkgng/pkgng 548aa87tests/frontend

Better export profile data for kyua tests

pkgng/pkgng c9faaae. auto.def

Fix regression introduced in previous commits
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng f66e4ac. auto.def Makefile.autosetup, mk

Add a --with-coverage to have a facilitate code coverage checking

pkgng/pkgng 50b4e28tests Makefile.autosetup

Respect LDFLAGS when building tests

pkgng/pkgng f45a01bsrc updating.c

Allow to use regular expressions in AFFECTS: value.
Pkg updating collects package names which is indicated by regular expressions.
+121-21 files

pkgng/pkgng 292e2fbsrc updating.c, tests/frontend

fix to match more exactly.
This makes 'print/cups' not to match 'print/cups-base'.

pkgng/pkgng a4e9278src updating.c

Convert regular expression.
In UPDATING file, simplified regular expression is used.
So we convert to POSIX 1003.2 style mentioned in re_format(4).
+55-31 files

pkgng/pkgng ffa76c0tests Makefile.autosetup, tests/frontend

add test of `pkg updating`

pkgng/pkgng a13ed59. auto.def
+2-21 files

pkgng/pkgng 14e1aaelibpkg pkg_add.c

Improve the output of messages

print ===== before the messages of each packages
print -- before each message of a given messages
+2-21 files

pkgng/pkgng b225849libpkg pkg_repo_meta.c

Fix typo

pkgng/pkgng 6b49f74src Makefile.autosetup

Fix build of pkg-static

pkgng/pkgng 7a96832. auto.def, src Makefile.autosetup

Properly detect if libarchive is built with zstd support

pkgng/pkgng d34c8d9docs pkg-create.8, libpkg packing.c pkg_jobs.c

Add support for zstd compression format where supported

pkgng/pkgng 900dc14libpkg pkg_repo_create.c pkg_repo_meta.c, libpkg/private pkg.h

repo: Add support for v2 repo

v2 repo deprecate totally the digest file.
The digest file is currently still created even if pkg doesn't use it as it
uses the 'sum' entry in the packagesite.yaml file.
While here fix a bug when providing a repo meta file (with --meta-file) which result
of the default meta settings being used.
v1 repo is still the default for now as pkg will need to learn to accept v2 version.
When creating a repo v2 on top of a repo v2, unlink the digest.txz file.

Force the repo test to create a v1 repo as it checks the digest file.
Add a new test for v2 repo that currently just check that the digest file isn't created.

Signed-off-by: Emmanuel Vadot <manu at>

pkgng/pkgng bac3482libpkg pkg.c

Allow pkg-message to use variables

For now expose:
+6-01 files

pkgng/pkgng c3ae564. auto.def

Remove sys/capability.h check which is not used anymore
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 1a92c92scripts/periodic

Fix typo

pkgng/pkgng 0b0f65bscripts/periodic

Fix typo

pkgng/pkgng 19083e7external/libfetch Makefile.autosetup

Build libfetch with INET6

reported by:    ume

pkgng/pkgng da340e3docs pkg-upgrade.8

Add the missing description of the -x / --regex flag
copied from pkg-install(8)
+5-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 4b552a9. NEWS auto.def

Release 1.11.1
+5-12 files

pkgng/pkgng 72b89b9external/libfetch Makefile.autosetup

Build libfetch with INET6

reported by:    ume

pkgng/pkgng f367891libpkg pkg_elf.c

Fix ABI genaration on DragonFly

Submitted by:   zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng 09d7d32libpkg pkg_elf.c

Fix ABI genaration on DragonFly

Submitted by:   zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
+1-11 files

pkgng/pkgng c097284. auto.def NEWS

Release pkg 1.11
+5-32 files

pkgng/pkgng e5d69af. auto.def, libpkg Makefile.autosetup

OSX linker does not support -Wl,-whole-archive

pkgng/pkgng 4602bf3scripts

brew does not accept --with-xz anymore on osx

pkgng/pkgng 2b75407tests/frontend

Mark one of the test broken on linux, will fix later

pkgng/pkgng 6c9b309. NEWS auto.def

+7-12 files

pkgng/pkgng 9b0ca0clibpkg Makefile.autosetup

Ensure is properly linked or embedding everything it needs

Using bintils shows libpkg was not linked with enough libraries and
it was not embedding the content of enough of the static libs

pkgng/pkgng 4cbe457libpkg scripts.c

Fix @sample not working anymore

Instead of closing stdin, open /dev/null and swap the fds
+13-21 files

pkgng/pkgng e0242b9docs Makefile.autosetup

Fix reinstallation of symlinks