SmartOS/live 1d55b89src/vm/sbin

OS-6053 work around logadm bugs by removing bogus KVM log entries for destroyed VMs
Reviewed by: Dave Eddy <dave.eddy at>

SmartOS/live 76abff3src/vm/node_modules/vmload index.js

OS-6453 vmadm get core dump with custom zonename
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
Approved by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>

SmartOS/live db39437overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

8804 nvme: add alias for pciclass,010802

SmartOS/live 1635ae5src/vm/smf system-vminfod.xml

ensure vminfod lives in /

SmartOS/live d5db0c3overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases name_to_major

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod

SmartOS/live fb9019asrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

zoneadm uninstall should block on vminfod
+118-521 files

SmartOS/live acca68coverlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

8747 Intel Wifi Link 5300 (pciex8086,4236) works well with iwn(7d)

SmartOS/live 4d9c059src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

ignore queue errors with vminfod

SmartOS/live 7482089src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

document why errors are skipped

SmartOS/live fec710fsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

add better error handling to task processing

SmartOS/live 4ff13d3src/vm/node_modules queue.js, src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

better diff checking for refresh changes, queue.js error handling

SmartOS/live 58f8690src zoneevent.js, src/vm/node_modules zoneevent.js VM.js

ZoneEvent cleanup, use interface.

SmartOS/live 62c82a5overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases name_to_major

OS-5969 Want support for QLogic QL41000/45000 series devices
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>
Approved by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>

SmartOS/live 1146e72src/vm/node_modules VM.js

always parseReady

SmartOS/live abbef4foverlay/generic/etc driver_aliases, src/img package.json

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod

SmartOS/live f328fc1src/img package.json, src/img/lib imgadm.js

DOCKER-1118 do not set min_platform for docker and lx images
Reviewed by: Trent Mick <trentm at>
Approved by: Trent Mick <trentm at>

SmartOS/live 1a30135src/vm/sbin vmadm.js


SmartOS/live d30a1dbsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

add logic to events to check for vm existence

SmartOS/live bd38403src/vm/node_modules VM.js, src/vm/sbin vmadm.js

add vmadm ident

SmartOS/live b5dfebdsrc/vm/man, src/vm/node_modules VM.js

add vmadm events

SmartOS/live 070d6d1src vminfod.js

pass vminfod cli name as env var
+8-31 files

SmartOS/live 3c0a1e4src vminfod.js

add ready event to vminfod client
+39-121 files

SmartOS/live 83ddb6aoverlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

8665 Need support for LSI 9305-24i

SmartOS/live 3fc92bbsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js, src/vm/sbin vminfod.js

vminfod daemon code cleanup and document updates

SmartOS/live 157d5cbsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

more docs in VM.js wrt vminfod

SmartOS/live 0b14260src fswatcher.c

remove date docs from fswatcher
+3-71 files

SmartOS/live 8276e59src/img package.json, src/img/lib imgadm.js

OS-6383 'imgadm import UUID' crash: "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined" in 
Reviewed by: Todd Whiteman <todd.whiteman at>
Approved by: Todd Whiteman <todd.whiteman at>

SmartOS/live 2020f12src/vm/common vmtest.js, src/vm/tests test-internal_metadata_namespaces.js test-docker.js

align copyright with eng.git

SmartOS/live c68879esrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

vminfod client clean up - prep for review

SmartOS/live 2c9483fsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

don't attempt to delete zone twice

SmartOS/live 1acbf45overlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src/lx_hook_postnet main.c Makefile

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod


SmartOS/live 85545cdsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

OS-6301 want zlog-mode logic in VM.js to be reusable
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Approved by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
+102-831 files

SmartOS/live ecb292csrc Makefile manifest, src/vm/node_modules VM.js zonecfg.js

OS-6300 vmadm and vmadmd create zonecfg race
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
Approved by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>

SmartOS/live 36a3099src Makefile, src/vm/node_modules hrtime.js sysevent-stream.js

OS-6305 want hrtime processing library for easier timing statistics
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Reviewed by: Julien Gilli <julien.gilli at>
Approved by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>

SmartOS/live 988b031src/vm/node_modules hrtime.js

align hrtime.js with CR

SmartOS/live 26401ddsrc/vm/node_modules/vasync/lib vasync.js

align vasync with CR

SmartOS/live 233ca92src/vm/node_modules zonecfg.js

align zonecfg with CR

SmartOS/live 67ada9bsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

VM.stop should have uuid with vminfod event listener

SmartOS/live 751430bsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

assert that a zones uuid is always present

SmartOS/live 4d5b69dsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

remove zonename mapping, use vmobj

SmartOS/live 9b9c106src/vm/node_modules VM.js zonecfg.js, src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

use uuid instead of zonename almost everywhere

SmartOS/live 80f5304src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

add log for zonename != zoneuuid

SmartOS/live 80de275src/vm/node_modules hrtime.js, src/vm/tests test-hrtime.js

align hrtime.js with cr

SmartOS/live ce826ebsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

record is an object

SmartOS/live 19d12c1src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

properly handle zone UUID in vminfod

SmartOS/live 63eb87bsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

assert.uuid for metadata

SmartOS/live f881d61overlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src Makefile

PUBAPI-1420 Add ability to mount NFS volumes with CreateMachine endpoint
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>
Approved by: Julien Gilli <julien.gilli at>

SmartOS/live 9e0f001src/img/lib/sources docker.js

use the correct digestChain for ancestor images

SmartOS/live 2715248src/img package.json

update package.json version and dependencies

SmartOS/live 1e9c9b5src/img package.json

add concat-stream module