SmartOS/live d7a340fsrc/fw/lib fw.js, src/fw/test/lib helpers.js

TRITON-133 fwadm(1M) unit tests should compare ipf rule text instead of objects
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.king at>
Approved by: Alex Wilson <alex.wilson at>

SmartOS/live a004d2asrc/fw/node_modules ip6addr.js, src/fw/tools/fwrule/lib rule.js parser.js

TRITON-90 Update fwadm(1M) to use fwrule at 1.4.1
Reviewed by: Jason King <jason.king at>
Approved by: Jordan Hendricks <jordan.hendricks at>

SmartOS/live 7dfc1fctools build_live

OS-6651 root fs needs a bit more space for bhyve
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Reviewed by: Mike Gerdts <mike.gerdts at>
Approved by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
+1-11 files

SmartOS/live d030007overlay/generic/usr/lib/brand/jcommon statechange

OS-6645 bhyve zones often hang on statechange

SmartOS/live 3291ae0src/vm/node_modules VM.js

OS-6648 when payload is missing image_size, quota is not updated for bhyve's new zfs 

SmartOS/live eb8e45c. configure, src/vm/common vmtest.js

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod


SmartOS/live 91ee44asrc manifest, src/img/node_modules/concat-stream/node_modules/readable-stream/node_modules/core-util-is test.js

update manifest, remove unnecessary test files

SmartOS/live e50047dsrc manifest, src/img/node_modules/docker-registry-client/node_modules/jwk-to-pem/node_modules/elliptic/node_modules/hash.js .eslintrc.js

add imgadm files updates to the manifest

SmartOS/live 4f998a4src/img, src/img/lib/sources docker.js

add changelog, fix listing of docker tags, use joyentunsupported repo

SmartOS/live 3aa6ffcsrc/img package.json

add concat-stream module

SmartOS/live 4cbd77csrc/img/tools

tweak node module script for docker manifest v2 work

SmartOS/live 62c059dsrc/img/lib/sources docker.js

use the correct digestChain for ancestor images

SmartOS/live e948a9csrc/img package.json

update package.json version and dependencies

SmartOS/live 1564bebsrc/img/node_modules/imgmanifest package.json, src/img/node_modules/imgmanifest/lib imgmanifest.js

update imgmanifest to v3.0.0

SmartOS/live 5c27bb2src/img/node_modules/docker-registry-client/node_modules/tough-cookie/lib cookie.js pathMatch.js, src/img/node_modules/docker-registry-client/node_modules/tough-cookie/node_modules/punycode punycode.js package.json

update existing docker-registry-client tough-cookie module

SmartOS/live d136156src/img/node_modules/docker-registry-client/lib registry-client-v2.js registry-client-v1.js

update docker-registry-client to v3.2.10

SmartOS/live 5fec942src/img/node_modules/concat-stream/node_modules/readable-stream/lib _stream_readable.js, src/img/node_modules/concat-stream/node_modules/typedarray index.js

add new docker-registry-client sub-modules

SmartOS/live c4a0cc3src/img/lib/sources docker.js

joyent/smartos-live#644 update imgadm to use newer docker-registry-client so it can pull 
from v2

SmartOS/live 1687a4asrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

OS-6631 Change zfs layout for bhyve VM

SmartOS/live 58ac029src/vm/node_modules VM.js proptable.js, src/vm/sbin vmadmd.js

Bhyve does not need to rely on vmadmd, and doesn't need vm-autoboot

SmartOS/live 16c28aasrc sysinfo

Add sysinfo key indicating whether the system supports bhyve.
+14-11 files

SmartOS/live 30477c3. configure

OS-6465 add iasl
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Reviewed by: Hans Rosenfeld <hans.rosenfeld at>
Approved by: Hans Rosenfeld <hans.rosenfeld at>
+4-21 files

SmartOS/live e69f742src/vm/node_modules VM.js proptable.js, src/vm/sbin vmadm.js

change type to BHYVE and display type to BHYV in vmadm list

SmartOS/live 8b8d4b0src/vm/common vmtest.js, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

TRITON-93 Routes are not populated consistently when provisioning new instances
Reviewed by: Cody Peter Mello <cody.mello at>
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
Approved by: Cody Peter Mello <cody.mello at>

SmartOS/live f2dc9efsrc/vm/common vmtest.js, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

TRITON-93 Routes are not populated consistently when provisioning new instances

SmartOS/live ad1273dsrc/vm/node_modules proptable.js

OS-6590 Problem provisioning large bhyve image

SmartOS/live b241979src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

update comment in metadata agent

SmartOS/live 6c255e0src/img/lib imgadm.js, src/vm/node_modules VM.js

fix 'make check'

SmartOS/live e72662esrc/img/lib imgadm.js, src/vm/node_modules VM.js

fix make check

SmartOS/live 502b777pkgsrc/onbld packlist

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod
+0-131 files

SmartOS/live bba4099src/vm/tests test-vminfod-zonewatcher-overflow.js test-zonewatcher.js

bring zoneevent overflow test into platform

SmartOS/live feed867pkgsrc/onbld packlist

9001 cdm is useless, remove it
9002 webrev should know how to get the git user name
+0-131 files

SmartOS/live 79af234pkgsrc/onbld packlist

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod
+0-111 files

SmartOS/live e7e1731src/vm/node_modules VM.js, src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

stop vminfod from paying special attention to last_modified

SmartOS/live 8cb1966pkgsrc/onbld packlist

8990 /opt/onbld/gk is useless
8991 pmodes is useless and can be deleted
8992 checkproto is useless and can be deleted
8998 depcheck is useless and should be removed
+0-111 files

SmartOS/live 987f813src/img/lib imgadm.js, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

initial vmadm support for bhyve brand

SmartOS/live 5d93f61. configure

OS-6465 add iasl
+4-21 files

SmartOS/live f14e486overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases, overlay/generic/usr/lib/brand/jcommon statechange

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod

SmartOS/live 3c24610tools build_live

root fs needs a bit more space for bhyve
+1-11 files

SmartOS/live 9ad57fdoverlay/generic/etc name_to_major

need vmm and viona in /etc/name_to_major

SmartOS/live e1a8d0eoverlay/generic/etc system

forceload vmm and viona

SmartOS/live 240df98src/vm/node_modules VM.js, src/vm/tests test-docker.js

docker conf write log, add sleep to extraHosts machine

SmartOS/live 7f2f38eoverlay/generic/usr/lib/brand/jcommon statechange

OS-6460 joyent brand zone state change scripts unnecessarily load configs
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>
Approved by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>

SmartOS/live d5ed47dsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

remove unreferenced variable

SmartOS/live c3402easrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

remove docker sleep Inf

SmartOS/live 1ca13a0src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

fix metadata reconn logic

SmartOS/live 0c5c15dsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

add more ignored vminfod keys

SmartOS/live 57659a9overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

OS-6528 Need support for mpt_sas tri-mode parts
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>
Approved by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>

SmartOS/live ab45a7csrc zoneevent.js

fix variable name
+1-11 files

SmartOS/live c68d32dsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

various style changes for vminfod/client.js