SmartOS/live 9302b84overlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src Makefile

PUBAPI-1420 changes try #2

SmartOS/live 873a60doverlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src/lx_hook_postnet main.c

fix issue with mode in mdata-fetch, switch to stderr, initialize variables

SmartOS/live bc6406csrc manifest, src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

fix manifest

SmartOS/live a567d13src/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

more Vminfod docs

SmartOS/live 4c3cdb6src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js

vminfod library comments and docs

SmartOS/live 8ec8862src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfod.js vminfo.js, src/vm/sbin vminfod.js

vminfo -> vminfod

SmartOS/live 47ad289src Makefile

Add missing install bit
+1-01 files

SmartOS/live 905b73csrc Makefile, src/lx_hook_postnet main.c Makefile

rename new hook to match OS-6354 prototype

SmartOS/live 7eab5e8src Makefile manifest, src/dockerinit/src docker-common.h

rewrite in attempt to work with newfangled lxinit hook community ecosystem

SmartOS/live 9c91bdbsrc/lxinit-post-networking-hook main.c Makefile, src/volumeinfo main.c Makefile

rename to lxinit-post-networking-hook

SmartOS/live cf29840overlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

updates based on CR

SmartOS/live 1d0ba6foverlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch

fail mdata-fetch when smf import fails

SmartOS/live 9bd453boverlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

PUBAPI-1420 Add ability to mount NFS volumes with CreateMachine endpoint

SmartOS/live e71f281overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases, src/vm/node_modules VM.js

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod


SmartOS/live faa8f38src/vm/node_modules VM.js, src/vm/tests test-net-conflicts.js

OS-6336 vmadm should check for VNC port conflicts
Reviewed by: Dave Eddy <dave at>
Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <patrick.mooney at>
Approved by: Dave Eddy <dave at>

SmartOS/live e1abc03src/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

fix stupid typo

SmartOS/live 46ce160src/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

cleanup vminfod client style

SmartOS/live 1653138src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfo.js

change 404 error message for a vm

SmartOS/live a9bf4bcsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfo.js

only push change to log if changes is present

SmartOS/live e179e46src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfo.js

time -> ended: `time` is undefined

SmartOS/live dfd6f01src/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfo.js

fliter out last_modified diff, better refresh_log timing stats

SmartOS/live 35014fdsrc/vm/node_modules/vminfod vminfo.js

vminfod don't exit on reset failure, keep buffer of reset failures and

SmartOS/live 4ae68c2overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

OS-5858 Want support for X722
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>
Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <jerry.jelinek at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

SmartOS/live 0a6ef7eoverlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

OS-6324 Need support for LSI 9305-24i
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>
Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <jmc at>

SmartOS/live 2c33454src/vm/node_modules VM.js

properly block when reprovisioning reading a stdin dataset chunk
+101-1191 files

SmartOS/live 6f300fcsrc/vm/tests test-send-recv.js

stderr should be a string

SmartOS/live e9675fbsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

createConfigDir create skeleton files, block properly on metadata
+194-431 files

SmartOS/live 34fee2boverlay/generic/lib/sdc

RFD 67: /lib/sdc/ tweaks to finding the SDC_CONFIG_FILENAME

/lib/sdc/ changes to only consider [/mnt]/usbkey/config on
HNs and /opt/smartdc/config/node.config on CNs. This also then no
longer warns about lingering /opt/smartdc/config/... on a CN.

SmartOS/live da5e5f0overlay/generic/root .bashrc

RFD 67: HN note to root's PS1

SmartOS/live fd3249dsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

only block once on metadata changes

SmartOS/live ba82721src/vm/node_modules/vminfod client.js

return noop function for "cancel" always

SmartOS/live f1b85c1src/vm/node_modules/vmload vmload-json.js

default values of {} for tags/routes/metadata

SmartOS/live a3fb0casrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

more debug writeAllMetadata, fix internal/cust metadata updates

SmartOS/live 6286d35src/vm/node_modules VM.js

standardize all metadata updating logic, use a lockfile if appropriate
and block on vminfod always
+258-2361 files

SmartOS/live 8f4301dsrc/vm/tests test-docker.js

slow down test-docker (for now) to calm tests over the weekend

SmartOS/live c3ffb14overlay/generic/etc/security device_policy

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod

SmartOS/live aa70cbdsrc/vm/tests test-docker.js

test-docker should detect restart{delay,count} changes independent of

SmartOS/live 84d5cbdoverlay/generic/etc/security device_policy

OS-6322 Fix zone device policy file
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>
Approved by: Dan McDonald <danmcd at>

SmartOS/live bd494f1. sample.configure.smartos, overlay/generic/etc driver_aliases

Merge branch 'master' into vminfod

SmartOS/live 350bc2fsrc/vm/node_modules VM.js

startZone should allow 'running' and 'stopped' states

SmartOS/live 31dff8foverlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch

Make fatal errors fatal

SmartOS/live 0290308src/dockerinit/json-nvlist json-nvlist.c, src/dockerinit/src docker-common.c

8572 ccompile.h: rename __GNU_UNUSED to __unused [fix broken build]

SmartOS/live bfedd68overlay/generic/lib/svc/method fs-joyent

OS-6160 filesystem/smartdc service should skip /usbkey setup if zones/usbkey dataset does 
not yet exist
Reviewed by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>
Approved by: Josh Wilsdon <josh at>

SmartOS/live 2913542overlay/generic/lib/svc/method mdata-fetch, src/vm/lib/metadata agent.js

initial work on lxinit for PUBAPI-1420

SmartOS/live 03eae0coverlay/generic/lib/svc/method fs-joyent

rfd67: update to latest OS-6160 patch

SmartOS/live 2c874f6overlay/generic/lib/svc/method fs-joyent

corrected last patch

SmartOS/live eebc801overlay/generic/lib/svc/method fs-joyent

updates for joshw feedback

SmartOS/live 7824ed6overlay/generic/root .bashrc

RFD 67: add secondary/primary HN note to root's PS1 (use for is this a headnode 

SmartOS/live 97dde93overlay/generic/root .bashrc

RFD 67: add secondary/primary HN note to root's PS1 (correct its logic)

SmartOS/live 9ef178eoverlay/generic/lib/svc/method fs-joyent

RFD 67: update filesystem/smartdc service to skip USB copy setup if zones/usbkey dataset 
doesn't yet exist